Garlic in a dream means agony and distress. Eating raw garlic in a dream means receivingunlawful money, speakingbad words, making sarcastic praises or bartering good for evil. However, eating cooked garlic in a dream means repentance. Only a sick person can benefit from eating fresh garlic in a dream. Gathering garlic in the fields in a dream means suffering from harm caused by one’s own family….

A young woman who dreams of walking on garlic wants to marry for interest and not for love. Dreaming of walking on a field of garlic indicates that the bad luck experienced so far is ending and soon will begin a new era of prosperity. Eating garlic in dreams indicates that problems are faced with realism and not with idealism or illusions.

If you eat the garlic in a dream, then such dream represents your desire for security and safety. Perhaps you do not feel safe at some aspect of your waking life. The dream in which you see the garlic patch shows the incensement of your business or project you are working n at the moment.

…Dreaming of passing through a garlic patch, denotes a rise from penury to prominence and wealth. To a young woman, this denotes that she will marry from a sense of business, and love will not be considered. To eat garlic in your dreams, denotes that you will take a sensible view of life and leave its ideals to take care of themselves….

To have interaction or to encounter or to see a garland when you are dreaming, has the symbolic significance and suggests wholeness and completeness. Dreaming that you are wearing a garland, can be interpreted as symbolism a bond.

If in dream we see flower garlands the dream involves a double symbolism, on one hand the welcome to new events that appear in our life, and secondly, the ephemeral because flowers fade in a short space of time. So it may be a warning about a coming issue that although friendly and cheerful content will be short.

…For a man to dream he eats garlic, signifies he shall discover hidden secrets, and meet with some domestic jars; yet to dream he has it in the house is good. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 6, 11, 64….

Dream of garland symbolizes honor and success.

Garlic in the dream means fear of rejection and negative sentimental response. It may be the omen of a time full of sentimental uncertainties.

Discussions with relatives.

Will be observed from the evil.

Dispute among friends or relatives. 22.

Revealing secrets. 8.

Industry, prosperity.

Wedding. 158.

Realization of hopes.

In the season, good; otherwise, bad. 6.

Inheritance, money left in the family by a deceased relative.

Denotes honour, wealth. 283.

Symbolizes what is fleeting, the short length of what the dream symbolizes.

(bot.) In a dream, a narcissus flower represents a woman. A garland of narcissus in a dream represents a short lived marriage. If an unmarried woman sees herself carrying a coronet of narcissus in a dream, it means a short lived marriage that will end either in divorce or in the death of her husband. Blooming narcissus in a dream represents a son. A bouquet of narcissus in a dream means the death of a son. Seeing the narcissus flower in a dream also means happiness, money, gold, or silver. The narcissus flower in a dream also signifies longevity or gray hair. (Also see Distilled water)

…(Food | Valuable gift | Unexpected favor) A gummy saccharine secretion found on a species of a Tamarisk tree. A manna tree is also found in the Egyptian Sinai. Eating manna in a dream means receiving lawful money without any labor or hardships, or it could mean a favor and a bestowal by the grace of God Almighty. Seeing manna in a dream also means spending money on God’s path, or escaping from a fatal accident or danger. Exchanging manna for green sprouts and garlic in a dream means humiliation and poverty. Eating manna in a dream means earnings lawful money….

…(Garden greens | Leguminosae) A fresh sprout in a dream means distress, but if it is dry, then it means a good harvest, or clean money which is earned with joy. If one sees himself gathering a bunch of green sprouts in a dream, it denotes a warning. If one recognizes its substance in his dream, interpreting the element then goes back to its innate quality. Entering into a field of sprouts in a dream means a marriage into the family who owns that farmland, or it could mean a business partnership. If one sees himself bartering green sprouts for bread in a dream, it means aversion to poverty. Eating cooked sprouts in a dream means benefits in every respect. If one sees himself in a dream exchanging quails and manna (See Manna) for green sprouts and garlic, it means that he will be subjugated to poverty and humiliation….

…said that any flower from the lily family may represent death when presented to a sick person in a dream. A healthy hyacinth plant in the ground means a beautiful son, or good words. A garland of hyacinth flowers in a dream means honor. A hyacinth flower salesman in a dream represents a worrisome person, for such flowers do not remain long in his possession. If any of the flowers of the lily family are cut, or made into a bouquet in the dream, then they mean sorrow, and if they are seen on their mother plant, they mean happiness, a husband or a son. If one sees a hyacinth flower being raised to the heavens in a dream, it means the death of a gnostic or that of a renowned scholar. A hyacinth in a dream also represents a son when standing erect in the fields, and it represents…

…Wearisome toil; to gather them, quarrels; to eat them, losses in business. Cabbage. Health, long life. Cauliflower: Sickness, infidelity; Beans: Criticism; green beans: considerable loss; Peas: Good fortune; Asparagus: Profit, success; Artichokes: Pain, embarrassment; Turnips: Annoyance, disappointment; Cucumber: Serious indisposition; Onions: Dispute with inferiors; Leeks: Labour; Lettuce: Poverty; Garlic: A woman’s deception; Rue: Family annoyances; Herbs: Prosperity; to eat, grief. Corn, Riches and happiness; Walnuts: To dream that one sees and eats walnuts, or hazelnuts, signifies difficulty and trouble….

(Diadem | Garland | Wreath. See Crown of a king)

…dead tree in a dream represents guidance and wealth, for it is a source of fuel. Sittingunder the shade of a tree along with a group of people, praising and glorifying God’s attributes in a dream means receiving God’s blessings in this world and in the hereafter. Seeing the heavenly Tuba tree in a dream means a good end, or living an ascetic life, or it could mean helping others. Seeing mountain trees in a dream means performing supererogatory devotion, work, or receiving unexpected profits. A palm tree in a dream represents a good word and a true one. It also represents Muslims’ testimony of faith – ‘There is no God except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.’ Seeing a garlic tree, or an onion plant, or a perennial vine of the gourd family, or the colocynth tree (Citrullus colocynthis | bot.) in a dream means hearing harsh words…

Flowers in a dream are a sign of joy and benefits. If one sees himself crowned with a garland of flowers in the dream, it means that he will get married, enjoy his marital life excessively and take pleasure in experiencing his success in this world. Seeing flowers out of season in a dream means depression. If an impostor sees himself carrying a bouquet of flowers in a dream, it means constipation, while if a sick person sees that in a dream, it means his death. A bouquet of many varieties of flowers and colors in a dream represent the world, its constantly renewed youthfulness and its material pleasures. As for a woman, seeing flowers in a dream means getting pregnant or overcoming her difficulties. (Also see Blossoms | Earth | Iris)