…In a dream, an old woman represents the ending of one’s life in this world, sorrows, the hereafter, wine, or bearing children after having lost hope in one’s fertility. An old woman in a dream also could represent deceit, cunningness, duplicity, backbiting, or slander. Seeing an old and sick woman in a dream may mean impotence, weakness, or disability. Seeing a thirsty old woman in a dream means drought. If she turns a young girl in the dream, then she represents rain. If an unknown old woman visits a sick person in a dream, it means his death. Otherwise, if an unknown old woman visits a pregnant woman in a dream, it means giving her the glad tidings of a son. If one is engaged in an important project and sees himself sleeping with an old woman in a dream, it means that his project will not succeed. An…

…A young woman who dreams about other people who are admiring her new shoes must be cautious with new friends, especially men, when they approach her with unusual intimacy, since they could be hypocritical flatterers. When you are dreaming about shoes without any detail, then it shows changes in the immediate future. If the shoes are new, then it suggests that there will be financial gains soon. If they are old and broken, it means poverty. If the dreamer is working on shoes, it suggests someone is betraying her. When you are dreaming that you are shining your own shoes, then it represents about an upcoming improvements in issues, business, love, etc., all of which will bring satisfaction. When you are dreaming about yourself being with dirty, old or broken shoes, then it can mean that you easily make enemies due to your character and scathing criticism. When you…

…To dream of the shoes represent the dreamer’s view to life generally. The dream indicates how much grounded the one is feeling. To change the shoes for a different ones means that the one is changing some part of his life. To forget the shoes means that the one leaves the old times in the past or finding it hard to deal with it. To dream of wearing old shoes, means that the dreamer is very conservative person, who holds to his old ideas. Alternatively, the old shoes signify the acceptance of who you are. The new shoes symbolizes new ideas, new look into life. If the shoes do not fit, then it means that you are in the situation which you not supposed to be in, maybe there is something you feel uncomfortable about, therefore the shoes do not fit. To wear no shoes, means that there is…

…Dreaming about shoes generally shows your attitude toward life and your convictions. It also suggests that you should put your feet on the ground. Dreaming about changing shoes means you will change your behavior about new events and people. To dream that you forget the shoes indicates that you’re trying to leave your old opinion, usually an unfavorable one, based on insufficient knowledge, irrational feeling, or inaccurate stereotype. To dream about losing shoes means you’ll find what you want. Dreaming about not wearing shoes means you have a lack of confidence and low self-assurance. Dreaming of new shoes means you should not be so sure about success. Dreaming about wearing a new shoe indicates your approach to life. Seeing old or worn shoes, means that through diligence and hard work, you will achieve success. To dream that you are wearing the wrong shoes indicates your path for your current…

…last half -hour. I came here to be alone — utterly alone — save for him!” and here she gave a kind of convulsive sob and stretched her hands appealingly before her. The woman interested me, and I felt that there was much in her that would furnish me with copy — copy for some article on real humanity, on the flotsam and jetsam of womanhood.And so, instead of obeying her injunctions to go, I stayed.Tell me,” I said persuasively, your history. You can confide in me; I am old — old enough to be your ” — then I thought of my bare thirty-seven summers, and blushed — ” well, old enough to be your uncle. May I sit down? “The seats,” she murmured, are free to all. I can go!”She rose, and I touched her gently on the arm. Come! I said, “You can trust me. I’m only…

In some cultures, it is a rule to remove your shoes before entering a temple or the house of another person as an indication that we are at the owner’s disposal. The shoe represents us, and we let it out as a symbol that we do not claim any personal authority. Hence some dreams about shoes indicate a desire to possess the shoe owner. But shoes are also a symbol of walking and paths. Dreaming that you have dirty shoes on, can mean feelings of guilt. If in the dream we are walking barefoot, it can symbolize fear to see us subjected to unwanted situations of humiliation. If in the dream our shoes are not comfortable, they are reflecting a situation in everyday life that makes us uncomfortable, perhaps we do not have freedom of action or authority to impose our judgment.

