…body draw me back, and I entered into it, and experienced again the sensation of the sleeper returning to the living world.Then I dreamed I awoke, and lay in bed striving, in vain, to recall my own answer to that question of fire. It had slipped so readily from my lips, and it had slipped with equal readiness from my brain. I could only repeat, again and again, the meaningless question, “Art thou going to the ZONE ARTO? ”The sun was high and hot. I dreamed I rose leisurely, and, led by an invisible agency, made my way to the coffee-room of an adjacent restaurant. Sitting there was a man who, from his appearance, might have been an Italian of doubtful class, possibly one of the anarchists of whom Europe at that moment stood in dread. His companion was a girl, with dark hair and blue eyes, tall and beautifully…

…A little girl in a dream represents prosperity, wealth after poverty, and ease after a passing adversity. Seeing a baby girl of milk suckling age is even better in a dream. It means a new and a praiseworthy development in one’s life, or it could mean receiving benefits one is hoping for, or living a new world. A little girl in a dream also represents something exclusive for the one who saw her in his dream. Carrying a little girl in a dream means release of a prisoner, or if one is suffering from difficulties, or if he is at fault in an argument, or if he is indebted or poor, it means that all of his worries will be dispelled by the glad tidings of this little girl. If none of these conditions apply, then it means distress or misfortune. If a mother delivers a sick baby girl

…For a young man to dream of admiring a pretty girl, is a sign he will marry a simpleton: if a girl dreams she has a nice and pretty-looking lover, she will be apt to take up with a putty-head. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4,13….

…(Teenage girl) A young girl in a dream represents an enemy however she may look. Seeing a well dressed and pleasingly adorned young woman in a dream means hearing pleasing news coming from an unexpected person. Seeing a young and a beautiful looking female servant in a dream means blessings, a favor, joy and festivities. In a dream, seeing an unknown young girl is more advantageous than seeing a known one. The strongest in meaning are those teenage girls who are presentable, well mannered and beautifully dressed. If she is seen dressed with modesty in the dream, then she represents goodness, chastity, discreteness, and following the correct religious conduct. If she adorns herself and plays up her charms in the dream, then such goodness will be public. If a young girl sees herself as an old woman in a dream, it means that she will live with modesty and…

…a good deal too solid for me, but which she ate as only a girl in her station can eat; whilst I, looking on, watched the colour slowly creep back to her ashen cheeks, and the raindrops rise in minute vapour clouds from her skirt and boots.” Now,” she said, as she drained the last drop of coffee from her cup, and shook her head when I asked her if she would have any more, ”now, you’ve kept your bargain and I’ll keep mine. You asked me to tell you about him, and so I will. To begin with, by him I mean Jim Bailey — my young man Jim. But, of course, I suppose you’ve guessed that. Journalists know a thing or two — at least, so I’ve always understood. Well, in speaking of Jim I’m not going to beat about the bush; hat wasn’t his wish — not…

If you see the girl scouts in your dream, it shows that you should communicate and be surrounded by people more than you are at the moment. The dream shows that you spend too much time on your own or do not participate with others as much as you could. The dream could also be interpreted as the suggestion to try something new in your life.

Success, auspiciousness will come over you. Hopes will be fulfilled.

Making painful discoveries at happy times. 35,.

Treason, unfaithfulness.

Constancy in love. 125.

One or multiple children playing means you will receive good news, success, harmony at home. The death of child foretells humiliation, difficulties, pessimistic ideas which won’t let you act freely. If a pregnant woman dreams with the birth of child it’s a sign that the baby she will have will enjoy good health….

Being betrothed.

(See Boy | Virgin)

(See Young woman)


If you dream that you see a girl in a dream, then such dream indicates childish, playful and funny side of your personality. The dream may also show that you are not acting as the adults supposed to act. If you see a girl in a dream, whom you met lately, then such dream shows your desire to give a good impression for that certain girl. In reality you are thinking if you made a good impression, and if you will meet her again. If the girl didn’t like you in a dream, it could show your fear to be rejected. When the man sees himself being a girl, this dream may indicate the feminine aspects of his personality such as innocence, sensitivity and tenderness.

