…(Childbearing | Planting) In a dream, a pregnancy indicates woman’s success, diligence and assiduity in pursuing her goals. In a dream, pregnancy also means receiving recognition, respect and prosperity. If a man sees himself pregnant in a dream, it means that he suffers from heaviness in his life, or it could represent one’s fear of exposing his problems in public. In general, pregnancy in a dream represents material gains. If a woman sees herself pregnant in a dream, it means difficulties and adversities beside some troubling secrets she maybe hiding. However, for a learned man, pregnancy in a dream may represent increase in his knowledge, while for a craftsman, it means achieving unrivalled excellence in his trade. Pregnancy in a dream also means being madly in love, or having passionate attachment to someone, or planting seeds in the wrong place, or beingbisexual or a deviate, or suffering from dropsy,…

To see the devil who horns, claws and has forked tail or cloven hoofs means that you will suffer torment and despair. To battle with him, hazard. The devil who is talking with you in a friendly manner, means that you will suffer speedy temptation, treason, and despair or simply will lose goods of life. To be carried away by the devil, is interpreted as a warning of most unlucky misfortunes. To be possessed by the devil, is a good omen which benefits from some public functionary, or dignitary, a long and happy life. To see devil or to be pursued by him, and to escape by a desperate effort means persecution on the part of some influential person or judicial prosecution. To strike the devil and vanquish it means victory over enemies. To see the devil while praying, a temptation is becoming irresistible.

The devil in dreams is the symbol of bad features that are lurking in your personality. The dream could also represent the regrets you have about something you did in the past. Perhaps the dream suggests letting go these feelings of regret. On the other hand, the devil may indicate the wisdom, smartness and resourcefulness. If you were fighting the devil in a dream, then it shows the success while dealing with your components. You will be the winner. If you had some kind of conversation with a devil, then it means you will have some temptation and will find it hard to resist. If the devil was pretending someone else and you got sued in some deal, then it shows the unknown badness you will be taken into by not your will.

…To dream about the devil is a distorted reflection of our conscience, which blames us for some fault that haunts us. If it’s a terrifying devil this dream reveals we are still tied to childhood fears and guilt complexes. If it’s a tempting devil it reflects distrust of ourselves and fear of our weaknesses. A conciliatory and friendly devil reveals our tendency or desire to diminish our guilt regarding our faults….

To dream of the devil, denotes many troubles. If he appears in fire, immediate misfortune will befall you. If he vanishes in smoke, expect a returning calm. If he soars in the heavens prosperity will attend you. If he falls suddenly from the heavens, denotes you will conquer all your evil passions. A widow to dream of the devil, after she has buried a bad husband, is sure to have another devil — so, widows, beware!

…For farmers Dreaming of the devil, denotes blasted crops and death among stock, also family sickness. Sporting people should heed this dream as a warning to be careful of their affairs, as they are likely to venture beyond the laws of their State. For a preacher, this dream is undeniable proof that he is over-zealous, and should forebear worshiping God by tongue-lashing his neighbor. Dreaming of the devil as being a large, imposingly dressed person, wearing many sparkling jewels on his body and hands, trying to persuade you to enter his abode, warns you that unscrupulous persons are seeking your ruin by the most ingenious flattery. Young and innocent women, should seek the stronghold of friends after this dream, and avoid strange attentions, especially from married men. Women of low character, are likely to be robbed of jewels and money by seeming strangers. Beware of associating with the devil,…

If you dream that you are pregnant, then it means your financial situation will become much better then you expected. For some people pregnancy is very common dream, because they are trying to get pregnant. The women who are already pregnant also dreams about it all the time, because it is their reality at this time of their lives. The pregnancy could also be interpreted the new idea that you are carrying with yourself, but haven’t fulfilled yet.

To dream that you are pregnant means that you will have to look after someone close to you because of the assistance they will need. The pregnancy is also very common dream for women who are expecting the child, therefore it is very normal to dream about your current state. The pregnancy could also show your desire or fear of getting pregnant.

