To dream of seeing ripe fruit is very fortunate omen that will bring you almost everything you desire.

Ripe peaches or pears betoken fortune and friends.

Joys of many kinds.

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…This is a very good dream to the majority of people. To see red apples on trees with green foliage is exceedingly propitious to the dreamer. To eat them is not as good, unless they be faultless. A friend who interprets dreams says: Ripe apples on a tree, denotes that the time has arrived for you to realize your hopes | think over what you intend to do, and go fearlessly ahead. Ripe on the top of the tree, warns you not to aim too high. Apples on the ground imply that false friends, and flatterers are working you harm. Decayed apples typify hopeless efforts….

…Dreaming of cutting unripe peaches is a symptom of decay, various pains and sorrows, particularly from old memories and from missing people. Dreaming that peaches are cut green and eating them hints illness in the family and other problems. Dreaming of eating one ripe and juicy peach straight from the tree indicates joy of living, reasonable profits in business or work that will result in peace, harmony and home health. Dreaming of only seeing the peaches on the tree announces diseases of relatives or discomfort by having to handle unpleasant business matters that prevent you to enjoy travels and entertainment. When peaches are in the tree with a lot of foliage it indicates that, with effort, you will achieve your goals. Dreaming of peaches in the beginning of their growth in the tree indicates that the dreamer’s objectives are still very far from being achieved, and there will also…

If you are dreaming about a field with ripe wheat then this indicates the accomplishment of aims. The huge and ripe grains of wheat in the dream foretell wealth and prosperous life

…To dream that you pass across an orchard that’s in bloom accompanied by your loved one (girlfriend, spouse, mother, children) indicates that your dreams will come true, as long as it’s something reasonable and feasible to achieve. To dream that in this garden abounds ripe fruit, suggests gratification due to the faith put in what you’ve done, a near future reward that will bring peace and happiness into your home. To dream that you’re in an orchard and some animals arrive and start eating the fruit that has fallen to the ground suggests that you’ll lose in disputes and conflicts that are about to happen, because what you are claiming doesn’t belong to you. To dream that you pick up a ripe fruit of any kind is a sign of prosperity and many successes. To dream about an orchard that’s infested with worms indicates problems and tribulations of all…

If you see the fruit in a dream, then such dream indicates the time of your life where the things will get bigger and greater in your life. The fruits are also the symbol of sexual aspects in your life, which shows your desires and wishes. Consider to pay attention to the state of the fruit if it is ripe or not, because the ripe fruit shows the issues you are dealing with. You should ask yourself if there is some opportunities that you have missed. If you saw yourself being a seller of the fruits, then it shows the profit you will gain depending on how much of the fruits you have sold. If you wish to get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of specific fruits you were dreaming of.

To dream you eat ripe cherries denotes good luck, but sour cherries, signifies a lawsuit.

…Dreaming of seeing fruit ripening among its foliage, usually foretells to the dreamer a prosperous future. Green fruit signifies disappointed efforts or hasty action. For a young woman Dreaming of eating green fruit, indicates her degradation and loss of inheritance. Eating fruit is unfavorable usually. To buy or sell fruit, denotes much business, but not very remunerative. To see or eat ripe fruit, signifies uncertain fortune and pleasure….

To dream you see apple-trees, and eat sweet and ripe apples, denotes joy, pleasure, and recreation, especially to virgins: but sour apples signify contention and sedition.

To see them or to eat them ripe means pleasant satisfaction. Green or rotten pears denotes sadness, violent spasms.

…Mad people, I fancy, often dream of the subject of their mania. One madman, I was told, who believed he was a teapot, used constantly to dream that he was pouring out tea, and when anything prevented the tea flowing he would, on awaking, conclude it was a bad omen, and declare he was going to be ill; which prediction not infrequently came true. Another madman used often to tumble out of bed with a loud bump, and, on being questioned about it by his keeper, would say: “I can’t help it; I’m a plum, and when I dream I am ripe I am bound to fall. “This same man declared that whenever he dreamed he was eaten, something bad would always happen to him next day.I once heard of a mad woman who believed she was John the Baptist, and said that, whenever she dreamed she was in…

To gather them ripe, the fortune coming from an influential person. Gather them before maturity, indicates sickness, depression of spirits, caused through scandal.

…It reveals the existence of sensual, economic or spiritual desire. They are a sign of abundance, prosperity and pleasure. Dreaming of ripe fruit to be eaten means we will enjoy good health, good profits and abundant pleasures without having to make any effort. If the fruit is acidic or green it’s a sign that we are not yet ready to enjoy all these benefits. If fruit has worms or is rotted, then such dream means that the pleasures will be achieved when we can no longer enjoy them. If we have this dream during the season in which fruit tastes better the benefits will be maximum. If we have it at another time of year we can suffer scandal, breakups, diseases and problems….

