…The dream about the clothes usually represents how we see ourselves in society and the way we wish to present ourselves. The clothes could also indicate the moods we have depending on what kind of color or style clothing we are wearing. The one who buys clothes in his dream denotes to the choices he has made and the way he wish to present himself. We can buy any kind of the clothes, depending of the way we wish to present ourselves. If you are changing clothes in a dream, then such dream indicates the changing moods and behavior of the dreamer. The items you have chosen to change represent the changing spirits of the dreamer. If the clothes are dirty and you are trying to get rid of the stains, then such dream indicates the features in your personality you wish to change or remove. Perhaps the dream…

Please see the meaning of Apparel. If a man dream he has a new suit of clothes, it is a sign of honour. To dream that you see your clothes burned, denotes loss and damage. To dream that you see yourself in black clothes signifies joy. To dream that you take your clothes to put them on, denotes loss. If a man or woman dream they are meanly clothed, it betokens trouble and sadness. If one dream his clothes are dirty, or is that he hath bad clothes tattered and much worn, it means shame. To dream your clothes are embroidered all over with gold, or any other kind of embroidery, signifies joy and honour.

…Colors in dreams have the same symbolism and meaning than the one that is known in real life, and you should interpret them like that when you dream of clothes. Dreaming of hanging clean clothes on a clothes line, may mean that when it comes to intimate relationships, you are considered as a person that is responsible for his actions and that is not afraid of criticism. It also means prosperity, especially when the pieces of clothing are golden or yellow. Dreaming of hanging dirty pieces of clothing or handling those, means that you have fear of something bad happening, or at least being criticized for the things you have done; if it is dirty lingerie that you’re hanging, the meaning worsens. Dreaming of dirty and torn clothes means sadness, bad news, etc. When a woman dreams of holding her own clean clothes suggests that her immediate future is…

Clothes, when they are clean, of prosperity doth tell. But those unclean, show sickness and some funeral knell. Torn clothes forebodes quarrelling, fine clothes, station high, mean clothes denotes that in poverty you will sigh.

If a man dreams he has a new suit of clothes, it is a sign of honour. But to dream that you see your clothes burned, denotes loss and damage. Dreaming you see yourself dressed in black clothes, denotes joy.

…Dreaming of seeing clothes soiled and torn, denotes that deceit will be practised to your harm. Beware of friendly dealings with strangers. For a woman Dreaming that her clothing is soiled or torn, her virtue will be dragged in the mire if she is not careful of her associates. Clean new clothes, denotes prosperity. Dreaming that you have plenty, or an assortment of clothes, is a doubtful omen | you may want the necessaries of life. To a young person, this dream denotes unsatisfied hopes and disappointments. See Apparel….

Dreaming of clothes indicates desire of elegance, notoriety and success, in short, wanting to excel by our appearance. We must also consider its symbolism as an element of self-protection against others and the existence of shyness in front of others. Interpreting this dream will depend on the sensations that these clothes provoke on us.

When you dream of baby clothes it means that you are showing yourself in more graceful and sophisticated way. You must be delicate and refined in various positions. Dreaming of baby clothes shows your past understanding of different things.

Dreaming about clothes symbolize desires for elegance, fame and success with the opposite sex. If a garment strongly draws our attention, then such dream shows that we will have to analyze it together with the color of the garment. If we dream seeing ourselves with the opposite sex underwear, then such dream certainly has sexual connotations. If the underwear is of the same sex, then in this case for men reveals timidity or fear of the consequences of auto-eroticism. In women the same can be taken as a garment more to dress, reflect of timidity, fear of sex or desire or fear of motherhood.

…To see wedding clothes, signifies you will participate in pleasing works and will meet new friends. To see them soiled or in disorder, foretells you will lose close relations with some much-admired person….

Loss of money. 177.

