The fan is a sign of flirtation, intrigue and small betrayals. A fan is used to produce air as well as to stoke the fire, and in this sense to increase superficial and ephemeral flirtation fires and intrigue, that is how we should interpret the dreams of fans. In these dreams the person who handles the fan is the person who takes the initiative in the real world. If we are handling the fan we are moving and acting with a lack of seriousness, if we limit ourselves to see how someone else handles it is that there are others who encourage us and are the ones that want clandestine love dates.

…(Air blower | Comfort | Cooler | Current | Oscillator | Wind) A fan in a dream means comfort, relief from adversities and prosperity after poverty. In a dream, a fan also represents one’s wife, child, money, travels, or a person about whom people generally feel good. In a dream, a fan also represents a mistress, pride, or attachment to something or to someone one thinks that he cannot live without….

…To see a fan in your dreams, denotes pleasant news and surprises are awaiting you in the near future. For a young woman Dreaming of fanning herself, or that some one is fanning her, gives promise of a new and pleasing acquaintances | if she loses an old fan, she will find that a warm friend is becoming interested in other women….

…To dream you see your sweetheart fanning herself, signifies that a stranger will step in some fine day and “cut you out.” If a maid dreams that her beau presents her with a fan, or offers to fan her, it is a sign he will attempt to take improper liberties with her. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 41, 18….

Dreaming about a big and colorful fan means that you would like to see life with more optimism and joy, and to leave behind what makes you feel down. If the fan is black, it means that you’ll be betrayed.

Seeing or playing with an electric guitar in the dream represents sudden power and immediately occurrence of new passion. You clearly express your thoughts and feelings to others. Alternatively, it is symbol of youth and rebellion.

The dream about fans predicts any pleasant surprises, particularly towards the feminine dreamer. A young man who dreams that someone is fanning him, suggests that he will receive distinctions and perhaps even honors. When a woman dreams of having lost her fan, suggests that her lover is not reliable or that her affairs or business are not accounting at least for the moment, perhaps because of the intervention of negative people.

If you see a fan in a dream, then such dream indicates magnificent changes in your waking life. The dream also denotes to the necessity of becoming more serious about some matter in your waking life. If someone has been fanning you, then such dream indicates the shortage of self trust and belief in what you can achieve.

It indicates that true intentions are disguised. It is a symbol of flirtation. Who has the fan is who takes the initiative in the real world, but with lack of honesty, disloyalty and intrigue.

Joy, consolation.

Being deceived. 32.

Rivalry, petty perfidy and vanity.

(See Bellows | Fan)

…If you’re sick, the dream means the fear of losing one’s eyesight. When the bandage is over your eyes which are ill, then it means a speedy recovery and progress. If we don’t want to see ourselves being immersed in pain and suffering, we’ll need to be very cautious and pay attention to everything around us. If we are carrying bandages, the dream means good modifications in our lives after a time of worries and sorrows. It also symbolizes the healing of our disease or of someone close to us. If we’re putting bandages on another person, it means we want to bring consolation to someone who’s in desperate need of it. It’s a bad omen if, in the dream, the bandages are bloody as this usually indicate depression and cruelty. If you’re a fan of gambling, it’s time to be more prudent and look after what you’re spending….

…In a dream, comfort means dispelling sorrows or paying one’s debts. (Also see Fan)…

(See Fan)

…will confide her personal life to her, or divulge all her secrets, become her intimate friend or a fan, shares opinions with her and emulate her actions and look in public. If she does not know that woman in the dream, it means that she will indulge in sin. If a married woman sees herself engaging in tribadism with another woman in a dream, it means that she will separate from her husband or become a widow. Engaging in sexual intercourse with a deceased person, be it a man or a woman in a dream means one’s own death, unless if one is travelling, then it could mean visiting that country where the deceased person is buried. Any sexual intercourse in a dream that culminates in ejecting semen and necessitates a complete ritual ablution in wakefulness represents disturbed dreams, or engaging in a forbidden sexual intercourse from the anus, or…

(See Fan)

(See Fan)

…in the dream, it means that he will lose his battle. If one sees a storm uprooting the trees in his dream, it means that the government of that land will mass murder its own people. A southern wind in a dream means illness, diseases, or death. A southern wind is sometimes interpreted as rain and prosperity. If one witnesses a slow moving wind in his dream, it means that he will consent to the actions of a group of evildoing people. If the wind blows from a known direction in the dream, it means mercy and blessings, or that one may receive good news from that direction. Winds in a dream also mean asking for one’s needs, or fulfilling them. A gentle breeze in a dream, represents travel and joy. If one sees the wind colored red in the dream, it represents a recalcitrant child. (Also see Fan)…

…In a dream, a windmill represents a harsh fight between two people, or and end of a major dispute between two people. A windmill in a dream also could represent one’s helpers, or representatives, or it could mean rain. (Also see Fan | Mill)…