If you dream that you drink some kind of the alcohol it could have several meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream and feelings that were felt during the dream. If you were having fun while drinking the alcohol, it means that you are happy with your life and the alcohol doesn’t give you bad influence in your behavior, because it is only uses as the part of relaxation and communication. If you felt aggressive while drinking alcohol, you should reconsider your life and emotions, otherwise the consequences won’t be favorable.

…To dream that you are drinking water represents energetic vitality, refreshment of strengths, increasing spirituality. You have a purpose and any trouble in your way will be eliminated. Additionally, you are learning from your past and you will find resolution to any future issues. Alternatively, drinking of water suggest for you to care yourself more. To dream that you are drinking alcohol indicates that you are trying to escape from current period of your life. Alternatively, drinking of alcoholic beverages, which are delicious for you in waking life, means that you are seeking illusory and deceitful feeling of happiness, delight, or satisfaction. In specific, if you are drinking wine, it is often the reflection of the image from our religious culture. Drinking of any wine in the dream has symbolism of a divine power. Also, second meaning of wine is interpreted as induction of external stimuli, but you must…

When you dream of drinking an alcohol, but in a small amounts, it represents you going on the right direction, reaching the proper destinations while feeling fulfilled that you managed to reach them. It means you are managing the problems the way they supposed to be managed and t means that whatever you do you it will be successful and pleasurable. If you dream of drinking alcohol in a big amounts, it indicates frustration and pithiness you will suffer. This indicates your fear of people finding out for who you truly are and while you drink alcohol it makes you to forget your problems, but it does not mean it they are solved. What you have to do is to make sure that you are not overindulging with alcohol.

…money, or falling into a shameful act. If he buys wine or presses it in the dream, it means that he will foster religious distortion, an act that will cause him to suffer from a curse. Wine in a dream also represents lies, prattle, divulging secrets, adultery or crimes. Drinking wine in a compe- tition or for fun in a dream means loss of one’s money or child. If the person is a hard-working laborer, it means that he may experience some temporary comfort, or that he may marry an older woman. Drinking wine in a dream also means suffering from a state of stupor. Seeing a departed person drinking non- intoxicating wine with joy in a dream means that he is dwelling in paradise. This is only true if he was not in the habit of drinking alcohol in this world. However, wine in a dream could be a…

To dream that you are drinking some kind of alcohol signifies your desire to escape your problems. Perhaps you are feeling very sad or even depressed, therefore you wish to escape the situations you are unable to change or cope. Alternatively, if you are young and free and dream of drinking, signifies that you are having the time of your life, where fun meets booze. Beware of drinking and partying too much.

If you dream that you drink alcohol and celebrate something, it has a positive meaning, which shows that you enjoy and celebrate life. You are the happy person. Alternatively, if you drink alcohol and feel very drunk or unhappy, then it signifies your emotional state of mind where you feel melancholic and even depressed.

If you drink alcohol, it means fleeting joy, moments of unpleasantness accompanied by shallow happiness. If you drink cold water, it means that you will make a short trip; if you drink hot water, you will hear from a wedding.

To dream that you drink some kind of alcohol, could have several meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream such as your feelings. Usually the alcohol shows our desire to avoid the problems we have in waking life. If you felt depressed while drinking the alcohol, it means that you are feeling the same in your waking life. If you felt very good and was surrounded by great company while drinking it, you are fine.

To dream that you are drinking whiskey in the dream may have several meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. The person who enjoys drinking whiskey is simply using the alcohol to relax. Some of the dreamers are drinking whiskey in order to forget something or get over with some situations.

To dream that you are drinking wine may have many various explanations. Make sure you pay attention to the way you felt during the dream. Drinking wine could indicate the fact that you are trying to forget your problems, therefore you think that alcohol will help you get over with it. Sometimes the people who are not excited about the life also dream about drinking the wife which means that they are in some kind of the depression. To get more information about your dream please see the meaning of drunk.

To dream that you are drinking beer, means that you wish to relax and forget all of your problems. Perhaps you have too much pressure on your shoulders and too many responsibilities, therefore you need to relax while drinking alcohol. If you felt very happy while drinking the beer, then such dream foretells that you are surrounded by very nice company and enjoying the time of your life. To get more detailed interpretation of your dream, please also see the meaning of drunk, which will give you more information.

…(Inebriety) Drunkenness in a dream represents unhappiness, stress, depression, worries, vanity, arrogance, wantonness and abuse of riches. Wine in a dream represents the king of drinks. If one gets drunk from wine, then tears off his shirt in the dream, it means that he has put his life in order and has it harmoniously organized. It also means that he has abused his privileges by indulging in vain pleasures of living to such a degree that he could not bear to live with such comfort or control his passions and wants. If one is seen drinking wine to inebriety in a dream, it means that he earns unlawful money. It also means that such earnings will seem to have power over him in the way of spending them. To become drunk in a dream without drinking alcohol means feeblemindedness or childishness of an old man. Drunkenness in a dream…

…(Alcohol | Beer | Brewery | Cocaine | Drugs | Hashish | Injection | Inebriant | Marijuana | Opium | Sedatives | Spirits | Wine) In a dream, all intoxicants signify suspicions, apprehension and doubt about one’s resources, or the lawfulness of his earnings, the legitimacy of his children, or the religious legality of his marriage. Drinking alcohol in a dream means losing a fight. Using drugs or intoxicants in a contemptible way in a dream signifies apostasy, loss of honor, negation of the truth, corruption of one’s wife, or it could mean profanity. This is because the raw material and herbs used in the preparation of such drugs and herbs are sacred in their intrinsic state. Once mixed and taken to induce inebriety in a dream, they will produce the reverse effects. (Also see Drunk- enness | Marijuana)…

Dreaming of yourself in a tavern among people who are drinking is a bad dream that always announces problems in the near future and disrepute for misbehavior. Dreaming of yourself drinking inside a tavern may mean that enemies are waiting for a chance to attack somehow. Don’t accept any commitments. It also announces problems in the future, especially if the dreamer is under the influence of alcohol. You must avoid fighting. Also, dreaming of yourself in a tavern announces that you’ll suffer shame, moral guilt with family members, disappointments, job and business failures, etc. Dreaming of yourself as a bartender serving drinks may mean that your own behavior leaves much to be desired, which makes you have incorrect friends that may lead to serious problems.

…Seeing the pyramids of Egypt in a dream means receiving news from a distant place. As for an unmarried person, seeing the pyramids of Egypt in a dream means his marriage to a foreigner, or embracing his or her religion, ideals, or it could mean pursuing one’s schooling in arts and science. Seeing the pyramids of Egypt in a dream also denotes a place of distraction, playfulness, music, dances, drinking alcohol, a tavern, imagery, idols, or forms….

…dream, it means that he indulges in drinking alcohol or uses intoxicants. If he is lashed eighty times in a dream, it means that he slanders married women. If he is whipped by a deceased person in the dream, it means that he is pursuing wrong ideas and should reverse his course, for a deceased person dwells in the kingdom of truth and follows only what pleased God Almighty. However, if one sees himself in a dream beating a deceased person, this could be interpreted to denote the strength of his faith, certitude, prayers and charitable nature. It also could mean benefits from a business trip or pursuing a lost interest. Beating in a dream when it causes no pain, bleeding or scratches means receiving a new garment, paying debts, or hearing sarcastic comments. Beating an animal in a dream means either training him, or it could mean ignorance and…

If you dream that you are drinking vodka, then such dream could mean that you are trying to forget something that is painful to you. The dream shows that you wish to get away from some of the thoughts and emotions. The fact that you are using the alcohol could also show that you are looking forward for good times with your friends.