…may lose such an opportunity. If one sees a lighted candle in the sky which luster and brightness dims the light of the sun in a dream, it represents a solar eclipse. If one sees the sky being build in his presence in a dream, it means that he lies in his testimonies. Falling from the sky in a dream also could be a warning against falling into sin. Falling from the sky in a dream with one’s head down means longevity. If one sees himself in the sky but could not remember when did he enter it in a dream, it means that God willing he is already in paradise. If one sees radiance, or scintillating rays of light coming through the sky in a dream, it means guidance. If he sees dark clouds coming through the sky in a dream, it means that he could stray from God’s…

…(Concealment | Gloom | Dream | Life | Rains | Skies | Soldiers | Sufferings | Vapor | Water) In a dream, clouds represent the course of life which provides people with rainwater to drink, water to wash their dirt, water for their crops and sustenance. Clouds in a dream also represent knowledge, understanding, wisdom, clarity as they show the divine kindness. Clouds in a dream also represent an army or friends who carry the water and the water represents life and the original element from which they were created. Clouds in a dream also represent ships, airplanes, or if they are black or carry stones or bring thunder, then they represent the antagonistic character of a leader who deprives his people from their rights or causes them to suffer through restrictive laws or harsh mandates. If one sees a cloud inside his house or descending upon him in…

The dream about clouds that are clearing in order to show the sun, denotes to clearing emotions of the dreamer. The dream, in which the sun clouds are hiding the sun, represents the ending of you’re the good times. When you see yourself flying in the clouds, then such dream indicates the freedom. Perhaps you wish to escape the every day’s responsibilities and become free. If you see the clouds that are particularly shaped, then such dream represents your imagination and creativity. Consider what kind of shape the clouds were. If the clouds are bright, then it shows minor issues you will have to deal with. The dark and stormy clouds indicate some problem that makes you worry a lot. The dark clouds could also represent the aggression and anger of the dreamer.

The sky that is blue in your dream indicates freedom, happiness and overall happiness. The grey sky or the one that has many clouds in it represents your melancholic sometimes even depressing moods. It is more common to dream such dream for people who live in North, because of the lack of the sun, therefore such dream wouldn’t mean anything bad. The sky that is dark and looks scary indicates the things you are afraid of such as your future, health of your family and so on. The night sky represents the qualities that has no ending, the dream shows that you have limitless opportunities to do whatever you like. To get more information about your dream please see the meaning of clouds.

…Dreaming of looking at the sky suggests that soon there will be prosperity in the dreamer’s life. Dreaming of a star-studded sky on a quiet night indicates desires, beyond the capacity of the dreamer’s own ambitions, which can lead to failures. Dreaming of the sky and instead of seeing stars, seeing characters that are not exactly angels, indicates that there are spiritual desires that haven’t been satisfied due to unfavorable conditions in life. Dreaming of being in heaven and seeing familiar people indicates that there are non-honest friendships that are watching the dreamer’s behavior to take advantage of his or her errors. Dreaming of a clear sky hints that the dreamer will receive a promotion or at least a nice gesture from a friend. If the sky appears to be dark, and worse if there is a threatening storm, this indicates that there will be various problems, including sentimental…

To dream of white clouds, signifies joy and prosperity, but black clouds means trouble. Thickset clouds moving rapidly in the air, grief and trouble to the dreamer. Clouds disappearing and the pure sky, denotes prosperity.

Having a dream of a sky with a few clouds, and even better if the stars are shining in the sky, it is a symbol of spiritual peace, happiness, and upcoming success. Dreaming of white, light and transparent clouds and the sun shining, could signify that problems are passing and that soon success and tranquility will arrive. Dreaming of dark clouds and a storm that’s about to happen, could mean that issues and problems that are currently happening will get worse. If in the dream there’s rain, this indicates that there will be diseases.

Unsteadiness, having no fixed purpose, always changing.

