Dreaming that you buy an insurance or simply seeing an insurance policy in your dream, is a warning that upcoming events will be adverse to our interests and financial resources. This dream is most often a prediction of damage or anticipatable that can be prevented.

Dreaming that you are buying insurance, can have symbolic meaning of reference to a lack of trust. Are you afraid of losing something that means a lot to you? On the other hand, there can be different explanation, it has the symbolic significance of insecurity. It represents your need for security.

…To see life-insurance men in a dream, means that you are soon to meet a stranger who will contribute to your business interests, and change in your home life is foreshadowed, as interests will be mutual. If they appear distorted or unnatural, the dream is more unfortunate than good….

Dreaming of properties, money, inheritance, etc., is common in people with economic problems. It has a meaning that those dreams are a reflection of the dreamer’s needs. If an older woman was dreaming these dreams, it could mean that she is looking for a husband, preferably a rich man, so that he’ll take her out of poverty and loneliness. When the dreamer is a wealthy person, that doesn’t depend on inheritance, this dream could mean that he or she will receive an unexpected favorable offer in business or insurance.