…(Elevation) In a dream, a hill represents a powerful and a dangerous person. Any construction surrounding such a hill represents one’s wealth. If one sees a flat land adjacent to a discarded high ground or a hill in a dream, such a hill represents a rich man whose wealth compares to the size of the surrounding property. A valley of green pasture surrounding a hill in the dream represents his strength, justice in method of dealing with others, or it could mean religious devotion. Following that line of thoughts, it also means rising in rank at the hand of a powerful person. Crossing hills in a dream means escaping from danger. Standing on top of a hill in a dream means presiding over a religious person. Descending a hill or an elevation in a dream represents losses, migraine headache, or humiliation. Imprisonment on the top of a hill in…

…To dream of concealing anything by hiding it, or putting it in an out-of-the-way place, is a sign that someone will reveal a secret that you have told. It is a bad omen for lovers to dream of hiding things, as it predicts that their intimacy will be talked about as suspicious. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 45, 18….

When you dream of seeing yourself hiding from something, then such dream indicates something you are actually trying to hide. Perhaps you are afraid to face some situation, therefore you think it is better to hide instead of dealing with it. The dream could also show that you are already trying to face the truth, because you dream about this matter. If you see someone hiding in a dream, then such dream might represent the necessity for care that you are looking for. If you are hiding from some of the authorities, then you probably are feeling guilty and ashamed about some matter.

The highway in dreams indicates your ability to go from one chapter of your life to another. The highway also indicates the things that happened for you in the past, the situation you are at the moment and the future that you are creating for yourself. If you are unable to move while being on the highway or do not know which direction to choose, then such dream shows that you tend to be in doubt about some issues in your waking life. If you went off the highway while driving, then such dream suggests to pay more attention to minor details instead of focusing only on the main ones. If you had an accident while being on highway, you should be careful with your surroundings.

…Dreaming that you admire well-formed hips, denotes that you will be upbraided by your wife. For a woman to admire her hips, shows she will be disappointed in love matters. To notice fat hips on animals, foretells ease and pleasure. For a woman Dreaming that her hips are too narrow, omens sickness and disappointments. If too fat, she is in danger of losing her reputation….

…To see a highway, when you are dreaming, has the symbolic significance of your life. Highway in the dream suggests your sense of direction and your life’s path. Consider the conditions of the highway which will reveal a lot about your life and your personality. Conditions of the road in your dream is like the mirror of your present waking life. It shows how much you feel in charge of your life. A smooth, straight highway stands as a symbol and sign for balance, harmony and inner peace in your emotional and spiritual state. Bad road, like winding road, bumpy road in your dream is the reflection of your current state and represents distressed conditions, imbalance and disharmony….

…(Blow | Hit | Lash | Whip) To hit someone with a staff in a dream means bringing back to life something that died away or investigating the cause of a death or clarifying something. To beat someone with a wooden stick in a dream means failing to fulfill a promise, or it could mean lying to someone. If someone in authority hits his employee in a dream, it means that he will give him a raise. If he hits him on his back in the dream, it means that he will pay his debt. If he hits him on his backside in the dream, it means that he will give him a daughter in marriage. If one hits someone head with a stick in a dream, it means that he desires his position or it may denote his jealousy. If one hits someone between the eyes in a…

…To dream of going up a hill is a sign you will rise in the world, and of going downhill the reverse; if, in your dream, you seem to be approaching a smooth high hill it shows that you will shortly have a piece of good fortune; but if the hill be rugged and stony, it foretells difficulties in connection with the good fortune. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 1, 46, 18,…

…To dream that you’re preparing or building a hiding place suggests that you fear your enemies or failure. If in the dream you finish constructing such hiding place, and keep something in it, it suggests that you’ll triumph over adversity. To dream that you’re anxiously searching for a hiding place suggests that you’re guilty of doing something wrong….

If you dream about the high school, then such dream indicates the old days you are missing. The high school could also represent the people you’ve met and missed. The dream could also indicate the childish side of your personality. Perhaps you are not ready to take the responsibilities to be a proper adult. If you are attending the high school in a dream, then such dream shows your fears about the choices you’ve made in the past. Maybe you wish to make different decisions at some situations? You are not sure you’ve made the right choice or there is some situation at your current life that is affected by your past? To get more detailed information about your dream, please see the meaning of School.

Strong, loving success. Unpleasant hips, health problems. If a man puts his hands on a woman’s hips, it indicates love and tenderness.

If you dream about your own hips, then such dream symbolizes your ability to adjust in some situation. The hips are also the symbolism of femininity and fertility.

If you are climbing the hill in a dream, then such dream represents the obstacles you are facing while reaching your tasks. If you see yourself being on the top of the hill, then such dream represents the victory you will achieve while reaching your dreams. You will get whatever you want, because of the hard work you’ve made.

If we dream that some person is hired, then it indicates that you will need help and support for your projects. If we are hired, then it symbolizes that you will be offered new perspectives in the labor field.

To hide an object indicates relationships based on mistrust and disloyalty. To hide ourselves indicates that our uncertainty prevents us from finding solutions to problems.

