To dream of the hedges is the symbol of barriers you are facing in your waking life. Perhaps there are some obstacles which don’t let you move forward. If you are trimming the hedge in a dream, then such dream signifies your ability to manage the barriers that come into your life.

Precursor sign of annoyances and worries.

…Dreaming of hedges of evergreens, denotes joy and profit. Bare hedges, foretells distress and unwise dealings. If a young woman dreams of walking beside a green hedge with her lover, it foretells that her marriage will soon be consummated. If you dream of being entangled in a thorny hedge, you will be hampered in your business by unruly partners or persons working under you. To lovers, this dream is significant of quarrels and jealousies….

Seeing in dreams a hedgerow with living plants or shrubs, usually mean that we will have to face some small obstacles, and that if we put a bit of effort in it, we can successfully overcome them. If you dream that the hedgerow is around a house, then it usually means that you’re being protected in everything you do; remember that houses in dreams usually symbolize the same dreamer and the hedge, in this case, it represents protection.