Dreaming about murders means that soon you will be forced to take a trip. You will be intermixed in trouble and some other difficulty. To dream that you have committed a murder indicates you must put an end to an old habit and to your previous ways of thinking. This could also mean the end to an attachment. Alternatively, you may have some repressed aggression or anger. To dream that you witness a murder indicates deep-seated anger towards someone. Consider how the victim represents aspects of himself that you want to destroy or remove. To dream that you are killed suggests you are separated from some important and meaningful relationship and you are trying to disconnect yourself from your emotions. It also represents your unusual talents. Also note that these dreams of murder often occur during periods of depression.

…To dream that you’re preparing or building a hiding place suggests that you fear your enemies or failure. If in the dream you finish constructing such hiding place, and keep something in it, it suggests that you’ll triumph over adversity. To dream that you’re anxiously searching for a hiding place suggests that you’re guilty of doing something wrong….

When you dream of seeing yourself hiding from something, then such dream indicates something you are actually trying to hide. Perhaps you are afraid to face some situation, therefore you think it is better to hide instead of dealing with it. The dream could also show that you are already trying to face the truth, because you dream about this matter. If you see someone hiding in a dream, then such dream might represent the necessity for care that you are looking for. If you are hiding from some of the authorities, then you probably are feeling guilty and ashamed about some matter.

…To see murder committed in your dreams, foretells much sorrow arising from the misdeeds of others. Affair will assume dulness. Violent deaths will come under your notice. If you commit murder, it signifies that you are engaging in some dishonorable adventure, which will leave a stigma upon your name. Dreaming that you are murdered, foretells that enemies are secretly working to overthrow you. See Killing and kindred words….

To dream you commit murder warns you that you are surrounded by false friends, it signifies danger.

To dream that someone is trying to murder you, means that you are feeling afraid about something in your life and think that the evil will destroy you. If you escaped the murderer during your dream, you will escape the problems and evil that you are afraid of. If you are the one who is murderer, it shows that you are very tired of your life.

Murder is a bad dream; it signifies danger.

If you are the murderer in the dream, then such dream hides the aggression and anger that in in you. You might be angry with someone particular, or simply have too much pressure at this time of your life and feel like killing someone. If somebody else is trying to murder you, but you escape it, it means that you will avoid unpleasant experiences in your waking life.

To see murder shows long life, a murderer, good news.

Dreaming about murderers and murder is means that you will soon have to make a short trip. You’ll find yourself in fights and difficulties.

Dreaming of killing someone means that you will soon experience anxieties and concerns for various causes, but most of them are your fault. Dreaming about someone, that you know is killed or commits suicide, insinuates problems due to hesitations and doubts. Dreaming that someone commits a murder suggests that, as a result of your own behavior, people will be suspicions about you, and will have doubts concerning the affairs, business and social relationships that you’re managing or having. It also tends to announce the death of someone you know. Dreaming of murdering a victim implies that your opponents are trying to hurt you. Seeing murderers indicates that it’s quite possible to have a reunion with your most loved relatives soon.

To dream that you are hiding from someone means that you are actually trying to hide some secret or part of your personality. You need more space for yourself.

When we feel sorrow upon killing in dreams in reality what is killed is some characteristic that we do not like in the person or in ourselves. If the feeling is negative it is an inferiority complex or guilt.

Hatred and rancor. Be careful not to hurt people around you.

To dream of murdering, security.

(See Killing)

…To dream one is being murdered portends domestic troubles, and trouble with neighbours, and losing things. To dream that another person is murdered sometimes signifies great danger to that person — indeed, the dream is occasionally verified — or trouble of some sort to that person, or to someone connected with that person.For example, I have been told of a lady, who dreamed most vividly that she saw a woman enter her aunt’s room, whilst the latter was asleep, and smother her with a pillow. Everything was most realistic — the door slowly opening; the white-faced, evil-eyed servant with a candle; her stealthy, gliding footsteps; her coarse hands, knotted knuckles and broken nails; the expression of fiendish glee in her eyes as she took up the pillow, and the quick, subtle jerk with which she brought it down on to the sleeper’s face; the tightening of her lips; the…

Dreaming that you have murdered somebody denotes that you are going to become very bad and wretched, vicious and criminal.

Great danger, your path in life beset with difficulties.

