Losing courage and steadiness; also, getting released from great trouble. 363.

To dream that you are getting married means that you are looking forward being committed to someone. The dream could also mean that you are suffering from the lack of attention, therefore you think while you have a wedding everyone will notice you. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of marriage, wedding and bride.

To dream that someone has caught you while doing something bad means that you feel guilty about something you have done. You think you will be punished. Sometimes the dream about getting caught could simply denote to the fact that you are very nosy and mind the business that is not yours. Make sure you do not intrude other people’s privacy.

Hindrance in business, deceit and calumniation.

Forgiveness of an error. 80.

Finishing a long postponed business.

Hearing unexpectedly good or bad news.

Being deceived. 136.

To dream that you are lost in some area shows that there are things you are afraid of. It could also mean that you cannot make up your mind about some matter.

Persecution by friends, being dunned by creditors. 26.

Persecution, having unknown enemies.

Overcoming many disagreeable affairs.

Pleasure, enjoyment.

Freedom from disagreeable affairs, good luck. 248.

…(Cage | Digging a grave | Duel | Golden cage | Pearl | Sanctuary | Silver cage) Marriage in a dream represents the providence of God Almighty and care for His servants. Marriage in a dream also means imprisonment, indebtedness, sorrow, distress, depression, carrying a liability, or endeavoring to achieve a high ranking position. If one marries a known woman in his dream, it means that he will endeavor to satisfy the normal responsibilities of a husband. If one marries an unknown woman, and if he could not see her in his dream, it denotes the nearing of his death, or it could mean moving from an old house into a new one. If a sick woman sees herself getting married to a man she does not recognize or know his name in a dream, it means that she may die from her illness. If the man who sees…

(See Grave)

(See Lost | Wandering)

Having malicious enemies. 63.

Rescue from great danger.

Lucky and profitable marriage.

Working and trouble without success. 135.

Successful in business. 31.

Attaining a desired object.

Denotes anguish and danger. 8.

Loss of an inheritance. 66.

Indicates that you will know how to free yourself from ties which make your existence difficult.

It indicates that the dreamer has excessive ambitions.

…To dream that you’re standing under a refreshing and beautiful rain and that there is also sunlight suggests that soon you’ll experience joy and prosperity that is somehow related with your youth. To dream that it’s raining very hard and the dreamer takes shelter to avoid getting wet, suggests that he/she will have success in his/her projects and plans. To dream that others are getting wet under the rain implies that the dreamer is moving away from some friends, because they have lost his/her confidence. To dream that the rain is leaking in your room symbolizes that you yearn for love affairs. When those leaks are dirty and muddy, it indicates that the dreamer will have serious and even dangerous problems. This dream is actually a warning. When a farmer or peasant dreams that it’s raining over their crops and this rain may destroy them, it symbolizes business losses…

…The dream, in which you see yourself dancing, indicates the freedom, and peace within your life. This time of your life you are getting to the point where you trying to meet the agreements with yourself. The dancing also indicates the celebration, positive attitude and sexual needs. If you are dancing with someone, then it means you have a special bond with that certain person or having the sexual desire that includes him. The dancing in circles could indicate the necessity to make some changes in your life, because you are getting to the same point as always. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the point you are getting yourself into, because of the circles you were making. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward while dancing, then it means you should reconsider the confidence, because there is a possibility that you have lost it. If you are the dancer in…

The man who is getting married in a dream is going to get a great gain, but only if he is not on marriage in his waking life. It is very common for man to dream about their wedding day, when they are actually getting married soon. If he is unable to find the ring while getting married, then he will suffer the disappointment, or he is simply worrying.

Using it indicates that you are going through a situation of interval between two ways of life. Getting out of it announces better prospects. Getting in it and getting lost are signals of a period of reflection.

…In a dream, lips represent man’s pride, strength, virility, his helper, clarity of expression, eloquence, or special love for one’s friend. The lower lip has more advantages than the upper lip in a dream. The upper lip represents a close friend, or someone one depends on in everything. Anything that affects one’s lips in a dream, will manifest in any of the above. Lips in a dream also represent one’s wife, child, or relatives. If one suffers pain from his lips in a dream, it means that such pain will come from one’s friends. If one’s lips are chopped off in the dream, it means that he engages in backbiting others. If only the lower lip is chopped off in the dream, it means that one may lose a helper or a provider. If the upper lip is missing in a dream, it means that one’s life is void…

