…Dreaming that you invite persons to visit you, denotes that some unpleasant event is near, and will cause worry and excitement in your otherwise pleasant surroundings. If you are invited to make a visit, you will receive sad news. For a woman Dreaming that she is invited to attend a party, she will have pleasant anticipations, but ill luck will mar them….

…To dream that you’re being invited to a meeting or to simply visit someone suggests that soon you’ll receive unpleasant news about something that you’ve been waiting for. When a young woman dreams that she’s been invited to a party or a simple gathering of friends, it suggests temporary enthusiasm and joy that will end up badly….

…(Alcoholic | Beer | Drunkard | Enmity | Evil | Hatred | Inebriate | Temptation | Tippler) Wine in a dream represents unlawful earnings, illegal tender, or easy money. Drinking wine in a dream means committing a major sin, or it could mean becoming wealthy. It also could imply verbal abuse, temptation, or enmity. A river of wine in a dream means adversities. Wine in a dream also represents marriage consent, or dismissal from one’s job. Mixing wine with water in a dream means mixing legal and illegal money, or it could represent earnings from a business partnership with a woman. Pressing grapes to make wine in a dream means serving someone in authority whose employment allows one to achieve noticeable successes in life. If one is invited to a drinking party where he finds platters of fruit and pitchers of wine in the dream, it represents his martyrdom….

…To dream of a hard-boiled plum pudding, or a hard roll of pudding of any kind, is a sign you will be invited to a dinner party; but if you imagine the pudding looks soft and mossy, it fore- tells that you will go to some entertainment where there will be a row. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 19, 70….