To be outraged or insulted in your dreams, means that you will receive a nice surprise. In case you’re the one insulting someone else, is a sign that projects and wishful thinking are going to fail.

…To make one’s acquaintance means pleasure without regrets. Be betrayed by one signifies bitter in appointment and sadness. Win one means joy. Outrage one signifies imprisonment. To pray to the Holy Virgin, foretells about consolation, cure, and perfect happiness….

To cause it means tears and outrage. Look at it means possibility of an accident occurring.

…If a female (married or single) dreams of an outrage on her person, (whether attempted, or successful.) it is a sign that some one of the opposite sex is in love with her: if she is married, the dream alludes to some man other than her husband. Such dreams bode no good. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 31….

Outrage, imminent danger.

(Allergic disorder | Rash | Urticaria) A blood disease that manifests through breaking out of the skin with red spots. If seen in a dream, it means fast richness, money spent in celebrating a wedding, the outrage of injustice, or expediting a punishment.

…Dreaming of shearing them, denotes a season of profitable enterprises will shower down upon you. To see flocks of sheep, there will be much rejoicing among farmers, and other trades will prosper. To see them looking scraggy and sick, you will be thrown into despair by the miscarriage of some plan, which promised rich returns. To eat the flesh of sheep, denotes that ill-natured persons will outrage your feelings. See Lamb and Ram….

To be thrown to the ground by one, unexpected displeasures. To witness one outrage and great peril. (See Thunderbolt)

…If a woman dreams of cleaning tripe, it foretells that she will either be untrue to her husband or an outrage will be perpetrated upon, her: to dream of eating tripe is about as bad, for it shows to a man that he will be engaged in some affair with a female (not his wife) which will bring him to disgrace. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 28, 9….