…Who has not dreamed of being suddenly bereft of their clothes and of finding themselves in some public place, the cynosure of all eyes, without even so much as a pocket-handkerchief? A dream of this kind happened to someone I know — someone who is much to the fore in society. He dreamed that he and his brother were strutting up and down Bond Street, when he suddenly noticed that everyone was looking at them in a very odd and marked manner. Wondering what it could mean, he hurriedly glanced at his person (the subject of clothes, by the way, was ever uppermost in his mind), and, to his undying shame and horror, saw that he was naked, and so was his brother. In an agony of mind, he caught hold of the latter by the arm and whispered: “For goodness sake, Dick, make for the first cab you…

(Spread | Unfold) To hang a garment in the sun to dry in a dream may indicate that someone will shortly arrive from a long journey.

To see an infant in them means success.

…Colors in dreams suggest the same as what they are known for in life, therefore, they can be applied to outfits and dresses or clothing in general. The clothes characteristics are what give it meaning in dreams, as they can have various shapes, colors, materials and may appear in several different situations. When a man dreams of himself in a well fit suit, or a woman in a dress, it means a nearby success, if it’s clean. But if it’s ripped or dirty it indicates the presence of enemies who want to harm you. Dreaming of oneself dressed in several colors suggest that soon your luck will change. Dreaming of oneself dressed all in black suggests nearby fights, difficulties and misunderstanding, generally annoying and difficult to resolve situations. Dreaming about elderly people dressed in white suggests that the dreamer or a relative is ill. Dreaming of oneself completely dressed…

…Dreaming of mending or darning something that is old and dirty, suggests that you are trying to correct mistakes that are too late to be corrected. However if you are mending something that is new and clean, then it suggests that the mistakes will be corrected promptly, which will give you the success you want. Dreaming of wearing clothes that have been mended suggests that the dreamer is careless with him or others. Dreaming of others wearing mended clothes announces poverty, sadness or upcoming bad times for the dreamer. A young woman who dreams of mending a new dress is a warning that means difficulties precisely when she’s waiting for an era of prosperity. If you’re trying to hide clothing patches in your dream, then it may mean that your bad mood is going to harm you in some way. If you see someone sewing clothes, socks, etc. in…

…have illicit and dangerous liaisons, either emotional or in your business. To dream that someone is washing suggests that something is now in its last stage and that you may be full of problems but will soon have new hopes and new motives. To dream about a laundress at work implies infidelity and illicit adventures, either yours or from someone else (partners, friends, family, etc.). When a woman dreams that she is a laundress, it symbolizes that she’s being unfaithful to her husband, lover or the people she works with. To dream that you’re washing your own clothes suggests that you’ll require great effort to achieve what you want. To dream about a young woman that is washing her clothes suggests upcoming joys due to new relationships. To dream that you’re in a laundry washing your clothes indicates that a disease that has not been properly treated will worsen….

…To see freshly stirred dirt in your dream, symbolizes your quality of being economical with money or food. Dreaming of dirt or any other substance, such as mud or dust, is also the representation of shameful and/or corrupt situations in your life. In some circumstances or relationships you must be more honest, moral, and ethical. Have you acted in deceitful, dishonest, dishonorable or unethical manner? To dream that someone throws dirt at you, alerts you against attacks from adversaries or competitors. The dream may be a warning for you that enemies can try to attack your person. They may try to harm your reputation in devious manner. To dream that your clothes are soiled with dirt represents your fear about infections. To wear dirty clothes in dream, also signifies some chances of getting a transmittable disease. Maybe you are infected right now by some disease. Alternatively, it means being…

Dreaming of ironing clothes indicates that family and social relationships are good and because of this business will continue to thrive. When a woman dreams of ironing clothes and burning her hands, it means that she is jealous and that she could get sick. If in the dream she burns the clothes, then it indicates that she suspects or knows of the existence of a rival. If the iron is cold, then the problem will occur without big consequences.