…in close custody. When she was able to give evidence, though he appeared at the trial in a different dress, and with a wig on, she was struck with terror at the sight of him and fainted. On recovering, however, she gave evidence and the culprit was convicted and executed. The medical man added that, when she had finished her narrative, she declared that she felt the pressure of the man’s hand on her neck while she related it; and that her throat had actually contracted from the time when the melancholy event occurred.”But these two instances of the murder dream being verified arc, of course, exceptions to the general rule, and should any of my readers be so unfortunate as to dream they are being murdered — I trust that it will only lead, as is usually the case, to trouble of a most ordinary and trivial nature….

…of the bargain; keep yours. Quick! The three hundred and fifty pounds!””But, instead of giving it me, she burst out shrieking again, and, rushing to the door, shouted, Help! Murder! Help!””Then for the first time I suspected treachery, and determining she should lose something at all events, I swept everything worth having off the dressing-table into my tool-bag, and, making a dart for the window, was preparing to jump out of it, for it was wide open and the garden did not look more than twelve or so feet beneath it, when there was a sharp bang, and, the next instant, my right arm dropped helplessly to my side. There was another bang, and I lost the use of my left. Faint and dizzy from the loss of blood, and utterly bewildered at the unexpectedness of the onslaught, I staggered back, and, coming into collision with a chair, crashed heavily…

…Reid was strangely impressed with the belief that his father had (by a form of process peculiar to the law of Scotland) purchased these lands from the titular, and, therefore, that the present prosecution was groundless. But after an investigation of the public records, and a careful inquiry among all persons who had transacted law business for his father, no evidence could be recovered to support his defence. The period was now near at hand when he conceived the loss of his lawsuit inevitable, and he had formed his determination to ride to Edinburgh next day, and make the best bargain he could in the way of compromise. He went to bed with this resolution, and, with all the circumstances of the case floating upon his mind, had a dream to the following purpose.His father, who had been many years’ dead, appeared to him, he thought, and asked him why…

…a dream also means relief from depression, grief, affliction and sorrow. Killing oneself in a dream also means recognition of the value of lost benefits. If one is murdered in a dream and did not know who killed him, it indicates his failure to fulfill his religious duties. If one recognizes his murderer in the dream, then it means triumph over one’s enemy. If one sees a victim swimming in a pool of blood that is pouring from his jugular veins in the dream, it means that the victim will suffer greatly from the defamation and slander of his assailant. If one intention- ally commits suicide in a dream, it means that he is a subversive rebel and a disobedient servant of God almighty. Confessing to a murder in a dream means gaining the upper hand. Killing in a dream also could mean that one is missing his prayers, or…

Dreaming of any kind of coats implies that you will suffer setbacks and humiliations from enemies. Dreaming of wearing a borrowed coat means that strangers are going to hurt you by telling lies about you. Dreaming of wearing a new coat, even if it’s not luxurious, suggests that everything is fine, and that the things you’re working on will have a good outcome. Dreaming of wearing a coat may mean that you’re hiding your true personality under a protective layer of appearances. If another person is wearing the coat in your dream, it means that you have someone around you that’s hiding selfish intentions but acting nicely.

…one’s spouse that will end in reconciliation. If a sick person or a prisoner sees himself coming out of a hole in a dream, it means that he will become free from his trials. Falling into a hole and crying for help to no avail in a dream means taking a short trip. A hole in a dream also represents a poor woman who strives to cover others pitfalls, though she cannot veil her own. Hiding inside a hole in a dream also means appeasement of one’s fears, or ending of one’s adversities. If while hiding, one finds food, or fresh water, or a cloth to cover himself in the dream, it means profiting from sources one does not anticipate, or making peace with an opponent. To put a hole in one’s shoe in a dream means facing trouble and adversities. (Also see Den | Mouse hole | Tunnel)…

Dreaming of having a cyst means that there’s something inside of you that is making you worry and that it hurts. You need to take it out and fix it. It could be that you may be hiding prejudices and resentments that create drama in your daily life, which could be making you to develop negative attitudes that you are hiding inside. This is bad for you. You need to know what these feelings are and eliminate them. It would be interesting to see where this cyst is located in your dream and to find the meaning of the location as well.

…To have interaction with a terrarium in the dream, indicates secrets. To see a terrarium when you are dreaming, is interpreted as suggestion that you are hiding from others. It means that you are keeping some qualities of yourself as a secret. Are you hiding and protecting something about yourself from others? On the other hand, there can be different explanation. The terrarium in the dream, has meaning of something very fresh and new. It can symbolize birth of new plans, ideas, schemes, or methods. Dreaming of the terrarium also stands as an omen for fertility, activity, creativity….

