The bus driver dream may have several meaning depending on the circumstances of the dream. The bus driver who is driving the bus with confident and you feel happy while being driven, shows that you have someone in your life who is very important to you. The bus driver could also mean that this person has a very big influence in your life. If you are the bus driver and driving many people in the bus, it shows that you feel appreciated and respected by those you are surrounded by. The crash of the bus shows that you who was driving the bus or another person who was the driver is unable to control the situation.

It indicates a change in our lives, but we do not do it alone, but surrounded by all that we know. Getting on a crowded bus (subway, railway and train) reflects the need for relationships with others. If the bus is empty it indicates our shyness. If we see when the bus arrives, some passengers get off before we get on it, it means that this life change is not definitive. If we only see the bus, that indicates that we will receive a proposition that can change our lives although we have not yet decided whether to accept it or not.

To dream that you are on the train accident means that your dreams have been crushed. Sometimes the train accident indicate fears you have while living your life. If you had no injuries because of this train accident, your problems will be only for short period of time. However, if you had some injuries, the problems you have won’t be so easy to solve.

…To dream that you are in an accident, symbolizes the guilt you are carrying with yourself. This guilt might come from something you did in the past and can not forgive yourself. This might be the meaning of you concerning and punishing yourself. If you dream of a car accident, it represents how spiritual you are. The sign of dream could also want you to take things slower and move forward without pushing yourself too hard, because as a result of it, you will not achieve anything you have been expecting. Do not worry, just make sure you know what you are doing at the moment, think twice before you say anything to anyone. If you lose someone you love in an accident, it represents part of you, that is not part of you anymore. It also could symbolize your relation to that person, how important he is to…

If you dream of the school bus, then such dream shows the new destinations of your life, that you are willing to make yourself a better person and gain more experience in life. To be a driver of the bus, means that you wish to take control over someone else and make the better life for them.

…Dreaming of an accident is a warning to avoid any mode of travel for a short period, as you are threatened with loss of life. For an accident to befall stock, denotes that you will struggle with all your might to gain some object and then see some friend lose property of the same value in aiding your cause….

If you were driving the car and got yourself into the car accident, it shows that you should be aware of the dangers in your life. Sometimes the car accident indicates the fact that you are feeling unable to deal with your life anymore and wish to receive some help. Make sure you do not hesitate to ask for help when it’s needed.

To dream that an accident occurs to you means success. If you see and accident to others, beware of false friends.

To dream that you are in some kind of the accident, means that you are afraid of acting in some phases of your life. You are the person who thinks more pessimistically then optimistically. Sometimes the accident could indicate the dreamer’s fear of being unlucky. You have to stop thinking in the bad way, because good things will become true only if you believe in it.

Dreaming that you have an accident means temporary losses in business or in economic matters; dreaming that you help the victim of an accident means that someone that is close to you will disappoint you.

Dreaming that you are driving a large vehicle without this being your usual occupation, a bus driver for example, but not carrying passengers, indicates that in real life you will go from bad to worse in all matters, including the sentimental matters.

Dreams involving a bus, subway, or any other public transport, implicate an upcoming change in our lives, change that will take place in the world surrounding us, in the midst of customs and hobbies, and family and social conditions, etc. That’s why it will be important to see who form part of the dream and our reactions to those dreamed events.

…Dreams that involve a bus, subway, or any other means of public transportation, implicate an upcoming change in our life, a change we will make surrounded by the world around us, in the midst of customs and things such as family or social conditions… So, it will be important to see what kind of reaction those dreams causes us….

If you dream of getting into some kind of accident, then you will have to deal with unexpected problems.

It can be a warning against possible car accidents in the future. Perhaps your mind is telling you to be careful. It might be a good time to slow down a bit, and face your fears and doubts. Do you have control over your life? Do you feel guilty about something? It also indicates that your opinions, lifestyle or ambitions collide with those of another person. When one of your acquaintances dies in a car accident, it means that you need to check or retrieve your relationship with that acquaintance in real life. If you dream of a plane crash, it may mean that the objectives you set for yourself are too high. Or it may be, that you yourself, do not really believe that you are capable of achieving them.

