When you dream of eating the jam, then such dream foretells about your satisfaction with the life you are having at the moment. If you were making the jam in a dream, then such dream promises the domestic happiness in your life. If you were spreading the jam on bread or pancakes, then such dream shows that too much of the energy is being given to others. The jam could also be a pun of the traffic jam, which means there is a big traffic ahead of you.

…Dreaming you are in a jam means pleasant surprises and new discoveries. Consider also the said ”caught in a traffic jam” which means you can be in trouble. To dream that you are causing a jam foresees a happy home life. To dream that you are escaping a jam indicates that you can be easily separated. You also have many responsibilities and need to learn to say no….

If you dream about the jam, then such dream foretells about some shame you are suffering from, but not because of your own fault, but because of some woman. The kid who enjoys the jam is known as the symbol of great fortune. If you are making a jam, you will have a great and happy domestic lifestyle.

To dream that you eat some jam suggests that you’ll suffer a physical illness. To dream that you are cooking a jam suggests that you’ll have an unhappy domestic life.

…Dreaming of eating jam, if pure, denotes pleasant surprises and journeys. Dreaming of making jam, foretells to a woman a happy home and appreciative friends….

Dry bush or underwood shows distress and grief. Green bushes, to trouble, promises relief.

Seeing a thicket indicates that have to go through some difficulties. To cut it or go through it indicates that you will find appropriate solutions.

If it is a pipe or ourselves, it means that there is a fact that we have not been able to assimilate in real life. If it is a car or vehicle in which we travel, it means we have made a mistake.

Announces happiness and family pleasure.

…glitter proceeding from the innermost recesses of the skull. The face was fleshless and the skin, which was white and luminous, hung closely to the bones, which in places had broken completely through it. It was the face of the long since dead animated by the spirit of a devil, and I doubt if even the Hell of Dante could show such another. Familiar as I was with the sight of ghastly phantasms of all kinds, I had never seen one that impressed me with quite such a terror as this, and, as it glided slowly towards me with out-stretched arms, I verily believe my heart would have burst asunder and I should have died in my sleep, had not the spell that held me limb-tied been suddenly broken. With wild shrieks of despair I fled away, and from behind every bush and tree darted, similarly apparelled, huntsmen in close…

…a good deal too solid for me, but which she ate as only a girl in her station can eat; whilst I, looking on, watched the colour slowly creep back to her ashen cheeks, and the raindrops rise in minute vapour clouds from her skirt and boots.” Now,” she said, as she drained the last drop of coffee from her cup, and shook her head when I asked her if she would have any more, ”now, you’ve kept your bargain and I’ll keep mine. You asked me to tell you about him, and so I will. To begin with, by him I mean Jim Bailey — my young man Jim. But, of course, I suppose you’ve guessed that. Journalists know a thing or two — at least, so I’ve always understood. Well, in speaking of Jim I’m not going to beat about the bush; hat wasn’t his wish — not…

…a bakery or a forgery and invest his money in a farm or vice-versa. This also may represent his deeds in the world and his reward in the hereafter. Entering hell-fire to pay for one’s sins in a dream means financial losses or committing abominable actions that warrant such sufferings. If one sees hell-fire with his own eyes in a dream, it means that he should be weary about his legal standing or that he should be careful regarding the ruler or governor of that town. Entering hell-fire and tasting its punishment in a dream also means sufferingfrom adversities. Seeing a group of people standing around a fire in a dream means blessings. Discovering a burning bush in a wilderness and finding solace in taking refuge near it in a dream means dispelling one’s fears and reaching safety. If one is touched by a fire, and if it does him…

(Jam | Paste | Spread) In a dream, date paste represents a lawful and pleasant wealth which is collected from different sources. Eating date paste in a dream means taking a cure for an illness. (Also see Dates)