…In a dream, gold is a disliked element which cause damages, anxiety and losses. Wearing a golden bracelet in a dream means receiving an inheritance. Wearing a golden ornament in a dream means marriage to an incompatible person. Any wedding gift one receives from such a person means trouble. Receiving a golden bar in a dream means losing money or business. If one sees himself melting a bar of gold in a dream, it means that he will be persecuted for committing a loathsome act and he will become the talk of the town. Seeing broken chips of gold or a whole coin of gold in a dream means meeting with the ruler of the country or with the governor of town. Minting gold in a dream represents evil, death or destruction. Seeing one’s house turning gold in a dream means that a fire will consume his house. If…

Gold symbolizes everything superior, light, knowledge, wealth, perfection and irradiation. Also, gold indicates the permanent and unchanging value of the goods and the supreme spiritual enlightenment. To dream we seek gold by digging in the ground tells us that our desires will not become reality. If we look for gold in the sands of a river it is that we are not sure of the goodness of our feelings. To dream that we manufacture gold indicates that in life we are wasting time in false utopias and ambitions instead of using it for useful things. Spend or lose gold announces that we will be cheated or robbed of our goods. The gold is a good omen if we find it, especially if it is in the form of a treasure.

…If you handle gold in your dream, you will be unusually successful in all enterprises. For a woman Dreaming that she receives presents of gold, either money or ornaments, she will marry a wealthy but mercenary man. To find gold, indicates that your superior abilities will place you easily ahead in the race for honors and wealth. If you lose gold, you will miss the grandest opportunity of your life through negligence. Dreaming of finding a gold vein, denotes that some uneasy honor will be thrust upon you. If you dream that you contemplate working a gold mine, you will endeavor to usurp the rights of others, and should beware of domestic scandals….

Dreaming of being in a mine or somewhere else and working with gold could mean that there is an ambition for something that doesn’t belong to the dreamer, which will cause serious problems. Dreaming of handling gold, even if it’s not yours, suggests that the dreamer is on the right path to achieve success in certain activities. Dreaming of losing gold, especially in the form of coins could mean that, by the dreamer’s own fault, he or she is at risk of significant losses. Dreaming of finding gold of any kind suggests big chances of success in whatever is desired. When a woman dreams of receiving gifts of gold, it suggests that in reality she desires to get married to a rich man, regardless of background or reputation.

…The one of many common beings have been detected in the adventures of the dreams always is the serpent. Dreaming about gold and snake is tangled because these mystical characters of the dreams are able to indicate two explanations: negative and positive. In order to apprehend meaning of the golden snake in a dream, it is important to reason about your own individual knowledge and emotion about gold snake and how it is seen in your cultural customs. For example, when you like to keep the snakes as the domestic pets, on this occasion this dream will have contrary interpretation for you than anyone who feels intense dislike for snakes and is frightened by them. The snake as a symbol of the Spirit World is very powerful in cultures, that being so your cultural knowledge should be very necessary component in how your snake dream is deciphered. Mostly, if…

…(See Clock.) If you dream of buying a gold watch, it is a sign of poverty; but if you imagine that you are presented with one, it foretells good luck and money-getting: to dream of losing your gold watch is also a good omen, as it denotes success in business. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 42, 11….

The gold represents the qualities in life you feel are important to you. If you lost the gold in a dream, then such dream foretells about the things that have significant meaning and you are no longer able to have them. You’ve lost something very important to you. The dream about the gold could tell you that you shouldn’t make the first impression on the way people look and what they wear, because you never know how nice they are. The dishes or jewelry that is made of gold signifies the rich life for those who dream about it, but only if you are very careful otherwise you will lose your goods.

Make gold, loss of time. Handle it in some way, excitement and enthusiasm. To find it, prosperity. Sell it, bitter sorrow. To amass gold and silver, deceptions and loss. Hide them, spite and rigor. False gold, false riches and false friends.

