(Any bright-colored tropical bird.) In a dream, a parrot represents a prodding man, a white slave trader, a liar and an unjust person. A parrot in a dream also can be interpreted as a philosopher whose son may also grow to be a philosopher. A parrot in a dream also represents a lively and an eloquent beautiful woman, or a brilliant, well articulated and a handsome looking boy. A parrot in a dream also represents an attractive foreign woman, or it could represent a swaggering man who constantly brags and boasts about himself, though he is filled with conceit, covetousness, and has an oppressive nature.

…Parrots chattering in your dreams, signifies frivolous employments and idle gossip among your friends. To see them in repose, denotes a peaceful intermission of family broils. For a young woman Dreaming that she owns a parrot, denotes that her lover will believe her to be quarrelsome. To teach a parrot, you will have trouble in your private affairs. A dead parrot, foretells the loss of social friends….

Generally speaking, dreaming of the tarot is a clear sign that you have many concerns about your own destiny, and you’d like to solve them. In most cases, it’s not about some kind of prediction, and it’s just telling you not to despair, do things right and have patience. Dreaming of a specific tarot card usually provides no indication, unless the dreamer is not profane in these matters. In this case, the meaning of the card that appears in the dreams tends to be the same meaning of that card in any tarot reading.

The parrot is the symbol of your inner self. The dream means that you should reconsider the important aspects in your life. The different colors indicate different meanings, therefore you should pay attention which one was the dominant one. The parrot could also mean that you have less energy, therefore it comes in your dreams. The parrot may also be as indicator of some person in your waking life.

Dreaming of a Tarot reading indicates your current situation and state of mind. You are open to explore your unconscious thoughts and feelings. Attention should be given to what the tarot cards say in your dream and the tarot card meanings. Wands represent fire, inspiration, spirituality and psyche. Swords represent air, determination, strength, conquest of fear. Water symbolizes emotions, purity and you outlook towards life. Pentacles mean financial gains, social influence, knowledge and connection with nature and earth.

Eating carrot means discovered secrets, faithful servants or employees. A field strewn with carrot means unexpected benefit.

…To dream of rotten things of any kind (except eggs), foretells sickness and-death: to imagine that you handle rotten eggs, foreshadows disgrace. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 35….

To dream of the Tarot cards is an indication to keep reading your thoughts, because the inner you tell what it wants out from the life. Consider to pay attention of what the cards were saying and what kind of symbols it had written. If you saw the Wands, then it indicates your creativity, spiritual state of mind and curiosity. The suit of Swards denotes to strength, huge power, fearless. The Pentacles indicates the wisdom, business and communication with earth. The Cups foretells about your innocence, clearness and feelings.

…In a dream, carrots represent reprimand, suppression or an obscene and an odious person. However, if one sees himself holding or eating a carrot in a dream, it means overcoming one’s difficulties. It is also said that holding or eating carrots in a dream means grieve and depression. Other dream interpret- ers hold carrots to represent the opposite and perceived benefits in seeing them in a dream, including the freedom of a prisoner from his jail….

Dream of a parrot indicates certain person will try to put you in a false gossip and slander.

If the carrots in the dream are freshly harvested or remain fresh, then it is usually a sign of happiness in the family and understanding with those who surround us. However, when the carrots in the dream are spoiled or rotten, then it usually predicts the fact that we will be responsible for the separation from other people, whether intentionally or not.

Coming into bad reputation, loss of friends, secret enemies.

Freshly harvested indicates family joy, understanding and mutual nation. Spoiled and unpleasant color foretells that you will be guilty because of some separation.

Concerns about your destiny. Questions about certain decisions that you fears to adopt.

Hearing of secrets, being defamed.

Discovery of a secret or will hear some news.

Dreaming of carrots, portends prosperity and health For a young woman to eat them, denotes that she will contract an early marriage and be the mother of several hardy children.

Disturbance in business.

You will be a victim of backbiting and gossip of all kinds.

The possibility that people are talking about you. Beware of friends and the things which you tell them.

Certain person will try to put you in gossips; false slander. Adversities.

To dream that you are pleased with the chattering of one of these birds, is a sign that some deceitful person will flatter you: if an engaged young girl has such a dream, she should look sharp to the antecedents of her lover before marriage, as it is ten to one that he is not worthy of her confidence: the dream may, however, point to some other flatterer. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 15, 2, 33….

Hearing disagreeable talk.

…The moments of waiting before starting a journey symbolize our doubts. Everything that happens in the station will be a premonition of what awaits us. If the train is delayed or does not arrive we will have impediments to take a new direction in our lives. If all goes happily, omens could not be better. Condition: What’s broken expresses fragmentation, disintegration or mutilation. What’s worn out means tiredness, fatigue, disability or old age. What’s rotten means destruction, disease and suffering. If it is because of a fire, it indicates leaving the physical to engage with the spiritual. The air provides knowledge and wisdom. Water rots and corrodes because of negative feelings….

…Dreaming of potatoes, brings incidents often of good. Dreaming of digging them, denotes success. Dreaming of eating them, you will enjoy substantial gain. To cook potatoes in the dream, indicates congenial employment. In the dream to plant potatoes or to see others planting them, brings realization of desires. To see rotten potatoes or to make them rotting in the dream, represents vanished pleasure and a darkening future….

Fruits have various meanings, for which we can interpreter depending on name of each fruit separately. Pluck rotten fruit or handle it, adversities, various problems with your children Eat rotten fruits, means that you will be deceived by a friend. Look at it or to eat good fruit, pleasures or weaknesses.