…(Daughter | Pulsate | Servant) In a dream, the human heart represents his awareness, diligence, intelligence, master, king of the human body and its governor. Seeing a heart in a dream also represents good conduct, good spiritual awareness, religious assiduity and clarity of speech. If one’s heart is stolen from him in a dream, it means fear, yearnings, bad religious practices, an accident, or a calamity. Seeing one’s heart blackened, or covered with an opaque seal in a dream, it means heedlessness, sinfulness and blindness of the heart. (Also see Body’ | Chest)…

To dream of white clouds, is a sign of prosperity, clouds mounting high from the earth, denotes voyages and return to the absent and revealing of secrets. Clouds red and inflamed, show an ill issue of affairs; to dream of smoky, or obscure clouds, shows an ill time, or anger.

…To dream of white clouds, signifies prosperity, clouds mounting high from the earth, denotes voyages the return of the absent, and revealing of secrets; clouds red and inflamed, show an issue of affairs; dark and obscure clouds, obstructions in love. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 47, 8….

To dream of white clouds, is a sign of prosperity, clouds mounting high from the earth, de- notes voyages and return to the absent and revealing of secrets. Clouds red and inflamed, show an ill issue of affairs; to dream of smoky, or obscure clouds, shows an ill time, or anger.

To dream of white clouds, is a sign of prosperity; clouds mounting high from the earth, denote voyages, and return of the absent, and revealing of secrets. Clouds red and inflamed, show an ill issue of affairs. To dream of smoky, dark, or obscure clouds, shows an ill time, or anger. Please also see the meaning of Air.

To dream of the clouds means that you understand the fact that everything is very temporary. The clouds that are white foretells about your spiritual growth. The clouds that are dark show how depressed, melancholic and even frustrated you are feeling. There is a possibility that you will face some challenge in your waking life that will take a lot of courage to deal with. However, you will be ok with it. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of sky.

If you see the clouds and the sun is covered with them, then such dream represents your liability. When the clouds are over the moon, then it shows that you are very preserving. The sky that is very cloudy in a dream signifies your hidden emotions and even depression. You are hiding from others. If clouds are very white and fluffy, good days ahead of you.

The blue sky represents the opportunities the life is giving to you and it depends on you if you will chose to take them or not. The blue sky with clouds represents minor problems. See the meaning of clouds also.

…Dreaming of the sky, signifies distinguished honors and interesting travel with cultured companions, if the sky is clear. Otherwise, it portends blasted expectations, and trouble with women. Dreaming of floating in the sky among weird faces and animals, and wondering all the while if you are really awake, or only dreaming, foretells that all trouble, the most excruciating pain, that reach even the dullest sense will be distilled into one drop called jealousy, and will be inserted into your faithful love, and loyalty will suffer dethronement. To see the sky turn red, indicates that public disquiet and rioting may be expected. See also Heaven and Illumination….

…A clear sky denotes a marriage, speedy, and happy; a red sky, increase of wealth; if you ascend into the sky you may look for much honour; a cloudy sky shows misfortune. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 2, 11, 24….

A clear sky denotes a marriage, speedy and happy; a red sky, increase of wealth; if you ascend into the sky, you may look for much honour; a cloudy sky, shows misfortune.

…To dream of a heart is a bad omen. If you lose your heart it signifies sickness and death. To the married it denotes infidelity of their marital vows. To dream you see a human heart shows you are sincerely beloved; but to dream you have a pain or palpitation in your heart shows you are doomed to suffer through treachery. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 46, 11….

…Dreaming of your heart paining and suffocating you, there will be trouble in your business. Some mistake of your own will bring loss if not corrected. Seeing your heart, foretells sickness and failure of energy. To see the heart of an animal, you will overcome enemies and merit the respect of all. To eat the heart of a chicken, denotes strange desires will cause you to carry out very difficult projects for your advancement….

Dream of having the heart that is sick and suffering from something, denotes an approaching illness, dangerous in proportion to the suffering. Have the heart injured, if the dream indicates a woman, it will happen to her indirectly and her heart will be broken. Dream of having no heart or having lost it somewhere, some serious disappointments and losses will happen in the waking life.

