If you are looking through the keyhole at something that you shouldn’t be looking, it means that you will hurt someone. If you see another person who is looking through the keyhole, it means that you should be careful with those people who are around you, because they might betray you. If you are looking for the keyhole, but are unable to find it, then it means you will fail at your friendships by stupid mistakes.

…Dreaming that you spy upon others through a keyhole, you will damage some person by disclosing confidence. If you catch others peeping through a keyhole, you will have false friends delving into your private matters to advance themselves over you. Dreaming that you cannot find the keyhole, you will unconsciously injure a friend….

If you are looking at something through keyhole, then such dream indicates your furtive personality. You tend to be very nosy person. Alternatively, the dream may show that you are trying to get the closer look at some situation.

If you are looking through the keyhole, perhaps you are minding the business that is not your own. You tend to care about other people’s lives more then you should. On the positive note, you are learning new things in life while looking through key hole.

…a door lock indicates that it is not the time yet to achieve whatever is desired. But if the dreamer is able to quickly find the keys then there will be success soon regarding business and relationships. Dreaming of damaged or broken keys or that the dreamer has lost the keys is negative, it implies that soon there will be family or business problems. A woman that dreams of losing the keys of trunks, jewelry boxes, etc., suggests that there will be upcoming difficulties at home or sentimental problems. A woman who dreams of a key attached to a door’s lock and it appears to be open, means that the woman wants the presence of someone. Dreaming of looking through the keyhole of a lock indicates the dreamer’s own indiscretion which can lead to unpleasant situations. Dreaming of people who are peering through the keyhole suggests that there are hypocrites…