Deceit. 26.

Poverty, shame, sorrows.

Victory over enemies. 49.

…If you see your uncle in a dream, you will have news of a sad character soon. Dreaming you see your uncle prostrated in mind, and repeatedly have this dream, you will have trouble with your relations which will result in estrangement, at least for a time. To see your uncle dead, denotes that you have formidable enemies. To have a misunderstanding with your uncle, denotes that your family relations will be unpleasant, and illness will be continually present….

The shoes are the symbols of your path through your life. The different shoes have different meanings. For example dirty, muddy or old shoes that you are tired of living your life. The beautiful and luxurious shoes indicates your desire for great life or shows that you already have one.

…Dreaming of seeing your shoes ragged and soiled, denotes that you will make enemies by your unfeeling criticisms. To have them blacked in your dreams, foretells improvement in your affairs, and some important event will cause you satisfaction. New shoes, augur changes which will prove beneficial. If they pinch your feet, you will be uncomfortably exposed to the practical joking of the fun-loving companions of your sex. To find them untied, denotes losses, quarrels and ill-health. To lose them, is a sign of desertion and divorces. Dreaming that your shoes have been stolen during the night, but you have two pairs of hose, denotes you will have a loss, but will gain in some other pursuit. For a young woman Dreaming that her shoes are admired while on her feet, warns her to be cautious in allowing newly introduced people, and men of any kind, to approach her in…

…If you dream of seeing old men fortunate you’ll be. But old women shall cause much vexation to thee. Old clothes signify fire, perhaps very next morn. Old buildings show contempt, trouble, losses and scorn….

To see the brand new and beautiful shoes, means that you will be involved in some deal that will bring great results especially money wise. If your shoes looks very old and have been worn for a very long time, you will achieve whatever you wish through your hard work. If you lost one of your shoes, you will make minor mistakes that won’t do too much of the damage.

New shoes, profits. Lost shoes, inescapable poverty. Old shoes, poverty for the one that is using them.

To dream of your own uncle, denotes to the special bond between you and your family. The dream of the uncle is also associated with new purposes you have set.

…Symbol of freedom. Dreaming that we have dirty shoes on, indicates guilt. When we are barefoot-walking, then it signifies danger of being subjected to others. When we seeing us walk barefoot, then it reveals fear of poverty. If we seeing us well shod, then it is equivalent to feel free. When we dreaming that we wear children’s shoes, then it reveals that we are immature. If the shoe is tight, we still do not know to develop ourselves with the freedom in a new situation. If we break a shoe, it portends loss of our freedom….

To dream you have a pair of shoes, denotes success in life, in love matters, they signify marriage, which will turn out an equal advantage to both parties — each will taste of the same pleasure. If the male journeys, the female will be his companion; and it is a sign they will travel different countries. To dream your shoes are worn out, denotes poverty. If a sole falls from the right shoe, a male friend will die; if from the left, a wife, or female friend.

…children. The right eye represents his son and the left eye represents his daughter. The forehead in a dream represents one’s beauty, son, power, honor, wealth, leadership or the point of prostration in one’s prayers. A wide forehead in a dream means prosperity, while a narrow forehead means tightness. The eyebrows represent one’s protection or spiritual guardianship. As for the human nose in a dream, it represents honor, longevity and respect. Whatever comes out of one’s nose in a dream is good and whatever goes into it in a dream may not be beneficial. A bleeding nose in a dream means receiving or giving money. If one’s nose is cut off in a dream, it means circumcision, falling in rank, or it could mean his death. Inhaling water and clearing one’s nose in a dream represents someone who deceives his wife. If a bird or an animal comes out of…

…When it’s really old it represents wisdom. It is a beneficial and protective dream. Whether male or female puts us in our rightful place. These dreams are always transcendental and impressive. It is a good dream. If the old man is evil, then this shows the inner evil of our personality….

