Indicates that a sincere and devout person is part of your environment.

Dreaming of rabbits indicates favorable changes in life. For people who manage business, this dream indicates lawful earnings. White rabbits, for single people, indicate upcoming satisfactions, and for women it hints promises of love. For married people it indicates peace at home. Dreaming of being surrounded by rabbits that run happily suggests that children will bring happiness to the home. Dreaming of a rabbit that is fleeing insinuates that there is a risk of mysteriously losing valuable objects, but that the dreamer will be able to recuperate everything. Dreaming of making a good luck charm with the leg of a rabbit reveals naivety or superstition in the dreamer. Dreaming of people being chased by a rabbit indicates that the dreamer will have difficulties with friendships. Dreaming of shooting or hitting a rabbit hints that all that energy should be applied against others who are creating problems for the dreamer.

External needs force order upon your businesses. Some people in your circle will take advantage of your naivety, your kindness and your lack of authority.

To dream of the canoe, signifies the naivety, severity and self-support. The dream also shows spiritual equilibrium the dreamer has. Perhaps you move to the target of your life slowly and thoughtfully.

…To dream of the bats signifies dirtiness, villainy, evil and irritation. Consider that seeing the bats in your dream could also show your features that do not let you go further or no longer adjust to your image. The bats symbolizes the revival and the new beggining. The bats could also represent naivety when dealing with new surroundings. Make sure you do not fall into anything without firstly thinking of the consequences. The bats could also represent the unstable or insane state of your mind. If you dream of a white it could be a bad sign of loosing someone you love. If you dream of a blank bat it symbolizes some sort of misfortune in your personal life. If you dream of vampyre bat, it denotes to your exhaustion . There might be someone in your life that takes all your energy and leaves you without any reserves….