…To dream of putty, is a sign of poverty: puttying up holes foretells losses — the larger the hole, the more extensive the loss. If you are putting glass into a window with putty, it foretells that you will soon remove into a meaner place than you now occupy. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 6, 4….

…Dreaming of working in putty, denotes that hazardous chances will be taken with fortune. If you put in a window-pane with putty, you will seek fortune with poor results….

To dream that you’re working out a putty means that you’re in risk of losing your fortune.

…For a young man to dream of admiring a pretty girl, is a sign he will marry a simpleton: if a girl dreams she has a nice and pretty-looking lover, she will be apt to take up with a putty-head. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4,13….