…or they could mean money or marriage or a flourishing business. Bereavement of a child in a dream means the opposite in real life. It also means rejoicing, reunions, pleasures and earning respect. Bereavement of a child in a dream is sometimes interpreted to portray an intention of one’s children or wife to separate from the family. A little male child in a dream represents worries, responsibilities, hard work, catering to ignorant people or dealing with trivial and time wasting people. If a prisoner sees himself carrying a little girl in his dream, it means that he will be released from his prison. If one who is going through hard times sees himself holding a little girl in a dream, it means that his adversities will be lifted. If he is poor, it means that he will thrive for success and the little girl then represents his glad tidings….

…(Giving birth) Seeing one’s wife giving birth to a son in a dream when in fact she is not pregnant means wealth. If a pregnant woman sees herself giving birth to a girl in a dream, it means a boy, and if she gives birth to a boy in the dream, it means a girl. Giving birth to a girl means relief from distress, while giving birth to a boy in the dream means distress and worries. If a sick person sees his mother giving birth to him in a dream, it means the approach of his death, for a deceased person is wrapped in a shroud, while a newborn is wrapped with a receiving cloth. If the person in question is poor, it means that his financial conditions will change for the better, but if he is rich, it means restriction of his earnings, for a child is…

…it indicates desire for an illicit relationship, perhaps as a result of a frequent and inappropriate friendship. A married woman who dreams of being very romantic with someone outside the family implies that she wants to have sex outside her marriage. When a man dreams of honestly loving a girl or a young woman, is an announcement of future prosperity and joy, but also suffering and setbacks. If it appears an old woman in the dream (the older, the worse) it indicates that you will be overwhelmed by sorrows and you can even end up in misery. Dreaming of looking for a loved one, even if you can’t identify any particular person, indicates that dreamer is yearning to love and be loved, perhaps because his family doesn’t give him any affection. In the case of a young girl, usually means that she wants to get married, though she doesn’t have…

…For a young man to dream of going with a picnic party into the woods, is a sign that some silly girl will fall in love with him: if a young girl dreams this, some vain fellow will probably pay her attentions and compliments merely to gratify his own vanity. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 37, 12….

…If you dream that your mouth is stopped by a gag, it denotes that you will soon thereafter be kissed by a pretty girl. To a young girl, such a dream predicts that she will see some gentleman who takes her fancy, and perhaps will fall in love with him. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 13….

…it means that she will find a compatible husband. Pregnancy in a dream has many meanings. In a dream, woman’s pregnancy means wealth, and man’s pregnancy means pain and sorrow. However, generally speaking, pregnancy in a dream also could mean prosperity and material success. The extent of wealth is measured by the number of months of such pregnancy and the size of one’s growth in the dream. This is true whether it is a man or a woman in the dream. If a young boy who is under the age of puberty sees himself pregnant in a dream, it represents his father, and if a young girl who is under the age of menstruation sees herself pregnant, then it represents her mother. If a man sees his wife pregnant in a dream, it reflects his desire for material success. If one sees his pregnant wife delivering a baby boy in…

For a young man to dream of going with a picnic party into the woods, is a sign that some silly girl will fall in love with him; if a young girl dreams this, some vain fellow will probably pay her attention and compliments merely to gratify his own vanity.

…Dreaming of seeing a well, bright-looking girl, foretells pleasing prospects and domestic joys. If she is thin and pale, it denotes that you will have an invalid in your family, and much unpleasantness. For a man Dreaming that he is a girl, he will be weak-minded, or become an actor and play female parts….

…brother, then it means that he will receive money or an inheritance. Cutting one’s hand with a knife in a dream means that one will see wonders. Sheathing a knife in a dream means getting married. If one is married, and if his wife is pregnant, then it means that she will beget a boy, unless if what she carries with her in the dream is more suited for a girl, then it means that she will give birth to a baby girl. If one needs a witness for a trial, and if he sees himself carrying a knife in a dream, it means that he will find such a witness. If the knife is sharpened in the dream, it means that one will find a true witness. If the knife is dull in the dream, it means that his witness is shabby, or that his witness may be hurt…

…(See Ice.) To dream of sliding on smooth ice, foretells good luck: if a girl dreams that a young man assists her in sliding, and that she enjoys it, she will soon get an agreeable lover; ragged or wet ice, or holes in the ice, foreshadow difficulties. If a girl dreams of falling down on the ice, and that her lover falls with her, and overtops her, they may as well go to the parson at once, and have the knot tied, as it is a sure thing to happen. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4, 28….

