…Wandering through a palace and noting its grandeur, signifies that your prospects are growing brighter and you will assume new dignity. To see and hear fine ladies and men dancing and conversing, denotes that you will engage in profitable and pleasing associations. For a young woman of moderate means Dreaming that she is a participant in the entertainment, and of equal social standing with others, is a sign of her advancement through marriage, or the generosity of relatives. This is often a very deceitful and misleading dream to the young woman of humble circumstances | as it is generally induced in such cases by the unhealthy day dreams of her idle, empty brain. She should strive after this dream, to live by honest work, and restrain deceitful ambition by observing the fireside counsels of mother, and friends. See Opulence….

…Dreaming one has a fair and great nose, is good to all; for it implies subtlety of sense, providence in affairs, and acquaintance with great persons. But to dream one has no nose, means the contrary; and to a sick man, death; for dead men’s heads have no nose. If anyone dreams his nose is larger than ordinary, he will become rich and powerful, provident and subtle, and be well received among grandees. Dreaming one has two noses, implies discord and quarrels. If one dreams that his nose is grown so big that it is deformed and hideous to the sight, he will live in prosperity and abundance, but never gain the love of the people. If anyone dreams his nose is stopped, so that he hath lost his scent, it signifies he is in danger from a supposed friend….

Grandeur and wealth. Dream of being at the top of pyramid means valuable acquisitions.

…(Behind | Posterior | Rear side) In a dream, the back of a human being represents what people hold for him of praises or blame, acceptance or rejection, honor or humiliation, or it could represents one’s debts. Seeing the back of a human being in a dream also means following his tracks or practices. If a positive look manifests therein, such as a sweet fragrance or the emergence of a radiant light, or if it turns into iron in the dream, it signifies one’s gratitude regarding his own condition. In a dream, the rear side of the human being represents his outward appearance or what renders the human being accept- able, or it could represent his garment, an ostentatious person, a show of grandeur, pride about one’s social class, a show of being wealthy, the surround- ings of one’s house, the outskirts of a town, the outer display of…

…If you handle gold in your dream, you will be unusually successful in all enterprises. For a woman Dreaming that she receives presents of gold, either money or ornaments, she will marry a wealthy but mercenary man. To find gold, indicates that your superior abilities will place you easily ahead in the race for honors and wealth. If you lose gold, you will miss the grandest opportunity of your life through negligence. Dreaming of finding a gold vein, denotes that some uneasy honor will be thrust upon you. If you dream that you contemplate working a gold mine, you will endeavor to usurp the rights of others, and should beware of domestic scandals….

Dreaming that you are drunk means vain fantasies and dreams of grandeur. Dreaming that another person is drunk means sadness and hidden dissatisfactions.

To dream of large rings put in prison you shall be, small finger-rings denotes grandeur you will see. To lose a ring is sickness, to receive one strife. Gold rings bring great honour, silver rings a quiet life.

Dreaming of obelisk symbolizes that the dreamer is above others. Majesty, grandeur, self-sustenance are represented by the obelisk in the dreams.

Dreaming that you’re publicly acclaimed indicates delusions of grandeur, so you should be more humble and accept your own mistakes.

Grandeur, capacity, ambition. To smell it out of season, vain aspirations. See it in flower bouquet and in season means happy, innocence future.

The character that appears with the diving suit tries to hide his intentions or personality to others or to himself. If diving suit with anatomical lines and undecorated, then the dream reveals that practical thoughts linked to direct action are hidden. A beautifully decorated diving suit can be a sign that what is hidden are thoughts of grandeur and adventure outside of reality.

The dream, in which you see the carpet denotes to the protection you have made from the outside world. On the other hand, the dream may indicate the prosperity, good life and grandeur. The prints of the carpet could say much more about the dream. The dream about the magic carpet symbolizes unexpected happiness and joy. Perhaps you have very high desires and wishes that must be fulfilled.

If you dream of having horns on your head, it de- notes grandeur. If you see a man with horns on his head, he is in danger of loss of his person and estate.

Dreaming of heaven, and that you ascend up thither, is an indication of grandeur and glory.

Honor and grandeur, high aspirations that you will achieve with hard work.

Dreaming you had a fall from a tree, been scratched by thorns, or otherwise prejudiced, signifies you shall lose your office, and be out of favour with grandees.

Dreaming of heaven and that you ascend up thither, is an indication of grandeur and glory.