…with golden hair and great, deep blue eyes, who was evidently waiting for me and who beckoned me with arms that, white as ivory, gleamed against the blackness of everything around her. Only a few feet separated us. I gathered up my limbs to take a final spring and — with a sigh of satisfaction, I felt her soft arms encircle me. It was a moment of infinite paradise.Then a hot, pitiless hand was laid upon my neck and I was hurled backward from her clasp — my head struck the ground, and blankness swallowed me again. When consciousness returned, all was changed. A wonderful sensation of liberty, as it were of transition from the material to the ethereal, possessed me. At my feet lay the thing of flesh and blood which had served me as a body, and, to my horror, I saw bending over it a creature of…

The shark is the symbol of danger, aggression and fear. The one who was attacked by the shark is having difficulties while dealing with business, however, if he escaped the shark and stayed alive, the minor problems will go away very soon. If you were fighting with the shark or was attacked by it and couldn’t escape, you will deal with the problems longer then you thought you will.

The color white. If one sees his face white in the dream, it means sickness. If he sees his cheeks radiant white in the dream, it means honor, bounty and a high rank in his community. White in a dream also represents elderly people. (Also see Colors)

…Huntsmen not infrequently figure in my dreams. On July 1st, 1909, I dreamed I was standing on the veranda of a house, overlooking a neatly kept lawn and a broad white carriage drive, beyond which was a spinney. It was a beautiful evening, and every object stood out with startling perspicuity in the powerful moonlight. Whilst I was gazing admiringly at the transcendental loveliness of the landscape, I felt a soft hand laid caressingly on my arm, and, on looking round, saw a lady clad in the costume of the middle ages. As she often figures in my dreams, I was in no degree astonished at her appearance. ”How romantic we are!” she said, with a smile; “I was quite under the impression that lingering so long in a great city had spoilt you for the pleasures of the country. With me it is too much country, I long…

…nasty “turns” by enemies, failures in work.I have often dreamed about fish. I remember once having a very vivid dream about a shark.I fancied I was bathing in a fresh-water pool close to the house where I was staying, when, to my surprise and horror, I suddenly saw the fin of a shark bearing straight down on me. I shouted for help, and the next moment found myself falling down a well with the shark, an enormous white shark, in full pursuit of me. On arriving at the bottom, I was abruptly transferred to the drawing-room of a house I had not visited or thought of for at least twenty years, when the first thing I saw on the tea-table, its baleful eyes fixed on mine with a malicious grin, was the head of the shark.I awoke in fear and trembling — as indeed I might after such a startling…

…To dream of seeing a shark in the water, is an excellent omen, as it foretells that you will escape a great danger that menaces you: if you dream of capturing the shark, you will soon thereafter get a big lump of money. Catching fish of any kind foretells money getting. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 31….

…To dream of the shark, means that there is someone in your life which causes negative feelings to you. Maybe this person is very strict and unpleasant that is why it makes you feel uncomfortable. He reaches his goals while doing damage to others. On the other hand, the dream could show your own state of the mind, which shows the frustration, fear and anger, because the shark associates with all of those features….

…(Black | Blond | Bluish-black | Green | Maroon | Purple | Red | Reddish-brown | White | Yellow) The color black in a dream means prosperity, happiness or sickness. The color blond in a dream means war, sickness, piety, honor or a religious person. In a dream, the color blond also means contemptibleness, vileness, meanness or depravity. Black colored eyes in a dream represent a religious person. A bluish -black colored eyes in a dream connote opposing one’s religion. Blue eyes in a dream entail religious innovations. Green eyes in a dream represent a religion that is different from all religions. The color green in a dream also represents a good harvest or prosperity. Green in a dream also means youth or fear of wrongdoing. In a dream, the color blue represents distress, depression, enmity, or it could mean a calamity. The color red in a dream denotes…

If color white is untainted in our dreams, it signifies the trust which hasn’t been betrayed. If white objects appear filthy, we will be subject of betrayals. If it is about a dartboard, it portends success in your projects.

