…(Attic window | Aperture | Opening | Peephole) In a dream, a large window represents a woman of good character and conduct, while a tight window means the opposite. If a man sees himself sitting inside a window in a dream, it means that he will divorce his wife in public. If one sees himself sitting at a distance from the window in a dream, it means that he will secretly divorce his wife. In a dream, the windows of a house also represent an outsider who is aware of the inner secrets of such a house. A window in a dream also means relief from difficulties, overcoming distress, renewing festivities and celebrating anniver- saries. Depending on their direction in the dream, windows also mean news, women, or children. Seeing the glass of one’s window tainted or colored means planting seedlings, inflorescence, conceiving children, continuing one’s education, buying new…

…The window that is circular represents the spiritual aspects of the dreamer and the square or rectangular window indicates more grounded aspects of nature. If the view through the window is nice and sunny, then it reveals that our hopes and desires will become real in the near future. If we see only darkness while looking through the window, then it shows that the future is very uncertain, both materially and spiritually. If instead of looking out the window we are inside the room and we see the window far from us, then such dream shows that we understand the real beauty of the life. When we are not able to see the light and only perceive darkness, then it indicates our lack of responsiveness and our stubbornness. If we want to look out the window, but do not dare to do so, then it is a sign of…

…(Aperture | Peephole | Window) If one’s attic window towers over a large and a beautiful property in the dream, it means owning or acquiring a new property, earningrespect, honor and fulfilling one’s aspirations. If the view from one’s attic window is depressing in the dream, then it means relief from difficulties, or if one is sick, then it means recovering from his illness, or if he is unmarried, then it means that he will get married. If a woman looks at an attic window in a dream, it means that she will get married. Discovering an attic window in a house that does not have one in a dream means the spread of one’s authority, or the success of one’s business. (Also see Window)…

…The dream about window denotes to new hopes, expectations and possibilities. If you look through the window in a dream, then it shows how you are trying to absorb the outside world and what possibilities it brings to you. Probably at this time of your life you are trying to make some important solution to particular problem, and the look through the window helps you while thinking about it. The dream in which you look through the window could also indicate the necessity to explore the world and life as it is. If you looked at the window as the mirror, then it foretells how you are seeking the answers of which you are deep down in your soul. Such dream also brings out the spiritual aspects of your personality. The dream, in which you shut down the windows, denotes to the closure you have made towards particular problem…

To dream that you are jumping means you are willing to risk with things in real life to achieve your goals. It represents your decisive capacity to help you succeed. To dream that you are about to jump but are not able to indicates that you are afraid of uncertainty. To dream that you are jumping on an object shows your desires and goals after effort. Dreaming about jumping over a rope means that you are emotional towards your friends. To dream about kids jumping over rope means that you are selfish and arrogant.

To dream that you are looking through the window means that you are thinking about the life and the opportunities it gives to you, but only if the window is pend. If the window is close, you feel trapped in some parts of your life. Seeing the house that has many windows, means that you have many opportunities in your waking life. The dream about broken window indicates the broken dreams the one has.

Seeing windows in your dream mean bright hopes and wide possibilities. Dreaming of looking out of a window symbolizes your attitude toward life, your intuition and opinion. Maybe you are trying to make a decision. Dreaming that you are looking to outside throughout the window means your sense, your intuition, your knowledge, and your point of view. Dreaming of looking inside a place through a window means you reflect on life. Closed windows represent desertion and abandonment. Seeing broken windows in a dream denotes misery and disloyalty. Seeing a tinted window in dream means you need to change some aspects of your life.

The window indicates the insights the dreamer has, his possibilities and view to word. Depending on the size of the window different explanations following it. if the window is small, you don’t have big expectations in life, if its small you wish to achieve a lot. Window is also a symbol of gateway. Maybe there is something you wish to escape?

…To see windows in your dreams, is an augury of fateful culmination to bright hopes. You will see your fairest wish go down in despair. Fruitless endeavors will be your portion. To see closed windows is a representation of desertion. If they are broken, you will be hounded by miserable suspicions of disloyalty from those you love. To sit in a window, denotes that you will be the victim of folly. To enter a house through a window, denotes that you will be found out while using dishonorable means to consummate a seemingly honorable purpose. To escape by one, indicates that you will fall into a trouble whose toils will hold you unmercifully close. To look through a window when passing and strange objects appear, foretells that you will fail in your chosen avocation and lose the respect for which you risked health and contentment….

Open window, new hopes will be presented. Closed window, obstacles and problems. Throw yourself by the window it means you should not act rashly.

