The falling is very common dream for everyone and most of people had it at least one time in their lives. The falling represents the fears the one has and how he is thinking that he is going to fail. If you fall, but have no fear about it, then such dream represents the fact that you will deal with your problems very easily. If you were falling and felt the apprehension, then it denotes to failures you will have in your life. Or you simply don’t know how to deal with current situation. In you were injured while falling, you will lose the people that are close to you or will have a fight. In some cultures it is told that people who dream of falling are actually returning to their body, because their souls were separately for some time.

The falling is one of the most popular dreams by all people. If the dreamer has the dream in which he or she is falling it means that they are falling out of control with their lives. The falling could also indicate some situation that are hard to control. In some cultures the falling is interpreted as the dream which is caused by physical things such as the growth of children.

Falling indicates fear. If we fall and get up right away, it indicates that we will soon recover the confidence in ourselves. If we get up, danger of material loss. Slipping or falling from very low high, only warns us not to have oversights. Falling in the mud, disappointments. Falling in water, potential disease of hazard. From an elevated place means adversity. If you fall in a deep place, it is a very bad omen. Seeing someone else falling, someone will possibly be ruined and we will have a lot to do with it….

When you dream about the elevator, then such dream represents the different stages of your inner self. You feel different all the time. The elevator may be interpreted as the sexual act, which tells how the intercourse is going. The elevator could also signify the good and bad days in your waking life, where you have sometimes good, but sometimes bad experiences. If the doors of elevator doesn’t open up, then it means you will have problems that are hard to escape.

If you see an elevator in a dream, then such dream indicates different stages of your life. The dream, in which you are going down with the elevator, denotes to disappointments and frustration. Perhaps you choose the wrong way to achieve your goals. If you are using the elevator and going up with it, then it shows your ability to reach new goals and achieve even more than you expected. If the elevator has stopped working or is broken one, then it means you are the place your life where you feel your hand are tied up and you cannot do a thing to change it, because everything depends on others.

…To dream one is falling portends an unexpected visit and an interruption in one’s daily routine.Who has not dreamed of falling? Of stepping over the edge of some mighty cliff or chasm and plunging — with all the sickly, giddy sensation of plunging — down, down, down, until, instead of experiencing the apparently inevitable final crash, one has awakened; This curtailed phase of the falling-dream is so ordinary, in fact, that it is generally supposed that one cannot, in falling down an abyss in a dream, actually arrive at the bottom.However, having had a contrary experience myself, I have to my own satisfaction at least proved this belief to be erroneous….

Dream of elevator indicates fear or concern of ups and downs in social positions because of external circumstances. If the elevator is empty, that means we may lose a chance to climb, but it may also be that we got rid of a let-down in our personal situation. It depends on the mood in which we contemplate the elevator in our dream.

If you dream that you are falling asleep, it shows the huge tiredness you are suffering from. The dream is good omen, because it shows that your head is already resting. Alternatively, the falling asleep could have a negative meaning which is interpreted as the nightmare, but only if you are unable to wake up while sleeping.

It indicates category’s increases or decreases, mainly in employment and always because of relationships or influence that is made to us. If the elevator is empty, we have missed an opportunity. If it is full of people, it means that there are many people wanting the same.

…Dreaming of ascending in an elevator, denotes you will swiftly rise to position and wealth, but if you descend in one your misfortunes will crush and discourage you. If you see one go down and think you are left, you will narrowly escape disappointment in some undertaking. To see one standing, foretells threatened danger….

Dreaming of falling indicates, depending on the degree of danger of the fall, that you’ll face difficulties and perhaps losses. If you fall but didn’t suffer a serious wound, it indicates that, even though it won’t be easy, your problems will be solved. But if you end up severely hurt in your dream, then the difficulties will be very serious and even insuperable.

Yourself falling is bad, but others, elevating. Fruit dropping from trees show ill-luck and vexation. Fallen trees and wood is honour, while you draw breathy, but if you dream you fall this is sure sign of death.

Fear or concern of ups and downs in social positions, due to outside circumstances from our actions.

Slander, ingratitude from others. 133.

Bad sign.


Great disturbance and loss of business.

Unpleasant things will happen; becoming very sick. 63.

Getting into great danger.

Overcoming proudness or self-conceit.

Approach of misfortune.

Misfortune, unexpected case of death, loss of a sweetheart. 71.

Pursued by a powerful enemy.

Great misfortune, dejection. 9.

Disturbance and often retrogression in business.

Disagreeable information, approaching misfortune.

Approach of misfortune.

Great fortune. 8.

Receiving treasures.


Misfortune in one’s own family….

Loss of a situation, loss of favours or reputation, trouble and insults. 40.

Getting good promises.

Having to suffer afflictions.

Misfortune, loss of honour and property. 32.

If you dream that you fall down, but rise again, quickly, you will attain too much honour; but if, on the contrary, you remain where you fell, you will live obscure and in poverty.

Dreaming about a fall that’s more or less dangerous, hints that soon there will be setbacks in life and possibly losses. If the dreamer isn’t seriously hurt from the fall and there are no severe wounds, it indicates that although there might be some difficulties, problems will be solved. But if the dreamer gets serious injuries from the fall, then the setbacks will be very serious and even insuperable.

Dangerous sickness, hostility. 201.

Getting into great trouble.