If you are making out with your significant other, then it shows the strong bond between you two. Perhaps you are in a very strong relationship. Alternatively, the dream could show the lack of love and affection from your partner, therefore you are compensating it over the dream. If you are making out with someone you do not like, then such dream indicates the characteristic of this person you don’t like, that are in you either. Try to get rid of them. If you are making out with a friend, then such dream shows your actual liking for that person.

When you dream that you are making a copy of something important such as passport or any other document, then it shows that you wish to share the goodness you have with those around you.

When you dream that you are making a copy of something important such as passport or any other document, then it shows that you wish to share the goodness you have with those around you.

Getting into good company. 150.

A short prosperous state. 6.

Peace, quiet life. 28.

Getting hurt on one’s body. 244….

A speedy marriage or inheritance. 5.

Sorrow, affliction. 43.

The cares of life are heavy on you.

Finding a good place or situation.

Perfidy and separation of lovers.

Peace and contentedness.

Poverty. 228.

Being of use to others.

Receiving kisses.

Taking great pains, exerting one’s self….

Misfortune and discontent in life.

Steady good health. 82.

Sickness. 209.

Denotes standing in good favour with others.

Standing in good remembrance.

Denotes loss of property.

Finding friends and benefactors.

Industry, prosperity.

Realization of hopes.

An unfortunate undertaking, commenced, and losing thereby.

Escaping from disagreeable affairs. 43.

Confession of love. 76.

Becoming a bride or bridegroom.

Dreaming of making love with your partner indicates harmony and success in business. Making love with an unknown person means good luck. Making love with an ugly woman means a serious illness. Making love at different sites reflects some special need related to your sexuality.

…(Contract | Homage) Making a pledge of allegiance to the blessed family of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, or to their descendents, or true gnostics and leaders among his followers in a dream means following true guidance, walking on the straight path and truly observing the divine laws and abiding by them. Making a pledge of allegiance to the governor of a seaport city in a dream means winning victory over one’s enemy, glad tidings, honoring piety, being grateful to one’s Lord and oft-praying for salvation and forgiveness. Making a pledge of allegiance to an impious person or to an evil companion in a dream means helping evil people. Making a pledge to someone under a tree in a dream means receiving blessings from God Almighty….

…(Compromise | Peace | Reconciliation | Settlement) Making peace with one’s adversary in a dream means disagreement in wakefulness. However, reconciliation between two adversaries or friends in accordance with the prescribed laws in a dream means unity, repentance from sin, guidance that pleases God Almighty, blessings and profits. It also could mean an argument with the person seen in the dream. If one sees himself making peace with an adversary in a dream, it means that he will call upon a heedless person to walk on God’s path. Making a settlement with an adversary over money in a dream means profits for the lender. In a dream , signing a peace agreement between two enemies in the battlefield means safety and prosperity, intending to get married, or building a business partnership. Conciliation between arguing drunk- ards over what they are drinking means enmity between people. If two groups of…

…faith and certitude. Seeing God’s Prophet (uwbp) by one person does not exclude the remainder of the believers, but the blessings encompass all of them. Receiving something from him (uwbp) such as food or a drink in a dream means benefits and profits. If one receives food which substance connotes negative circumstances, such as a melon or the like elements in a dream, it means that one will escape from a great danger, though he will toil and suffer from hardships during his trials. If one sees that one of the limbs that belong to God’s Prophet (uwbp) has become his own in a dream, it means that he is following innovation and making changes in the laws God’s Prophet (uwbp) brought to humankind. If one sees himself in a dream embodying the form of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, or wearing one of his garments, or receives his…

…of it. The dream, however, foretold good fortune; for my friend, who was in the army, received unexpected promotion shortly afterwards.In one instance my own experience of the naked dream was very similar. In this dream I went to a fancy dress ball attired, as I thought, in some very fantastic but complete costume of the MiddleAges. To my surprise, however, the moment I entered the ballroom there was a loud chorus ofOh! And every one stopped dancing to stare at me. Feeling rather flattered than otherwise, I was making my way to one of the only available seats, when the host, his face aglow with fury, strode across the room, and, in a voice quivering with passion, said, ” How dare you, sir! How dare you disgrace yourself and me by coming to my ball like this? “Thoroughly taken aback, I replied that I did not know there was…

…Zuhur prayers in a dream, it means that someone will pay his debt for him and gets him released from prison and he will then prosper. If one sees himself performing his Zuhur prayers in a clear day and feels happy about it in his dream, it means that he will engage in some work that will make him famous and that he will enjoy the fruits of his work as much as he did in that clear and beautiful day in his dream. If one performs his midday Zuhur prayers in a cloudy day in a dream, it means that his work will be distressful. As for the mid-afternoon prayers, known in Arabic as ‘Asr, performing it in a dream means taking a vow or making a promise. This prayer in a dream also represents one’s liability. If one sees himself performing the ‘Asr prayers in a dream, it…

When you dream of being an admiral, it signifies how potential, confidence, clever, reasonable and wise person you are when making important decisions. You are not afraid to take the responsibility for your actions. The admiral could also be a sign of a father or magisterial person. This person is making an influence to everybody.

…The elephant in dreams is interpreted as the symbol of wisdom, power, knowing and force. The elephants are also related to good memory the one has. Perhaps there is something you wish to remember or for a long time, because you experienced the great things or simply wish to know more of the things. The elephant that lets you to touch him is looking happy, foretells about your happy way of thinking. If you rode the elephant, then it shows that you will achieve whatever you wish. If the elephant is making some kind of an act for entertainment reasons, then you will be surrounded by happy and joyful people. If the elephant is making some kind of work, you will receive success through your hard work. There is also a saying that when you dream about elephants you are looking for particular answers, and when you will wake…

…(Debt | Pledge) Making a promise in a dream means indebtedness to the second party. If one also fulfills his promise in the dream, it denotes his true intention, faith and certitude. Making a good promise in a dream means blessings, profits and longevity. Receiving a good promise from one’s enemy, or opponent in a dream means evil. Receiving a bad promise from one’s enemy in a dream means good. A promise in a dream is a good deed. The recipient of the promise in wakefulness is the one who makes that pledge in the dream….

The butterfly in dreams means that you are making some kind of transition in your waking life. Perhaps you are moving from one direction to another, therefore you dream about the butterfly. The butterfly is also a symbol of your ability to be free from all of the stress. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, therefore you see the butterfly in the very good way. Sometimes the dream could indicate the fact that you are making new decisions or moving from one phase to another.