In the dream to see or wear a watch, this shows that you are very constrained and strict person, means that you do not let yourself to relax and enjoy the life. This is a sign that you have to become more impulsive and irresponsible. The broken watch as a dream symbol signifies that you are not certain how to express yourself and to show the emotions, now you are in stagnation.

Dreaming of a gold watch is lucky omen at all times.

If you see the gold in a dream, then such dream represents something special you have found in yourself. This could be something you never knew about yourself such as special talent or new unknown abilities. If you are burying the gold in a dream, then such dream shows the qualities you try to hide from the others.

…(See Metals also Money.) To dream of receiving gold, is a very good omen: it denotes success in your present undertakings, after experiencing some little difficulties. If you pay gold, it betokens increase of friends and business. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 49, 7….

…If a girl dreams that her wrist is large or misshapen, it foretells that she will come, to poverty after marriage; if she imagines that there is a tumour or swelling, or even a wart on it, it is a sign that she will be dependent on someone for her bread, and that person may or may not be her husband. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 1, 57, 19….

…To dream your own wrist, this dream signifies your ability to join two different things – joy and work. You are very hard working person, but you never forget to make a joy from a hard work. And such a feature lets you to involve others to such an attitude….

…avoid difficult and uncomfortable situations and that you’ll suffer attacks that will harm your honor, dignity and reputation. Dreaming that you are moving clockwise suggests that something important is coming and that you may be wasting time instead of looking for success. Dreaming of a wristwatch, no matter of what kind, suggests that you could achieve much more putting more effort in the things you do. It also suggests that there is a very intimate satisfaction with what has been achieved so far. Dreaming that you see the hands of any kind of watch moving closer together to get one over the other in the number 12, suggests that success is very close. When the dreamer is winding up a watch, it suggests that all of your social relationships will be favorable and that the things you care about will be okay. Dreaming that someone is giving you a watch

…Dreaming of a watch, denotes you will be prosperous in well-directed speculations. To look at the time of one, your efforts will be defeated by rivalry. To break one, there will be distress and loss menacing you. To drop the crystal of one, foretells carelessness, or unpleasant companionship. For a woman to lose one, signifies domestic disturbances will produce unhappiness. To imagine you steal one, you will have a violent enemy who will attack your reputation. To make a present of one, denotes you will suffer your interest to decline in the pursuance of undignified recreations….

To dream of having a watch is a warning to be careful how you spend your time.

To dream that you see something being in gold color signifies the fact that you like luxurious lifestyle. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of yellow.

To dream of gold will bring luck, is a sign always plain.

Gold is the sign of ambition and avarice.

Finding gold is signal of wealth, fortune in business and a good presage. Buying it or selling it means confidence and security.

Dreaming of gold leaves, signifies a flattering future is before you.

Neglect of business. 16.

Making use of time.

Success in love affairs. 28.

If you are watching something in the dream, then it means you are thinking about the importance of the passing time.

(Timepiece | Wristwatch. See Clock)

To dream that in the night one sitting up, and watching in the chamber, signifies, to the rich, great affairs; to the poor, and those that would use any subtleties or deceits, it is good; for the first shall not be without work and gain, and the others, undergoing their first attempts with great subtlety, shall come to the height of their enterprise.

A good dream, success.

Being surrounded by flatterers. 26.

Important affairs. 12.

To dream of these beautiful fish is a sign of good fortune generally: if you dream of catching a large one, it foretells that you will soon get a large sum of money: any kind of a dream, about these fish is lucky. 20, 6….

Please see Metals and Money.

The golden coins in dreams are the reflection of valuable things in your waking life such as money, jewelry or real estate. Sometimes the golden coins indicate the features such as your mental goodness, financial situation or emotional state. The golden coins can also be a reflection of the investments you have made in your waking life and are seen in the form of coins.

Denotes wealth.

Good fortune. 272.

Getting invited to a wedding. 66.

Restlessness, peevishness. 6.

Denotes good success in all undertakings.

Being robbed or cheated in business.