…If you took a shower in a dream, then such dream indicates the new beginning of your life, but only in those cases if the water was crystal clear. To be in a shower where the water is dirty and unclean, denotes to the state of the mind which has not been cleared up. The muddy water also promises small unpleasant changes. To take a shower while wearing all of the clothes indicates the changes you have made with yourself, but not the inner ones. On the other hand, the dream in which you wore of the clothes, shows the wall you have made between yourself and others….

…Dreaming of using a hair-brush, denotes you will suffer misfortune from your mismanagement. To see old hair brushes, denotes sickness and ill health. To see clothes brushes, indicates a heavy task is pending over you. If you are busy brushing your clothes, you will soon receive reimbursement for laborious work. To see miscellaneous brushes, foretells a varied line of work, yet withal, rather pleasing and remunerative….

…Dreaming that you are in a dance announces upcoming holidays, fun, joy, sentimental conquests and material achievements. Dreaming of being in a dance with clothes from the beginning of the century, with soft and romantic music like waltzes, suggests that you are living very restlessly and you long for regaining your mental and emotional balance. Dreaming that you are in a costume ball or wearing carnival masks indicates that you are looking for pleasure, fun, and you’ll soon find it, but as a natural consequence, it will end in headaches and other problems, especially if the dreamer is a woman; in a man it indicates problems in the affairs he’s handling. The costumes and masks have always indicated lies, deception, fraud and losses. Dreaming that you are in a modern dance party, with loud music and peculiar clothes, suggests that you live or work in an unpleasant environment that…

Dreaming of brushes that have various uses indicates a lot of work that will be well paid. Dreaming of rapidly brushing one’s clothes means that the dreamer will soon receive rewards for his or her work. Dreaming of several clothes brushes hints that soon the dreamer’s job will increase but not the salary. Dreaming of old and worn brushes announces diseases, bad business, and various other problems, but nothing serious. Dreaming of combing your hair with an old brush hints that there will be many problems soon, including economic problems.

If you dream of the clothesline where the clothes are hanging, then such dream represents the features of your personality you are trying to hide. The dream could also indicate the emotional problems and inhibitions. The clothes that are hanged on the clothesline and are white, represents the pure and immaculate aspects of your personality, therefore such dream is interpreted as the good omen.

…Dreaming of laundering clothes, denotes struggles, but a final victory in winning fortune. If the clothes are done satisfactorily, then your endeavors will bring complete happiness. If they come out the reverse, your fortune will fail to procure pleasure. To see pretty girls at this work, you will seek pleasure out of your rank. If a laundryman calls at your house, you are in danger of sickness, or of losing something very valuable. To see laundry wagons, portends rivalry and contention….

…Ghusul in a dream means correcting one’s conduct, pursuing the correct religious life, paying one’s debts, or washing away one’s filth. If one sees a deceased person washing himself before his burial in a dream, it means relief for one’s dependents and increase of their wealth after him. Giving a ritual ablution to a deceased person in a dream also means that someone will repent for his sins at the hand of the undertaker. If a deceased person asks someone to wash his clothes for him in a dream, it means that he needs someone to pray for him, or to intercede on his behalf before his Lord, or to pay charity for the benefit of his soul, or to pay his debts, or to fulfill his will, or to do him justice. If one does fulfills the deceased person’s wish and washes his clothes for him in the dream,…

To dream that you step into the mud, means that you will face unexpected barriers. However, it will be easy ones to solve. If you got the mud all over your clothes, then such dream signifies your reputation that might be in danger. Make sure you don’t care what other people say about you. The mud on the clothes could also represent the bad opinion you have about yourself. If you got the mud on you, but laughing about it, then such dream shows the relaxed side of your personality.

…To dream that you’re walking in mud is a warning that due to misconduct your friends are discrediting you, what may cause your family feuds. To dream that others walk over or splash mud suggests that something unpleasant will happen to your family or friends. To dream that your clothes are stained with mud suggests that your reputation is in question, but if in such dream you’re able to clean your clothes, this indicates that you’ll succeed over gossip and intrigues against you….

