This dream warns us to watch over our freedom and independency. If in our dreams we recognize the person who give us the Rosario will be that person who will bring the danger. If we don´t recognize the person who give us the Rosario, the danger will come from ourselves, from our vanity or sensuality. If we are the one who give the Rosario, then it indicates that we want that person as a couple or just because of sensuality. To this we can add the meaning of the material the Rosario was made of.

…Dreaming of riots, foretells disappointing affairs. To see a friend killed in a riot, you will have bad luck in all undertakings, and the death, or some serious illness, of some person will cause you distress….

…To dream of a public tumult or riot, is a sign of scarcity and bad crops to farmers, and dull business to tradesmen and mechanics: if any friend or relative is injured in the riot, you or they will probably suffer from misfortune, but if they are successful and pacify the crowd, it foretells that you will overcome your difficulties. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 2….

To see or to participate in a riot represents a loss of individuality. You are involved in a destructive situation.

Intuition to express all your thoughts soon.

…It is bad Dreaming of cabbage. Disorders may run riot in all forms. Dreaming of seeing cabbage green, means unfaithfulness in love and infidelity in wedlock. To cut heads of cabbage, denotes that you are tightening the cords of calamity around you by lavish expenditure….

…form usually implies that the dreamer is surrounded by limitations and problems, especially moral situations that makes the dreamer constantly crave a release and at the same time shift away from himself or herself. Limitations and problems may be real or just mental, that is something that the dreamer must analyze and decide on. Dreaming of being in prison indicates that the dreamer might have problems with associating with dishonest people. Dreaming of escaping prison indicates the desire to break away from certain matters and that the dreamer will finally achieve it. Dreaming of a prison guard insinuates that something bad is being plotted against the dreamer, with the intervention of women. Dreaming of a riot caused by inmates who try to break the bars down in order to escape is a symbol of evil against the dreamer. Perhaps it’s the case of maneuvers to try to satisfy it….

…Most writers and artists live in dreamland. In their hours of wakefulness, Phantasmagoria comes to them; in their hours of sleep they go to Phantasmagoria. Pursued and pursuing, in bed, at work or at play, they are never free from fantasies. In my novels my imagination runs riot, I make no attempt to suppress it. I write of the fantastic the weird, the occult; for at night I move, I breathe, I think in phantom land. So often have I visited this same phantom land that I have made a map of it, naming its isles, seas, mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, and plains. With many of the smaller landmarks, too, I am familiar, and I know what each turn and twist of certain roads have in store for me. Everything is portrayed to me so vividly that I believe my spiritual body, separating itself from my material body, actually…

…(Correspondent | Exchanging letters | Spy) Exchanging let- ters between two army camps in a dream means nearing the end of one’s life, quelling a riot, accepting the truth, following what is lawful, death of a sick person, or the victory of an oppressed person. If one becomes a war correspondent in a dream, it means that he may become a spy, or be promoted in his field. (Also see War)…

Disturbance, riot.

…Dreaming of the sky, signifies distinguished honors and interesting travel with cultured companions, if the sky is clear. Otherwise, it portends blasted expectations, and trouble with women. Dreaming of floating in the sky among weird faces and animals, and wondering all the while if you are really awake, or only dreaming, foretells that all trouble, the most excruciating pain, that reach even the dullest sense will be distilled into one drop called jealousy, and will be inserted into your faithful love, and loyalty will suffer dethronement. To see the sky turn red, indicates that public disquiet and rioting may be expected. See also Heaven and Illumination….

…mistress, his wife, or by a gracious man. The bleating of a billy goat or a ram in a dream means happiness and prosperity. The neighing of horses in a dream means receiving guidance from a noble person, or it could represent a courageous soldier. The braying of a donkey in a dream means hideousness, or the ugly character of a despicable enemy. The braying of a mule in a dream means a hardship which is combined with a difficult person, or it could mean vain talk, or indulgingin suspicious acts. The mooing of a calf, a cow, or a steer in a dream means a riot. The gurgling of a camel in a dream represents a blessed journey, a pilgrimage, a successful business trip, or toiling and hardships. The roaring of a lion in a dream represents alarm, esteem, fear, or being threatened by someone in authority. In general,…

It’s usually a bad omen, except if we manage to get to the light and the dream seems nice, in that case it means a period of trial or difficulties before you reach a new and better situation. Dreaming of yourself going underground is usually a sign that you’re going through a pessimistic time, and you don’t trust its outcome. In the worst-case scenario, it predicts the failure of our own ambitions.

…See one, means disorder, stress in business. Opera buffer – disturbance, noise, useless riot….

To hear the sound of a fife represents your hopes or your fears of how others will see you. Also, there is an unexpected scenario in your waking life. Maybe you’ll receive an unpredicted call on to defend your reputation. To dream that you are playing a fife symbolizes that you need to liberate yourself of mistrust that you have in yourself. It gives you negative energy. You must trust yourself more. Also, it represents that your strong reputation will remain undamaged. You will survive anything what is said about you.

Extinguishing a fire in a dream means putting off or quelling a riot, deterring a war or abolishing innovation. If one sees himself in a dream smothering an already dead fire, it means that he is trying to rekindle an old war or to provoke evil between people.

The embolism of this dream is roughly the same as the storm dream. It’s generally warning you to stay alert. If, in dreams, you see a tempest approaching, it means that your living conditions may possibly change negatively, because your business situation will get worse, which will bring money losses along with unexpected spending. In the emotional and family scenario, you can’t expect anything good either. The dream predicts strong family fights in which you’ll have to take sides with someone, and you’ve reached this unavoidable situation because of your own indecision.

If we beat other competitors, it promises material benefits and personal success. If our competitor in our race is an animal, it means victory, but we have to see the meaning of the animal to know about what we win. If we see a person is running, then it indicates unknown events. If it is about several people, then it represents disputes and quarrels. If they are armed, it announces insurrections, riots or wars.

Dreaming of treasures, wills, properties, money, inheritances, etc., is frequent among people with economic issues, i.e. these dreams are a reflection of their own needs. It usually means that you’ll go through complicated family situations, which will be full of disputes caused by material interests. It’ll be a difficult time to clarify the situation, so emotional losses may be final, and in many cases you’ll have to go to court to resolve things. In the business scenario, you’ll have no luck, as it’ll be negatively affected by various circumstances. We must be patient to get through this difficult era, because better times will come.