Dreaming of being in the Garden of Eden is a chimerical dream and hope. Dreaming of being in the Garden of Eden, indicates that you are or want to be surrounded by sincere friendships. It is a dream that reveals confidence in the future no matter what difficulties the dreamer has to go through. A married woman who dreams of being in an Eden indicates that she trusts her husband and she trusts their children will grow up to be healthy, smart, etc., and reach high levels in society. Dreaming of an Eden when you are sick in bed or in very bad economic condition indicates that the dreamer has confidence that better times will arrive.

If you dream of seeing growing apples on the tree, it symbolizes intelligence and good wealth. If you see yourself eating an apple in your dream, it signifies productivity, concord and enjoyment. Make sure you look after your health as well, as apples represents healthy life. The other meaning of seeing apples might symbolize your sexual behavior, as the apple is connected to the Garden of Eden. When you dream of seeing specifically green apples, it represents the love. Maybe you will be blessed to meet someone special in your life. To see putrid apples in your dream, means that the things you are hoping for will not be achieved the way you thought they will be achieved or it could represent imprudence.