If you dream that your mouth is stopped by a gag, it denotes that you will soon thereafter be kissed by a pretty girl. To a young girl such a dream predicts that she will soon see some gentleman who cakes her fancy, and perhaps will fall in love with him.

…A girl operating a spinning wheel in a dream represents con- tentment, giving things their true worth, or devoting one’s life to a good cause. If the girl keeps on weaving, then when she finishes her work she unravels the fabric in the dream, it means God’s wrath, afflictions, or destruction. (Also see Spindle | Spinning | Wheel)…

…(See Stranger.) Dreams of kissing work curiously: if a girl dreams that she is kissed by a young man m whom she takes no particular interest, it may be a good omen, and it may not; for if he happens to be a silly fellow who imagines that she is in love with him, it is a sign she will be slandered in a way that will make her unhappy; but if he has no such sentiment, then the sign is exactly the reverse — that is, someone will speak well of her to those whom she esteems highly perhaps to her lover. If a girl dreams she is kissed by her lover, it predicts that he will say something unpleasant to her at their next meeting; if a lover dreams that his sweetheart kisses him the sign is similar. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 1….

…If a woman or girl dreams that her neck is large and thick, it is a sure sign she will bear many children: if it seems smaller than usual, it denotes to a married woman a miscarriage, and to a girl the loss of her beau: if a woman dreams that her neck is fair and beautiful, it foretells that some gentleman will make love to her. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 22….

…To dream of losing your hat is a sign you with entertain in large company, either by making a speech, or otherwise attracting their attention: dreaming of the loss of money, a watch, or any valuables of that kind, predicts that you y/ill gain as much and perhaps more than your loss amounts to: if a girl dreams of losing her shoe-strings, she will be kissed by an agreeable young man; any article of clothing that you may dream of having lost, shows that you will rig yourself out in a new suit. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 47, 6….

…To dream of s man dressed in black is lucky; in white, a bad omen: to dream of a murdered man, is a sign of long life. To dream you meet a strange man, is a sign you have & vindictive enemy. For a girl to dream she sees her lover by her bedside, is a sign he will attempt some very improper things. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 74, 60, 7….

…To dream you are in love is a sign you will make a fool of yourself and do something silly, of which you may afterwards be ashamed — thus showing that the dream works contrariwise — for love is anything but a silly sentiment unless indulged in by fools. For a young girl to dream of falling in love foretells that she will be laughed at and ridiculed for some folly.;;64, 52, 1….

…is constantly barraged with accusations and blame because of the bird’s offensive smell. Seeing a hoopoe in a dream also means profits, honor and wealth. Eating a hoopoe in a dream means receiving news from the governor, or hosting a traveller. A hoopoe in a dream also represents the king’s advisor, the court’s seer, an astrologer, a writer, a scribe, or a critic. Holding a hoopoe in one’s hand in a dream means glad tidings, or profits from a business in another market or town. Owning a hoopoe in a dream means having influence over someone in authority, or it could represent a writer, or a perspicacious person but who has no religious commitment. Slaugh- tering a hoopoe in a dream means getting hold of such person. Owning a female hoopoe in a dream means getting married. Slaughtering a female hoopoe in a dream means deflowering a young girl….

…To dream you are playing at dice, backgammon, or draughts denotes much good to the dreamer, in either love, marriage, or business. To a young girl, engaged to be married, dreaming of dice foretells that her lover will be wild and not of much account. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 54….

…If a girl dreams of getting a new shawl, it foretells that she will soon have- a new beau who will be very attentive and affable. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 5, 19….

…(See Virgin.) If you dream you are pleased with a pretty chambermaid, milkmaid, or any nice-looking young girl, whose occupation carries with it the title of maid, it is a good omen, for it predicts an excellent match, and plenty of children: it also foretells, in many cases, that the dreamer will marry a rich wife. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 75, 39….

If a man dream that he is very gallant, he will enjoy good health; to a female, the same dream brings good luck; to a girl, inconsistency.

…If a girl dreams she has a new doll with who she is greatly pleased, it foretells a disappointment. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 61….

…To dream of looking over a map, is a sign of an agreeable surprise by the arrival of some dear friend from a distance, if a girl dreams this when her lover is away, he will return unexpectedly. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 24, 27….