If we are tearing apart documents or papers in the dream, it symbolizes our desire for forgiveness and forgetfulness of a fault for which we have been feeling guilty. In the case that we are tearing our clothes is a warning of danger to our reputation, or to the person who owns those clothes.

The snake is the symbol of knowledge. If the snakes you see are coming out from the bushes, holes or the ground, then it means that all of the hidden feelings and emotions are finally coming to the daylight. The snake is also a symbol of dreamer’s sexuality, therefore the one who dreams of it is lacking for sexual activities or has hidden desires.

When you see the keg in a dream, then such dream shows the difficulties you have while fighting. The dream in which the keg is full, represents the right choice you took while fighting with all of the struggles. If the keg is empty, then you should make up your mind and choose the different technique in order to achieve the success. If the keg is broken or has holes in it, then it means you will have disputes or conflicts with your family members. The lid of the keg represents the main things that must be understood by you and your significant other.

To have interaction with a tool with a sharp point and cutting edges for making holes in hard material in your dream is a symbol of fresh start and new beginnings. To see a drill, when you are dreaming, is interpreted as suggestion that you are headed toward a new direction in life. You are opening yourself up to new experiences. You will get new insights in your own life throughout practical contact with and observation of new facts and events.

If a man’s wearing the shirt or sweatshirt, the dream shows us their privacy and fortune. If it is a woman, it means she will soon find someone to share her life with happyness. If the shirt is clean and well-adjusted, then it indicates prosperity and fortune. If it has sleeves, it indicates happiness but without achieving wealth. If it has holes or is torn apart, it portends poverty. If dirty, difficult situations. If it is too short, lust. If we are washing it, it means we know we can forgive offenses.

When the one is dreaming about the umbrella, it means that he is trying to cope with the unfavourable issues in his waking life. If the umbrella is completely open, the dreamer is giving himself a shelter in order to protect from the evil. The opening of umbrella could also mean that the dreamer is trying to know himself better. When it is raining and the dreamer is carrying the umbrella that is closed, it means that he will suffer financial failure. The umbrella that is broken or has holes in it, means that you will achieve everything you wish for, but it will be a little bit harder than usually.

…To dream of putty, is a sign of poverty: puttying up holes foretells losses — the larger the hole, the more extensive the loss. If you are putting glass into a window with putty, it foretells that you will soon remove into a meaner place than you now occupy. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 6, 4….

Dreaming of a watering hole is a sign of peace and rest, and if we also see horses or other animals quenching their thirst, it’s an indication that we will receive good news, a small inheritance or donation. If the trough we dream of is empty and dry, it predicts minor losses. But a trough is not the best place to quench our thirst, even though water may be clean, we must not forget that water-holes were created for animals, not for men. So if you have a dream drinking from it, be careful you are mistaking the path of happiness: meditate on this and look for other sources to quench the thirst of your spirit or the need for love.

…If we dream of stockings but without looking at details it’s an omen a reasonably peaceful and happy existence. If they are torn or have holes, then that warns us about possible deception or false promises. Taking off our stockings portends a change of situation. If the socks are made of wool, cotton, linen or synthetic material, but in good condition and nice to look that mean welfare benefits and profits. If they are made of natural silk it’s an omen that our wealth increases and may come from an inheritance or donation, rather than benefits by ourselves. If they are very light colored they symbolize friendship. If they are very dark or black they symbolize temptation….

Symbolizes the soul in its most visible manifestation, i.e., the closest to the spirit, where they can externalize sorrows, pains, scars and manifestations of the soul. All these circumstances are represented by the color, stains and holes that we see in the robe.

If we dream about them when we thought a problem was solved, it means that the problem will become the same again. If the pocket is full, this problem will give us expenses. If we see it empty, we will end up making money. If it is broken or with holes, it portends losses.

To dream of rats, is a sign you have many enemies if they come in at the doorway, they are your pretended friends, but to see them pass through your windows, or from holes, thieves will make an attempt on your property.