…dream means sharing knowledge with others or teaching them. If one is forbidden from having the fruits of paradise in a dream, it denotes his failure to properly attend to his religious duties. Drinking water from the fountain of abundance (kawthar) in a dream means attaining leadership and conquering one’s enemy. Dwelling in a heavenly palace in a dream means marriage to a beautiful woman. Seeing Ridhwan. the guardian angel of paradise in a dream brings happiness, prosperity and a healthy life. If one sees angels coming before him and paying their regards in a dream, it means that he will sustain a great patience during a worldly trial that will lead him to paradise. If a sick person sees himself entering paradise in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness, and it could represent earnings, piety, prosperity, dispelling distress and getting an answer to one’s…

…In order to understand secret meaning of Boney M name, the words and the letters have to be rearranged into M one y B. As you see, when you change first letters places with each other you are getting meaning of Money. Then you also see that One is in it B one y M or M one y B. So it secretly symbolize One. Also, B stands for a open book, as you can see in picture of Moses. Also, B in other languages are spelled like V or W and then we are getting this Money V. And reading this from right to left will gives VyenoM, which has a meaning in Lithuanian language and means One, or to the One, for the One, One OM (OM is sacred spiritual sound-mantra of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism). Money in Lithuania language sounds like things that have been…

(Getting lost) If a man of knowledge sees himself lost in a dream, it means that he will benefit people with his knowledge, that his teachings will spread widely and that he will be remembered for a long time after he dies. Getting lost in a dream also means bad luck. If one loses a garment or a house in a dream, it means extra expenses, repairs, or taxes he will pay for his property. If one is stripped of his entire wardrobe in a dream, it means that he will avoid an evil and a costly incident. (Also see Wandering)

To see diploma in the dream, means that you are working hard in order to achieve success. Dreaming about receiving or getting a diploma, symbolizes the recognition of your achievements in your hard work. If you lose diploma in your dream, then it is bad omen and it symbolizes that you are afraid of not getting the job done. Maybe you need more time in order to complete what you have started. If you see that others received diplomas, then it symbolizes that you think a lot about your competitors or adversaries. Maybe they are moving faster than you? To dream about destroying the diploma or to see diploma, that is burning or broken in pieces, means that you are worried about time wasting on something. Maybe it is because something in your life is truly worthless or you are not able to manage your day properly.

…styling your hair, suggest that you are taking on and evaluating a new idea, concept, outlook, or way of thinking. You may be putting your thoughts in order and getting your facts straight. A more literal interpretation suggests your concerns about your abilities, appearance, personality and dignity. To dream that you have long hair indicates that you are thinking long and extremely carefully before making any important decision. You are reaching new targets or concentrating on some plan or fixing some situation. To dream that you are losing your hair denotes that you are concerned with the notion that you are getting older and losing your sexuality. Do you feel shortage of sexual appeal or virility? Your mind is preoccupied with thoughts about aging and your appearance. Losing your hair also signifies a lack of strength and that you do not possess enough power to succeed in an undertaking. Maybe…

…A mirror in a dream means illusion, arrogance, pride, or a woman. If one looks into a mirror and sees his beard black in a dream, it means honor, respect and dignity. If one looks into a mirror and sees the reflections of someone who looks like him in a dream, it means that he will beget a son who will look like his father and carry his trade. Looking into a mirror in a dream also means loss of one’s position, or getting married. If one is already married, then it means the return of his wife from a journey. Looking at the back of a mirror in a dream means loss of one’s crop, or entering one’s wife from the anus during sexual intercourse. It is said that a mirror in a dream also represents manhood, virtues and station, all of which are subject to the size…

…Dreaming that you are on the roof, or in the highest part of a building, from where you can observe an airport with planes flying, indicates the desire for a change in your life, a change of residence, work or business, and you are finally getting some of that, thanks to the intervention of strangers. Dreaming of watching the top of a building from afar indicates that for the moment there is not likelihood of success in what you want, whether it is business, work or love. Dreaming of being on a roof suggests aspirations of self-improvement, to stand out where you live, with a good chance of getting it. Dreaming of being on a roof and feeling frightened of falling, suggests you are thinking that you will fail in your attempts to overcome yourself. To dream that a roof collapses, is an announcement of calamities at home, in…

…When a woman dreams of money, especially in abundance, it suggests that she wants to marry a rich man, or if the woman is already married, she longs for her husband to become rich. Dreaming of finding money lying on the floor or in any other way, indicates shortage of money and also small concerns, but later happiness will come because there will be changes in the dreamer’s life. Dreaming of paying money suggests that the business and affairs being handled will go from bad to worse. Dreaming of saving and keeping money insinuates prosperity in the near future. Dreaming that money was lost announces sadness and difficulties for the dreamer and the dreamer’s home. Dreaming of counting money and realizing that there’s missing money, indicates concerns for inability to pay debts. Dreaming of getting money without any apparent cause is a risk of falling into the wrong and…