If you dream of seeing yourself sitting next to the window, then such dream foretells about your wish to have a pleasurable and calm life. If you look through the window and see something you already seen, then such dream suggests to look at the situation from the different angle. The window that is wide opened shows your desire to make the changes in your life, but if it is closed you are not ready for it yet, therefore you should wait when you will prepare yourself.

…(Bounce | Hop | Leap) To see oneself hopping on one leg in a dream means moving from an old place into a new one. If one takes a broad leap with one jump in his dream it means travels. Hopping on one leg because of an illness or an impairment in a dream means loss of half of one’s money or property and finding it difficult to sustain one’s needs with the balance. Playing football or hopping with a ball, or jumping while performing acrobatic exercises, or gymnastic feats in a dream means profits or benefits for someone who is used to play such games, or participates in such training. Otherwise, it could mean facing dangerous or severe adversity. In a dream, jumping from place to place also means false news, fabricated accusations, changing moods with one’s friends, or finding oneself bored with them. If one jumps over…

If we see ourselves jumping in the dream, it will be a good omen meaning that we can improve our situation, either with our own strength or with some help that will be represented in the dream by the support that is giving us momentum for the jump. But if you are jumping down and we feel scared, it could be interpreted as our fear of facing a difficulty that will soon occur, so it is important to observe how our jump ends up in the dream.

The jumping rope could indicate your fears or taking the risks. If you used the jumping rope and jumped with it, it shows that you are very risky person who is not afraid to get himself into unknown circumstances.

…Dreaming of open windows suggests that you suspect being spied on, which can lead to various problems. Dreaming of yourself entering a house through the window warns that you’ll be caught for committing a disloyal act. Often, it also predicts that we’ll undergo disputes and litigation that will be resolved against our benefit. If during the dream we see ourselves opening a window, it’s a sign which tells us that we can expect success, joy and peace of mind in our efforts. If we see it closed, sorrows and bad luck await us. Windows decorated with flowers represent peace and harmony at home. If in the dream, we see ourselves cleaning windows, it means we’ll receive help from unexpected people, which will make us overcome bad situations we didn’t know how to overcome. Overall, windows mean that we’re well established in our professional lives and that we’re respected and…

To dream that you see a window washer means that you are trying to make things clearer. There are some situations that you do not understand properly. The window washer could also mean that you are getting rid of the negative thoughts.

If you are jumping in a dream, then such dream indicates some kind of the risk you must take. You shouldn’t be afraid of the new challenges, because the result of it will be only satisfaction and happiness. If you are afraid to jump in your dream, then it shows your fears of the changes.

…If you dream of jumping over any object, you will succeed in every endeavor | but if you jump and fall back, disagreeable affairs will render life almost intolerable. To jump down from a wall, denotes reckless speculations and disappointment in love….

If you were bungee jumping in a dream, then such dream shows your ability to accept the ups and down in your life. The dream also signifies your tendency to be risky at all aspects of your life.

Dreaming of a jumping-jack, denotes that idleness and trivial pastimes will occupy your thoughts to the exclusion of serious and sustaining plans.

To dream of jumping up, foretells high station; to jump down, poverty, if you fall; if you alight on your feet, you will be neither poor nor rich. To jump in the mire, disgrace.

If we see the window of a church means introspection, meditation and inner peace.

Seeing a window being open and looking outside to see a clear landscape, indicates our desire of knowing the future and the unconscious quest for a greater perspective, new points of view. Being in a room with shut windows or that they are showing darkness or barred windows, indicates our isolation and the inability to see new horizons.

In the dream you see a window washer, then this dream shows your ability to understand different circumstances and to impart it to others.

An open window doth to successful work relate.

(See Leaping.)…

Dreaming of jumping for no apparent reason may mean that you have enough energy, capacity and enthusiasm to succeed in the things you’re handling and thus, you will achieve prosperity and have a comfortable life. Dreaming of jumping obstacles with some degree of difficulty implies that you have the ability to triumph over the problems that are appearing. However, if you fall on the ground when you jump, it indicates risks. Dreaming of jumping from a high place can mean that you will lose something if you take a risk. When a woman dreams of jumping from a high place, or jumping a difficult obstacle, it may mean that she will succeed in the things she’s working on.

Getting into danger.

Playing roguish tricks, retrogression in love, loss in trade. 5.

Joy and happiness.

Having pleasure with children.

Overcoming danger, escaping devices. 278.

Getting into danger, losing a friend or acquaintance. 70.

To dream you jump over a brook is good omen.

Loss of personal liberty.

Clearing all hindrances away; beginning a new start in life free from debt. 270.

Escaping great danger. 265.

Deceit and unfaithfulness. 56.

Having law suits, coming in need. 3.

Fortune in the household, health. 35.