To dream of the devil, denotes many troubles. If he appears in fire, immediate misfortune will befall you. If he vanishes in smoke, expect a returning calm.

To dream about the devil could be interpreted as the nightmare, because there are certain situations or people in your waking life that you are afraid of. Perhaps the evil and bad things that are heard through media are giving too much pressure for your mind. Make sure you separate yourself from the negativity.

To dream that one has seen the devil, and that he is tormented, or otherwise much terrified, is a sign the dreamer is in danger of being checked and punished by the law.

…To see the devil proves you’ll get riches by trade….

Dreaming that one has seen the devil, and is tormented, or otherwise very much terrified, is a sign the dreamer is in danger of being checked and punished by his sovereign prince or some magistrate.

To see a devil in a dream means a very difficult time is coming, many difficulties, sadness and melancholy, financial problems.

To dream of taking a pregnancy test may indicate a new phase in life (a new job, a relationship, etc.).

Pregnancy in a dream means joy and happy prospects for the next meeting. If you see an ugly woman who is pregnant, it is bad news and disease.

If a husband dream of the pregnancy of his wife, and she is really pregnant, then it announces the birth of a son who will grow up the image of his father. For an unmarried woman to dream of being pregnant, it is a warning that she contemplates in a disastrous marriage.

Superstitious people may dream of seeing this arch-enemy of mankind. If so, it foretells that they will go away from home to be absent some time. It also shows that they will be very fortunate in life. To a young girl it is a sign that she will either be well married or leave home, or leave for some other reason.

(see DEMON).

Dreaming about infernal beings is generally interpreted as facing irrational terrors or feelings of guilt that gnawing us internally. It is as if the dream were the distorted reflection of our consciousness, with its real or imaginary fears. It may also reflect the fear we have towards our own weaknesses.

Misfortune and disturbance in all undertakings, being cheated by bad people.

Gain, good business. 33.

Is a sign of sickness and trouble in your family.

It is high time for you to mend yourself. Great evil may come to you. You must pursue virtue.

To dream of this enemy to the human race, denotes that many dangers threaten you, all of which you will overcome if you carefully withstand and temptations to do evil; in love it forebodes loss of the affections; in trade, opposition; to dream you are pursued by an evil spirit, is also a bad omen. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 61, 18….

If you are pregnant in reality this dream is nothing more than a reflection of your current state. If that’s not the case it reflects a desire to marry or a quieter existence. If the dream is distressing it reveals fear of sex. If it’s a nightmare that ends with a terrible birth, then that reveals an obsession with venereal diseases or physical malformations….

If you see someone pregnant you’ll have some difficulties while solving certain problems. If you dream of being pregnant, you’ll give birth to your baby happily.

When a virgin woman, of any age, dreams that she is pregnant, it announces upcoming scandals, and the main cause of it will be jealousies, intrigues and problems with the people that surrounds her. This type of dream also announces that you’ll soon experience a life change, and that you’ll recover from hardships. If a woman dreams with another pregnant woman, it symbolizes envy, because she may be unhappy with her marriage, and because of that that her children will suffer….

For a woman Dreaming that she is pregnant, denotes she will be unhappy with her husband, and her children will be unattractive. For a virgin, this dream omens scandal and adversity. If a woman is really pregnant and has this dream, it prognosticates a safe delivery and swift recovery of strength….

For a woman to dream that she is pregnant when she is not, is a sign of some special good fortune; she will either have a handsome present, or else her husband will be lucky is some business transaction and give her a part of the money: if a girl dreams this, it foretells that she will get married about as sudden as if the dream were a reality. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4. 11, 44,…