Dreaming of an accident in which you are a passive witness, it’s a sign that cowardice will be helpful to the dreamer. If the victim is assisted, it’s a harbinger of the betrayal of a friend.

To dream accident denotes that personal afflictions may be inevitable. But you will remove soon from the trouble.

…To dream that an accident has happened to you, or to any one of your household, or with whom you five, foretells that you will see someone whom you little expect to see. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 72, 3, 11….

(Carrier | Carrying weight | Burdens | Forbearance | Serving others) In a dream, a porter or a carrier represents a school bus driver who is entrusted with bringing the children to school, then taking them back home. Whatever appear- ance he shows in the dream, it will indicate the mental state of the school bus driver. A porter in a dream also represents someone who is carrying his own sins and burdens. To see oneself as a porter in a dream means doing penance. If a porter enters before a sick person in a dream, it means recovering from an illness. (Also see Tithe collector)

…to be, were two of his richest patients who had come to consult him. Whilst he was deliberating what to do, the door burst open, and his wife followed by all her relations dashed in and denounced him, whereupon he was taken to the police-station, and in the bitter rawness of a cold grey morning — hanged !In this dream, confused and nonsensical as it appears, there are yet many items of significance.The sunshine denotes success in love; the pink and yellow dress of the maid, a wedding and treachery respectively. The accident, reconciliation; running about in a state of nudity, success in work; the green in the mother-in-law’s face, success in the arts. Picking up money, petty troubles; water (clear), end of troubles and good fortune again; travelling by sea, a visit from a stranger and unexpected news. Accident to wife, trouble about a will. Kisses, inconstancy. Murder, domestic…

…(Avenue | City gates | Path | Road | Trail) Seeing a lane in a dream is like seeing the city’s gates. If it is closed during the daylight time in the dream, it means that an accident will take place inside the city or at the end of the lane, and that such an accident will necessitate the closing of its gates, or the blocking of the lane. A lane in a dream also represents a servant or cohabitation. Whatever shape the lane takes in one’s dream, one will see the same in wakefulness. Following that trail of thinking, walking a lane in a dream means suffering the wrong treatment of a merchant, a person in authority or a craftsperson. An open road in a dream means that one may work for someone in the government. (Also see Alley | Road)…

…Dreaming of being a victim of some misfortune, an accident for example, suggests that the dreamer is not cautious but on the contrary, a bold person that is constantly at risk of accidents, some of which may become fatal. Dreaming of being in misfortune, when in real life the dreamer lives normally or in prosperity, indicates that the dreamer’s mistakes are leading to delicate and dangerous situations. In this case, it’s the subconscious who records the negative aspects of one’s behavior and intentions. Dreaming of avoiding an accident or misfortune indicates that although there are problems in affairs or business, eventually everything will be fine….

…It is the place of our family relationships. If it is a rectangular table it reflects that the organization of the family is more hierarchical. If it’s squared there is not much hierarchy as if it’s rectangular. If its round that indicates there are no hierarchies in our family. A well-served table symbolizes family togetherness and a nice future. If there is no one at the table it reflects our desire for communication and family bonding. If the table breaks, falls or any accident happens, it can be that our family union will be broken or what the accident symbolizes will happen to us….

…I who had been duped — not he — he had never been in the police force at all — which so annoyed me, that I awoke! In this dream the significant features (which were fully verified afterwards) are as follows: Tobacco portends a visit to the seaside; a policeman, loss of a pet animal or some much-treasured article; silver, a present of flowers or vegetables; knives a quarrel; red (in the socks and handkerchief), great changes; yellow (in the lady’s dress), treachery on the part of a friend; jewellery in general, trouble; eating, an accident to the teeth; drinking, a visit to a place of entertainment; the swoon, danger from lightning; burglars, breakages; money, minor ailments and a surprise visit.When staying in York Road, Westminster, some years ago, I had the following dream — and I think a more vivid one I have never dreamed. I fancied I was…

(Sweets) Eating doughnut in a dream means money earned from fun or music and it could represent an escape from a dangerous accident, or a would be fatal accident. Doughnut in a dream also could denote either sorrow and regret, or joy and happiness. Seeing a doughnut baker in a dream is a sign of escaping from danger or it could be a sign of an approaching danger.