…Holding one’s uncle’s beard in a dream means inheriting him through unlawful means….

…as I beat and prodded it against the jagged edges of my teeth. But all to no purpose; my head remained full and my stomach empty.”A whole lifetime seemed to pass in this tantalising, agonising manner, and then into the room, in Indian file, stalked all my friends and relations, each carrying in their hands a champagne glass. My uncle, who had been dead and buried at the very least thirty years, headed the procession. Walking solemnly up to me, he took hold of my nose, twisted it round like a tap, and down through my foaming mouth poured the whiskey. As soon as his glass was full he raised it above his head, and exclaimed in a sepulchral voice, ‘ Health! Health! Health!’ to which all the company in chorus responded ‘ Amen! Amen! Amen!’ One after another my relatives and friends followed his example, and twisted my nose…

…(See Boots.) If you dream that one of your shoes has a hole in it, it foretells that your sweetheart will offend you by favouring a supposed rival: if a girl dreams this, her lover will be jealous of her: for a young man to dream that he has lost a shoe-string, is a sign that he will be kissed by a lady with whom he had no previous acquaintance. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 33….

…(Communication | Communion | Invocations | Prayers | arb. Salat) To see oneself performing one’s obligatory prayers {arb. Fardh) in a dream means receiving a high ranking appointment, spiritual advancement, leadership, presiding over people, delivering a message, performing a duty, paying dues, turning over one’s trust or satisfying obligatory deeds and enjoying peace. If one sees himself in a dream performing one of the five obligatory prayers on time, having performed the proper ablution and correctly completed its obeisance of the proper standing, bowing and prostrating postures, standing with reverence and piety and facing the Ka’aba, it means that he will perform a religious duty or attend the annual pilgrimage in Mecca. It also means that he will extricate himself from an unjust deed he fell into and repent, or it could mean eschewing evil. Performing the divinely ordained prayers in dream also means loyalty to one’s promise, employment…

(Patching) Darning an old garment in a dream represents hypocrisy, fawning, adulation, impertinence, or it could mean to manage by, or to suffer from a lasting poverty.

Seeing something old in a dream suggests that you should put something somewhere else. On the other hand, it can indicate something of the past that you need to enter into your life now.

Dreaming of an old age is a sign that contradictory feelings will be experienced and unusual ideas will occur or actions will be taken.

To dream that you are courted by an old woman, and that you marry her, shows you shall have good luck in prosecuting your affairs, but not without some reproaches from the world.

…Dreaming of seeing an old man, or woman, denotes that unhappy cares will oppress you, if they appear otherwise than serene. See Faces, Men, and Women….

Meeting old acquaintances or friends again. 17.

…and return to his Lord. If he is living in heedlessness, it means that he will be guided. Perhaps, he might attain his goals in acquiring knowledge, or learn how to reconstruct his innermost being to befit a human being who is grateful to his Lord. If one is fearing oppression, persecution, or loss of his property and wealth sees him (uwbp) in a dream, it means putting an end to such fears, for he is the best of intercessors to restore anyone before God Almighty. If one who follows innovations sees God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream, it means that he should fear God Almighty, heed to His warnings and correct himself and particularly if he sees Him (uwbp) walking away from him, or turning his back to him. Seeing God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream also means receiving glad tidings and happy news, or it could signify justice,…

You will receive pleasant news, good friends, humility and romance at the door.

To see yours or your aunt means family quarrels.

In this dream the action happens here and now, if not so this is another dream, for example, if we see relatives and characters from our childhood we refer to children. To see a relative in dreams announces surprises or news. To see that deceased relatives that are alive, announces some good or bad event, depending on whether the relative has a calm or agitated expression.

Wealth, profit. 8.

Great depression of mind, brooding over unnecessary troubles.

A good sign.

Getting into poor circumstances.

Taking proper precautions to insure success in business.

Getting sore feet.