…If you’re the one who wears it, you are hiding your true personality. If another person wears it, he/she are hiding selfish motives….

…To dream of concealing anything by hiding it, or putting it in an out-of-the-way place, is a sign that someone will reveal a secret that you have told. It is a bad omen for lovers to dream of hiding things, as it predicts that their intimacy will be talked about as suspicious. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 45, 18….

…hair in a dream, it means that he will cover up the loss of his ablution during prayers or during his reading of the Holy Qur’an or during other ritual occasions where he is required to have ablution before proceeding. It could also mean that he cares little about attending his prayers. As for women, dyeing means happiness, new clothing, receiving gold, or a wedding celebration. If the dye exceeds the required surface of the hands or the feet in the dream, it means being struck with fear and worries caused by one’s business or friends. If a man sees himself in a dream dyeing his hair or beard with other than henna, it means that he will suffer from what he fears most. Dyeing or suppressing one’s feelings for a sick person means recovering from his ailment. Dyeing one’s hair black in a dream means hiding one’s bad conditions,…

…To see raspberries in a dream, foretells you are in danger of entanglements which will prove interesting before you escape from them. For a woman to eat them, means distress over circumstantial evidence in some occurrence causing gossip….

…desert with its interminable extent of brown soil, dotted here and there with spidery looking trees, discovered no one; neither could I discern the slightest evidence of life in the town.Entering a broad, cobble-paved street, I was proceeding slowly along it, almost afraid to tread on account of the clatter made by my boots, when suddenly, without the faintest warning, I was surrounded by a crowd of people, all in brown clothes, and all wearing an air of the greatest mystery. Catching hold of me gently by the arms, with one finger laid on their lips to enjoin silence, they tiptoed cautiously forward, dragging me with them. In this manner we advanced some hundreds of yards, coming to a sudden standstill in front of a kind of brown bathing machine. One of the crowd then stepped forward, and, bowing to me with mock solemnity, very cautiously approached the wooden box….

Evidence that a partner is setting a bad action against us.

It is a warning that we should be honest with ourselves and recognize the evidence of what happens in our lives.

If you are recording something on the video camera, it shows your desire to keep the important memories, no matter if they are pleasant or not. If someone is using the camera to videotape you, you should be careful of the certain person, because they could use the evidence that was taken with that camera. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of camera dream.

Dreaming of exaggerated cleanness is evidence of a desire to free ourselves from something that can be unpleasant or objectionable. If we wash our hands or body that reveals the desire to get rid of any actual or alleged guilt. If we wash the bedding that reveals concern to keep facts about our sex life hidden.

It symbolizes sexuality. Evidence of sexual desires. Beware of the lust.

…Dreaming of quilts, foretells pleasant and comfortable circumstances. For a young woman, this dream foretells that her practical and wise business-like ways will advance her into the favorable esteem of a man who will seek her for a wife. If the quilts are clean, but having holes in them, she will win a husband who appreciates her worth, but he will not be the one most desired by her for a companion. If the quilts are soiled, she will bear evidence of carelessness in her dress and manners, and thus fail to secure a very upright husband….

…(Astray | Injustice | Kill | Murder | Relief) In a dream, slaughter means displeasing one’s parents, or it could mean injustice. If one sees himself in a dream slaughtered, he should pray hard and seek refuge in God Almighty to help him. If one sees corpses of slaughtered people scattered around him in a dream, it means profits and achievement of his goals. Seeing slaughtered people in a dream also may mean that they have gone astray. If one sees a man or a butcher slaughtering him in a dream, it means that he will triumph over his assailant. If he is imprisoned, it means that he will be set free. If he is seized by fear, it means that he will reach safety and regain his equanimity and peacefulness. If he is a war captured prisoner, it means that he will be set free. If he is…

…solders will control that town. If one sees himself riding a cow in a dream, it means that he will inherit a woman. If one is offered a cow hide as a gift in a dream, it means that he will receive money from someone in authority. On the other hand, if one is stripped of a cow’s hide he owns in a dream, it represents a fine that he will have to pay. To see the calf of the Children of Israel in a dream means dissension, temptation or a murder. It also may mean a miraculous event, or that a heavenly sign will take place in that locality. If the person is disobedient to his mother, he will repent and turn to be good to her. If a cow butts against him in a dream, it means that God is displeased with him. (Also see Counting cows)…