…To dream that you are having some of the false teeth, means that someone will give you a hand when you will need it the most. You should rely on this person. If your teeth are rotten and looks disgusting, then it represents the disgusting side of your personality where you lied to someone or said the things that would make some situation favourable to you. If your teeth are falling out, it means that the bad things you said about others or did something awful to them made lots of damage and those people are suffering a lot. If you swallowed one of your rotten teeth, you will pay for your bad behaviour. To dream about healthy looking teeth, means that you will be the victim of other people’s lies. To get more detailed interpretation about your dream, you have to know which tooth has fallen out exactly,…

…If you see the fish that is swimming in the water, then such dream indicates the unconscious mind of yours. If you were trying to catch a fish then it shows how you are trying to find some interesting ideas. The dream about fish could also be explained using the metaphor such as something is fishy which means that some idea, situation or thought is hard to catch or hold on to. When you are eating the fish, then it signifies the growth, nurturance and abundance. The fish is something that is very good for our health, therefore it is interpreted as the good symbol in dreams. If the fish is rotten, then you should reconsider your health, especially if you ate this kind of fish. If you have been making some dishes that are made from the fish, then such dream shows the positive process that is flowing…

If you eat berries in your dream it symbolizes of an upcoming new adventures in personal life like relationships and communications. All of the new relationships are exciting and promising something new and unexpected. The best part of this dream shows that if you put enough of the effort, you will see that you can build up very strong base for something new and different. The berries could also represent some negative changes in you made by the others, but only if, the berries were spoiled and/or rotten.

…hovered the form of death.”Art thou satisfied?” asked my tormentor, ”satisfied, or wouldst thou see more of the days to come? Destiny, Destiny, Destiny! It rules the world, from the infant’s cradle to the roar of the guns or — a watery grave. And thou hast seen Destiny. Wake and regard it as fancy if thou wilt. Stifle it, bury it, and drown it. Thou hast seen what thou hast seen, and — it is Destiny!”The creature’s voice rose higher and higher, then dropped, and dropped, till it died out altogether.And as it died out, the horrid phantom vanished, and, in its place, rose a mass of red and curling flames, that in letters of fire wrote, in mid-air:”Art thou going to the zone arty?”A reply rose irresistibly to my lips.”Here eight hours chime,” I said, like one repeating a parrot lesson. And, as I spoke, I felt my despised…

Eat them, represents annoyances, sufferings and mental injuries. When rotten, sudden illness or pain.

Successful professional activities unless they are rotten, if so, they indicate annoyances.

…If vegetables are in good condition, then it indicates flourishing happiness. If they’re rotten, then will bring minor disappointments….

Eat fruit means good luck and executed projects. Rotted fruit means irreconcilable hatreds and jealousies.

…If, in your dream, you imagine you are in a fine orchard, and the fruit looks fair and tempting, and you eat of it, it foretells that you will shortly be engaged in some pleasant adventure either of love or intrigue: if you see rotten, wormy, or scraggy looking apples, it shows that you will be thrown into mean and low company, much to your disgrace. Such dreams are bad ones for young girls. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 18, 12….

…It reveals the existence of sensual, economic or spiritual desire. They are a sign of abundance, prosperity and pleasure. Dreaming of ripe fruit to be eaten means we will enjoy good health, good profits and abundant pleasures without having to make any effort. If the fruit is acidic or green it’s a sign that we are not yet ready to enjoy all these benefits. If fruit has worms or is rotted, then such dream means that the pleasures will be achieved when we can no longer enjoy them. If we have this dream during the season in which fruit tastes better the benefits will be maximum. If we have it at another time of year we can suffer scandal, breakups, diseases and problems….

…or it could mean burdens. If one’s wife is pregnant and he sees a fish coming out of his male organ in a dream, it means that his wife will beget a son. If a fish comes out of his mouth, then it means speaking ill of a woman. A fried fish in a dream means that one’s prayers will be answered. A broiled fish in a dream means travels or seeking knowledge. A large fish in a dream means money, while a small fish means difficulties, burdens and stress, because it carries more spikes than meat, beside, small fish are more difficult to eat. Mixed sized of different kinds offish in a dream represent money, trouble, liking social events or mixing with all types of people, the good and the bad ones. Buying a fish in a dream may mean marriage. Eating a rotten fish in a dream means…

Blackberries always indicate good news. If the dreamer dreams about himself eating the blackberries, then it is an omen of the arrival of pleasant news that will fill him with joy. The state of the blackberries is a good indicator of the type of news that will be received, though even if they are rotten they still tend to be a good omen.

All rotary motion is a representation of time and its evolution and, in the case of the whirlwind is accelerated so that evolution is impossible to control. The whirlwind warns us that we have established a relationship that is accelerating and threatening to drag us to the disaster. The tomb is equal but motivated by uncontrolled pursuit of knowledge that can also lead to destruction by their psychic force.

…To dream that you’re eating ham suggests a desire for pleasant walks, parties and a comfortable life. When a woman dreams that she’s cooking ham, it symbolizes a happy, calm, problem free and pleasant home, and that she’ll have good social relationships. To dream about abundance of hams, and worse if they are in their rotting process, it suggests that someone is trying to scam you. To dream that you’re cutting slices of ham suggests that you’ll finally have control over all resistance and obstacles that you’re facing. To dream that you’re preparing a ham to start serving it to your guests suggests that you’ll receive attention from others. To dream that you’re trading or selling hams suggests upcoming prosperity and good health for you and your family. To dream about a ham’s roasting aroma suggests that soon you’ll be rewarded due to the intervention of others….