In dreams of accidents the first thing we should analyze is if there is some uncertainty about our ability to control our reflexes and emotions, in which case this dream reflects our intimate fear, that surely has been updated by the proximity of important decisions, of travel, or similar causes. Otherwise, it indicates that on our path (personal, professional or social) major obstacles will appear, so we must pay special attention in the coming days to find out what is the danger that threatens us. If we escape the accident, it means that our good sense will take us out of an embarrassing situation. If we just see the accident and we are not part of it, it means that our existence will be disturbed by a setback or humiliation, but without any further consequences.

…To dream of an actor or actress portends success in courtship; an author, a rencontre with an old friend; a baker, missing a train; a builder, a present in the way of dress; a clergyman, neuralgia or biliousness; a coachman, an injury to the head; a chemist, getting into debt; a dentist, ill-ness or death; a dressmaker, kisses; a doctor, danger from cows and horses; a gardener, an accident to the feet or legs; a grocer, sickness; a lawyer, pecuniary losses and danger from dog-bites; a manicurist, presents from a lover, success in courtship; a parvenu, danger from tramps; a publisher, danger from stinging; a member of Parliament, a birth; a sailor, an accident to a clock or watch; a soldier, breaking china or glass; a tailor, quarrel with parents-in-law; a tinker, visit from mother-in-law, or debts incurred by wife or sweetheart; a tramp, present of a dog or…

…A young, unwed woman that dreams about suffering from the consequences of a disaster of any kind, suggests that she is at risk of dying or being abandoned by her lover or even the death of a very close and dear relative. Dreaming of a disaster at sea indicates a serious danger if you have planned to travel on any type of transport, but especially if traveling by boat. This type of dream is particularly indicative for marines or people that somehow live in the sea. Dreaming of being in a sea disaster, but being rescued, indicates that despite all the problems you will eventually triumph. Dreaming of being a spectator of a railway accident, hints that something very unpleasant will happen to your family or friends. Dreaming of being in a railway accident suggests that there is an imminent risk of loss in business or matters being handled….

…For a farmer or planter to dream of seeing his grass or crops drying up for want of rain, denotes that an accident will happen to him or his property during a storm, or that some of his live stock will die or meet an accident. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 12….

…motor-‘bus to Park Lane. I had no difficulty in finding the lady’s house, and, entering the front door with the key she gave me, I crept upstairs to her bedroom.”No one was about, I couldn’t even detect” the sound of distant voices, and the house bore every appearance of being deserted.”The room I entered was large, and furnished most luxuriously. On the duchess-table, facing the brightly polished French bed, was a gorgeous array of silver-backed brushes, trinket boxes, hand- glasses, manicuring instruments, powder jars, and heaps of other costly articles, including several very valuable rings and bracelets, which were thrown about with the utmost carelessness; and a strong smell of some subtle scent pervaded the whole apartment. Connected with the room, by means of a door to the right of the dressing-table, was a dressing-room, where the master of the house usually slept. I did not enter it, as the…

To dream of the ticket, denotes to the new adventures in your life. Depending on the tickets, the different meanings are coming out of it. The train, plane or bus ticket would show the new journey or other fresh beginning in your life. The cinema or theatre ticket would indicate the creative lack within you. If you have lost the ticket, then such dream indicates the uncertainty and unknowingness.

…you. To dream that someone else is driving you, symbolizes the dependency on something. If you know the person, which is driving, then maybe the dream shows your dependence on this person. Think about control of your life. Are you in control of your life or is someone else? Are you following the goals of others instead of your own? If you are driving from the passenger side of a car, then it represents that you are trying to be in control. Maybe you have lost it for some time, but now it is time to get back it. Are you trying to achieve full control of the route that your life is taking? Perhaps you have started to make your own choices. To dream that you are driving a cab or bus represents boring labor with little chances for advancement. To dream that you are driving a car in…