…To dream of hearing hissing noises, such as steam makes, or of geese hissing, is a sign of shame. If a girl dreams this it foretells that she will do something she is ashamed of: to a man it is a sign he will do an undignified act, or one that will injure his prospects. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 47….

Dreaming of a high school, foretells ascension to more elevated positions in love, as well as social and business affairs. For a young woman to be suspended from a high school, foretells she will have troubles in social circles.

…Dreaming that you have hidden away any object, denotes embarrassment in your circumstances. To find hidden things, you will enjoy unexpected pleasures. For a young woman Dreaming of hiding objects, she will be the object of much adverse gossip, but will finally prove her conduct orderly….

If you are the person who is hitting another person, it shows the suppressed anger issues towards that particular person or to life in general. You feel angry about something and haven’t expressed those emotions, so during the dream you are hitting In order to get rid of the extra negative energy. Make sure you solve these problems.

When you see a hippie in a dream, then such dream indicates the freedom you are willing to have. If you are the hippie in a dream, then such dream denotes to your wish of being individual and different from others. Perhaps you do not agree with the social rules that other people are following.

If you see the hippopotamus in a dream, then such dream indicates the unknown powers you have. There are some special abilities that you have, which will lead you to success. The dream shows that there are enormous power that underlie within you.

(Ocean) In a dream, swimming in troubled waters or high tides means adversities, or having to face a strong opponent.

Hindering someone’s work in a dream means ingratitude or disbelief….

…Dreaming of a random bed that has nothing special to it, usually indicates sexual desire that hasn’t been satisfied. Clearly dreaming a clean bed, preferable if it’s white, hints inner peace and tranquility of the dreamer| however, if it’s a dirty and messy bed with dark colors, it announces disease either in the dreamer or someone close to the dreamer. A young woman who is making a bed hints that she wishes for a lover to appear in her life, or that she’ll enjoy a new job soon. Lying in bed in an unfamiliar room hints that friends will visit soon. Dreaming about sleeping in a bed outdoors hints that the dreamer will soon receive important opportunities that will make life better. If a sick person dreams about lying in bed this means that it could be a warning, and if the dreamer doesn’t take the proper precautions, soon…

Dream of climbing a hill with huge difficulty, but assisted by a strange man, signifies that by the advice of a new acquaintance you will accomplish at great aim. To the lover who dreams of travelling over high hills, indicates some rivals that will give some of the uneasiness.

To dream of traveling over steep hills, shows that you will experience much care and trouble, and meet with many disappointments; to the lover it denotes rivalry.

The high heels in dream represents feminine aspects of your personality. The dream shows that you have no problems while being confident and trustful. The dream could also indicate that you are not feeling powerful enough, therefore you need to use your femininity while dealing with others. Without heels you do not feel confident.

…It is a symbol of elevation. If it’s a herd, it portends huge profits and triumphs. If we see a hind and its hatchlings, it signifies fertility and happiness. If what we see is abandoned antler, it announces that we will inherit from an elderly person….

If you dream about history, then such it shows that you are thinking about the past. Perhaps you are trying to recall your emotions and past events. There is a possibility that you keep thinking about the old things that happened in the past.

When you hit someone in a dream, then it shows not shown emotions such as anger, frustration or guilt. You are holding negative emotions instead of telling about them. There is no need to be tolerant to everything. Express yourself.

If you see yourself breaking in hives in a dream, then such dream indicates some situation in your waking life that you are anxious about. The dream could also indicate something you are afraid of.

To dream of climbing and traveling over hills signifies good.

To dream you are traveling over hills, and wading through great difficulties, and meet with assistance on the way, shows that you shall have good counsel and overcome all your troubles.

Full hives, mean riches, empty ones much poverty.

…a level with my face, and, as I peered through it, a tall man in evening dress entered the room. ‘Mr. Montague, I suppose,’ I murmured to myself, mentioning the name of the banker. ‘Why, he’s actually wearing red socks, and has a coloured handkerchief and a sixpenny ready-made tie,” You see, sir, I notice every detail in a gentleman’s dress; and, as you doubtless know, nothing gives a show away so much as loud-coloured handkerchiefs and ready-made ties; no one in tip-top society wears such things.”Now I didn’t know much about bankers, as most of the people at whose houses I visited were real gentry, but I never should have believed that even a moderately well-to-do business man would have dressed like that. I was gazing at him in astonishment, when he suddenly approached the window, and, seeing me, threw up the sash. ‘Are you the policeman,’ he said,…

Dreaming of hitting someone or something with a stone indicates that you are about to take a difficult step that can harm other people.

(Cost of living) Seeing a winged loaf of bread flying in a dream means high prices. (Also see Bread)

…(Boy | Enemy | Power | Snake | Troves | Unjust ruler | Woman) If the treasure one discovers in his dream is hidden by a previous generation, it means receiving an inheritance, lawful earnings, a booty, a son from adultery, or it could represent an orphan because it comes from someone else’s earnings….

Dreaming of hitting someone symbolizes your violence or anger and that you don’t know how to express it, you have a tendency to keep your negative feelings inside.

Dreaming that you are reading history, indicates a long and pleasant recreation.