…young woman Dreaming that she is riding a white horse up and down hill, often looking back and seeing some one on a black horse, pursuing her, denotes she will have a mixed season of success and sorow,{sic} but through it all a relentless enemy is working to overshadow her with gloom and disappointment. To see a horse in human flesh, descending on a hammock through the air, and as it nears your house is metamorphosed into a man, and he approaches your door and throws something at you which seems to be rubber but turns into great bees, denotes miscarriage of hopes and useless endeavors to regain lost valuables. To see animals in human flesh, signifies great advancement to the dreamer, and new friends will be made by modest wearing of well-earned honors. If the human flesh appears diseased or freckled, the miscarriage of well-laid plans is denoted….

…establishing the truth, fulfillment of a promise, reaching a high rank among the members of one’s family, or perhaps it could mean that one may suffer from their envy and jealousy, or leave his homeland and migrate to another country, or it could mean that he may lose his parents and become an orphan. Seeing him (uwbp) in a dream also could mean seeing miraculous events (Karamat), for his companions witnessed and testified to a deer greeting him, a camel who kissed his foot, the broiled leg of mutton talking to him, trees moving to give him cover, pebbles glorifying God’s praises in his hand, among countless miracles, including his Nocturnal Journey and ascension (Mi’rdj) to the heavens to meet his Lord. If an ophthalmologist sees him in a dream, it means that he will acquire great expertise in his field and become renowned in the land, for God’s prophet…

(Fish) A shark in a dream represents high spirit, or it could mean belonging to the upper class or to a noble lineage.

Dreaming of a shark indicates your strong feeling of being threatened by it but this dream also indicates that you will overcome difficulties.

…Dreaming of sharks, denotes formidable enemies. To see a shark pursuing and attacking you, denotes that unavoidable reverses will sink you into dispondent foreboding. To see them sporting in clear water, foretells that while you are basking in the sunshine of women and prosperity, jealousy is secretly, but surely, working you disquiet, and unhappy fortune. To see a dead one, denotes reconciliation and renewed prosperity….

If you wear white clothes in a dream, an event will bring you a huge satisfaction.

…Dreaming of white lead, denotes relatives or children are in danger because of your carelessness. Prosperity will be chary of favor….

…Dreaming of a white moth, foretells unavoidable sickness, though you will be tempted to accuse yourself or some other with wrong-doing, which you think causes the complaint. For a woman to see one flying around in the room at night, forebodes unrequited wishes and disposition which will effect the enjoyment of other people. To see a moth flying and finally settling upon something, or disappearing totally, foreshadows death of friends or relatives….

The color white is the symbol of wisdom, purity, clarity and innocence.

The rose that is white is interpreted as tenderness, goodness and purity.

The two colors which are black and white and are seen in the dream means that there are many contrast in your waking life. However, you should remember that after the bad days the good days always come into your life.

To dream you are covered with one shows a speedy marriage, in which you will either be a principal party or much interested in the event. If an unmarried man dreams of seeing female in a white veil, and that she shows her face, it is a sure sign of marriage.

To dream that you are dressed in white color clothes indicates that a certain event will bring great satisfaction.

…(Astral | Celestial spheres | Constellation | Dog star | Moon | Procyon | Sirius | Stars) In a dream, a star represents thebest and the most noble of people. Seeing the stars scintillating with lights and gathered inside one’s house in a dream means that great people, or some of the leaders of the country will meet at that house. If the stars are gathered in one’s house, and if their light is dimmed in the dream, it means that such people will secretly meet in that house under constraint, or because of a calamity. Holding a star in one’s hand in a dream means begetting a noble son who will grow to be a great leader. Stealing a star in a dream means stealing a valuable thing. Seeing a star falling from the skies in a dream means that a calamity will befall that place and it…

Dreaming of sharks is a sign that there are greedy and combative opponents who will possibly cause us financial turmoil. It’s a warning that our situations will be agitated by their dangerous, overlapping attacks. Sharks are always an omen of uncertainty and anxiety.

(Deceiver. See Con artist)

Your situation will be agitated by overlapping and dangerous attacks.

Denotes enjoying an unexpected pleasure.

Making an agreeable acquaintance.

(See Rose)


Represents the total absence of color, it is also identified with everything ghostly and even death. So when we see totally discolored people or objects in dreams, we can interpret danger of destruction or some weakness for the object or person.

Healthiness and luck.

Living in innocent love. 29.

Having faithful friends, 235.

Welfare and pleasure; also, contentedness. 10.

Being released from unjust suspicion.

Self-conceit, vanity. 53.


Good luck, prosperous in life. 2.

Innocence. 96.