Dreaming about having heart discomfort could be a real symptom, in which case it is convenient to consult a doctor. If it’s not real pain, but only a dream, then it symbolizes problems in matters being handled. Dreaming of staring at your own heart hints that you are missing vital energy and that something needs to be done in order to recuperate it. Dreaming about an animal’s heart hints that you will rule your enemies, achieving their respect. Dreaming of eating the heart of a chicken or any bird suggests the desire to achieve rare, unrealistic and difficult objectives that will cause problems, disrupting the normal development of the dreamer’s activities.

Clouds symbolize that our current situation is paralyzed by our past actions. If dreaming about light clouds that do not obscure the sunlight, then this announces a very lively period full of ups and downs. If clouds are thick and black they predict perplexity, concern and fear.

The sky in a dream represents eternity of potential and freedom of human beings. The dream in which the sky is clear and blue, promises pure living, while the cloudy and dark sky indicates sad mood and troubles.

The dreamer who is having a heart attack in his dream is seen as the person who is worrying a lot about some issues. The dream shows that he or she is feeling afraid and is feeling frustrated because of the stress he/she is suffering from. Sometimes the heart attack in dreams could indicate the actual heart problems the dreamer has.

In the language of dreams, the heart means the deepest feelings. But many authors consider that if we dreamed of a diseased heart it may be the intuition telling us of an incubating disease that, either in ourselves or in the dearest person for us. Dreaming that we give our heart indicates that we are fully ready to offer our life for love.

To dream of white clouds, signifies joy and prosperity; black clouds, trouble.

…Thick and heavy clouds show some error you’ll commit. Clear clouds, under your own tree happy you will sit….

Dark clouds indicate great sorrows that have to be passed through. But they will pass away if the clouds are moving or breaking away.

…Dreaming of seeing dark heavy clouds, portends misfortune and bad management. If rain is falling, it denotes troubles and sickness. To see bright transparent clouds with the sun shining through them, you will be successful after trouble has been your companion. To see them with the stars shining, denotes fleeting joys and small advancements….

…It symbolizes our aspirations and desires. If this is a night sky that indicates that we are in a stage of projects. If it is daylight, means that the time has come for the realization of these projects. If the sky is clear, it’s a sign that the coming days we will be calm. If it is cloudy, concerns approach. Very cloudy means serious concerns. Stormy foreshadows critical situation….

…‘ and you may bet your whiskers they are good, too!’ he added, smacking his lips.’ Better than they give you at home, eh? ‘”Yes, sir,” I replied. We can’t afford much in the way of meat, one joint has to last us a week; and as for the entrees — well, we generally manage to do without them.”Just so!’ the gentleman smiled, ‘ and that is why I am going to give you a treat to-night. In spite of the fact that I’m a pretty well-to-do banker — regular City man, don’t you know — I’m in my heart of hearts a bit of a Socialist : don’t believe in class distinction and all that sort of thing, like to see the poor man enjoying himself as well as the rich. Why the deuce shouldn’t he? The same God made them both. I am just letting you know my…

If you have a heart attack it could indicate the actual health problems you are suffering from. Make sure you check your health and the way your organism is functioning. The heart attack could also signify the fact that you are unable to manage your own life.

The heart in dreams is the symbol of love, affection, goodness, purity and happiness. The hearts represents the current situation and how you are dealing with it. Consider how you are treating the people: do you love them enough, is there a respect? The heart in dreams could also indicate the relationships you have with those around you. Do not forget that you will receive love only when you will give one.

To dream you see a human heart, shows that you are sincerely beloved. But, to dream you have a pain or palpitation in your heart, shows that you are doomed through treachery.

When you dream of having a heart attack, then it shows the lack of love you are suffering from. Perhaps you feel unnoticed and unneeded especially for those you care. The heart attack could also indicate the actual fear of dying.

It symbolizes life and feeling. A sick or sore heart indicates a disease is approaching. A hurt heart means that the disease lies on the dearest person of the opposite sex.

The storm clouds in the dream signify some turbulence in your waking life. Perhaps this problem is taking your whole attention, therefore you dream about it and feel afraid of unknowingness.

See Clouds, Rainbow, Stars. Sun, Moon, and Eclipse.