…This dream usually implies that there’s a yearning to travel in the dreamer and to change the routine in which he lives (take a vacation, change of address or employment, and find other businesses or even other affections and love). The chances that this wish will come true in a short-term, depends on the symbols displayed in the dream itself, for example: If in the dream the train or bus, or car in which he was traveling leaves the dreamer stranded, then it indicates that it is unlikely to make the trip or change what he wants soon, perhaps because he have failed to seize the opportunity presented to him before and he delayed the date without actually knowing it. If in the dream you appear to get into the train, then it indicates that it is very likely that you will travel or make the change you wanted…

…In a dream, a bow means travels, a brother, a wife, a son or closeness to someone. A covered bow in a dream means that, one’s wife is pregnant. If a pregnant woman hands a man a bow in a dream, it means that she will conceive a girl from him. If a pregnant woman hands her husband a bow in a dream, it means that she will deliver a boy. Stretching the strings of a bow in a dream means longevity. Stretching it without an arrow in a dream means planning! to travel. A broken bow in a dream signifies the death of a brother, a business partner, or a son. A bow is broken bow in a dream means that an accident may cause the hand of a brother or a business partner to fracture. Holding a broken bow in a dream means losing one’s job or…

…represent his business success. Even climbing an old ladder in a dream means success in one’s bushiness, exaltation and profits. Falling from a ladder in a dream means adversities, spiritual fall and temptation. Climbing down a ladder in a dream means business losses. If the ladder breaks in the middle of one’s assent or descent in the dream, it means losing to one’s competition. If one fixes a ladder to descend upon something he knows in a dream, it means safety from danger, arrogance, fears, or escape from an accident that might cost him his life. Climbing a ladder in a dream also means seeking the help of people who are filled with hypocrisy. If one climbs a ladder to hear something in a dream, it means that he will achieve success and attain power. A ladder in a dream also means authority, eavesdropping, or spying for evil people….

…all, but long rows of grotesque creatures, black and green — half human and half bestial — that, clutching hold of and encircling each other’s waists with their arms, swayed to and fro with ill-suppressed laughter. As I stared at them they suddenly shook themselves free, and with heads lowered so that I could perceive nothing of their faces, came bounding toward me over the grass. By a merciful providence, the train now took it into its head to move, and, getting up a tremendous speed, it was soon travelling along at a record pace; indeed, it went so fast that the coaches eventually left the rails, and it was their continual bump, bump, and bump on hilltops and trees that awoke me.The significant features of the dream may be characterised thus: Travelling per train portended trouble; the accident I witnessed, danger from drowning, which was further emphasised by the…

…In a dream, a lamb represents one’s son. If one sees himself slaughtering a lamb in a dream, it means that either his son or the son of one of his relatives may shortly die from an illness or an accident. If one is offered a lamb as a gift in a dream, it means that he will beget a noble and a blessed son. If one sees himself eating lamb in a dream, it means that he will earn his money through such a son. If one sees himself herding sheep in a dream, it means that he will profit from a blessed money and acquire honor and fame thereafter. (Also see Sacrifice)…

…and as the agony of my soul found vent in one loud and final scream of horror and despair, I rose to my feet, staggered forward, tottered, and, amidst the discordant hum of harsh, inhuman voices — woke. The significant features of this dream, which I am now able to interpret, are as follows: The white steeds signify preservation from danger; the green in the costumes of the huntsmen, and in the plumes of Death, signify the advent of some psychic experience; the figure of Death points to a birth, engagement, or marriage; the triangles are symbolic of the counteracting of evil by good influences; the dancing, of impending minor disappointments; the mimicry of worms, of recovery from illness, and success in histrionic.My dream was fulfilled within a week in the following manner: I narrowly escaped a serious accident; I heard of the engagement of the sister of my greatest…

Hurricane or typhoon symbolizes that a great test is to be faced and the outcome of which will strengthen or break us. If the dream is accompanied by positive emotions or ends well, it will be a test that we will overcome and we will emerge stronger mentally. If the emotions are negative or the dream ends badly that reflects the fear of events that we are unable to overcome and can bring us loss of property, friendships and even an accident.

To see a surgeon portends illness or accident. If the surgeon is operating indicates that there is something wrong with us from the moral point of view.