…Dreaming of a demon in the first place is not pleasant and secondly it does not announce anything good. This indicates that what the dreamer has in mind is not good. Dreaming of fighting and killing the devil suggests that the dreamer is attempting to do something impossible that will produce disorders and loss. Dreaming that the devil is approaching with a smile and being friendly is a warning that the dreamer will engage in dishonest and dangerous affairs or business. If the devil presents himself rich and powerful, it hints that there will be poverty. If the devil is presented as a musician, it hints vice and degeneration. Dreaming of being in front of a ghost with a demon’s image insinuates that the dreamer is living an abnormal life, maybe immoral. A woman who dreams this indicates that she is losing the appreciation of her friends because of…

…board a steamer with a Nonconformist minister as the sharer of my cabin. In all respects he was of the middle class, being supercilious and smug, and of course very respectable — at least, respectable in all but his dreams, which he narrated to me with so obvious a relish for detail, that I could not help thinking he enjoyed them rather than otherwise.It is a sure sign I am a very good man, he said to me on one occasion, because I am being tempted continually in my sleep. Were I not good, the devil would not have to resort to so subtle a device to seduce me. Last night I dreamed I was calling on some of my most highly respected parishioners — the Gardner’s. Mr. Gardner (it was one of the minister’s idiosyncrasies to bore me to death with the family histories of all his congregation) is…

To dream that you are laughing indicates that you will encounter a pleasant situation and that your problems will disappear. Laughing is also a sign of your emotional state and happy life without major concerns. On the other hand, laughing may indicate your insecurities and fears. To dream of laughing kids denotes to joy and health. Seeing a devil laughing represents feelings of humiliation or helplessness.

…(Twenty one pebbles collected at Muzdalifa near the Plain of ‘Arafa during the pilgrimage season and are used to stone the devil at a place called Jamarat.) In a dream, pelting stones represent fidelity, paying one’s debts, victory over one’s enemy, or doing good deeds. To eat one of the stones which are intended for pelting in a dream means to devour or steal the property of a young orphan. Pelting stones in a dream also means fulfilling one’s obligatory prayers and fasting, having earlier missed their performance for a legitimate reason. (Also see Pebbles | Pilgrimage | Jamarat)…

…use strategy to keep up honorable appearances. Dreaming that you kill him, foretells that you will desert wicked or immoral companions to live upon a higher plane. If he comes to you under the guise of literature, it should be heeded as a warning against promiscuous friendships, and especially flatterers. If he comes in the shape of wealth or power, you will fail to use your influence for harmony, or the elevation of others. If he takes the form of music, you are likely to go down before his wiles. If in the form of a fair woman, you will probably crush every kindly feeling you may have for the caresses of this moral monstrosity. To feel that you are trying to shield yourself from satan, denotes that you will endeavor to throw off the bondage of selfish pleasure, and seek to give others their best deserts. See Devil….

…Dreaming of this is just about the same as Dreaming of the devil | it indicates stormy times and much bad fortune. Disenchantment with humanity will follow. To kill one is good….

Make a compact with the devil, success through bad and illegal means.

Dreaming about Satan is unfortunate omen. To see Satan, the Devil, Lucifer in your dream, denotes that there are some wrongdoings or evil workings in some situation or relationship of your life. Maybe you are in environment, where are a lot of lies, deceitful activities or other evil things.

…To dream of looking through one of these instruments and observing objects at a distance, is a sign that you will enlarge your possessions; if you are a farmer, you will add to your farm; if a man of business, enlarge your business, but to a poor devil who hasn’t got much of anything, it predicts that he will increase his family for the want of something else to enlarge. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 14….

…glitter proceeding from the innermost recesses of the skull. The face was fleshless and the skin, which was white and luminous, hung closely to the bones, which in places had broken completely through it. It was the face of the long since dead animated by the spirit of a devil, and I doubt if even the Hell of Dante could show such another. Familiar as I was with the sight of ghastly phantasms of all kinds, I had never seen one that impressed me with quite such a terror as this, and, as it glided slowly towards me with out-stretched arms, I verily believe my heart would have burst asunder and I should have died in my sleep, had not the spell that held me limb-tied been suddenly broken. With wild shrieks of despair I fled away, and from behind every bush and tree darted, similarly apparelled, huntsmen in close…