…To dream of fruit which is ripe and fair to look upon is an excellent omen, as it foretells the most perfect success in all worldly matters: if the fruit is green or defective, it indicates trouble with your success. If you dream of eating fruit that proves to be sour or rotten, it shows disappointment: if a young girl dreams this, it is a sign that her lover will deceive her. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 32….

…To dream of ripe, mellow pears, portends elevation in life, riches, honours, and constancy in love. If a woman with child dream of them, she will have a daughter. To dream of unripe, choke pears, is a sign of misfortunes, and inconstancy in love. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 33….

…To see large fields of growing wheat in your dreams, denotes that your interest will take on encouraging prospects. If the wheat is ripe, your fortune will be assured and love will be your joyous companion. To see large clear grains of wheat running through the thresher, foretells that prosperity has opened her portals to the fullest for you. To see it in sacks or barrels, your determination to reach the apex of success is soon to be crowned with victory and your love matters will be firmly grounded. If your granary is not well covered and you see its contents getting wet, foretells that while you have amassed a fortune, you have not secured your rights and you will see your interests diminishing by the hand of enemies. If you rub wheat from the head into your hand and eat it, you will labor hard for success and…

…To dream of fine, ripe, yellow peaches, denotes that you will get just so much yellow gold, which makes this dream a splendid one for gold-diggers: if the peaches you dream about are very red, or look small and wilted, it shows that your gold will turn out to be about half copper, or that your luck will not amount to much. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 17, 1, 9….

…It’s a symbol of growth, fertility and maturity. If they are full and ripe, it symbolizes maximum wealth. Hollow and dry means maximum poverty….

…Seeing a number of orange trees in a healthy condition, bearing ripe fruit, is a sign of health and prosperous surroundings. To eat oranges is signally bad. Sickness of friends or relatives will be a source of worry to you. Dissatisfaction will pervade the atmosphere in business circles. If they are fine and well-flavored, there will be a slight abatement of ill luck. A young woman is likely to lose her lover, if she dreams of eating oranges. If she dreams of seeing a fine one pitched up high, she will be discreet in choosing a husband from many lovers. To slip on an orange peel, foretells the death of a relative. To buy oranges at your wife’s solicitation, and she eats them, denotes that unpleasant complications will resolve themselves into profit….

If a man dream that he hath gathered the fruit of a pomegranate tree, he will be enriched by some wealthy person; but if the pomegranate be not ripe, it denotes sickness and affliction by some person wickedly dispose.

…Dreaming of passing through leaving and blossoming orchards with your sweetheart, omens a delightful consummation of a long courtship. If the orchard is filled with ripening fruit, it denotes recompense for faithful service to those under masters, and full fruition of designs for the leaders of enterprises. Happy homes, with loyal husbands and obedient children, for wives. If you are in an orchard and see hogs eating the fallen fruit, it is a sign that you will lose property in trying to claim what are not really your own belongings. To gather the ripe fruit, is a happy omen of plenty to all classes. Orchards infested with blight, denotes a miserable existence, amid joy and wealth. To be caught in brambles, while passing through an orchard, warns you of a jealous rival, or, if married, a private but large row with your partner. If you dream of seeing a…

Eating green or sour pears indicates separation, divorce or distant family. To ripe pears in a dream indicates joys and unexpected pleasures.

…To dream of this delicious fruit is a good omen; if you dream you are eating a banana, it is a sign you will be rich and happy. To dream you see bananas growing denotes success in love matters. If a girl dreams that her lover presents her with a ripe banana it foretells she will soon be married, or ought to be. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4, 11, 44….

If well filled with ripe and matured grain, and perfect ears of corn, with fat stock surrounding it, it is an omen of great prosperity. If empty, the reverse may be expected.

…To dream of regular fields of ripe grain is a good ornery as it is a sign of thrift: if the grain is broken down or imperfect, it shows trouble with the thrift: if it is mouldy or mildewed, you will experience losses. An abundance of grain in bulk is likewise a sign of plenty; but scattered grain is the reverse of this. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 69….

…To dream of ripe, fine looking melons, is an excellent omen, as it foretells good health, good luck, and much happiness. A watermelon full of black seeds denotes so much money to be paid to you. If a married woman dreams this, it promises her many children. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 46….

Plumes in dream are interpreted as a symbol of sexual desire. If the plums are ripe, we will get what we want, but will suffer love pains if the plums are green and not matured well. Some authors suggest that if the plums are prunes, we need to let pass a time before make known our desires.

To see or to eat them, means wounds, pains or simply harsh sorrows. If they are not ripe, temporary illness. See an orange tree means worries and tears.

…The apple symbolizes all the earthly pleasures, knowledge and the need to choose. If we eat a ripe and tasty apple it means that we choose the enjoyment of material life. If we eat a green apple we also choose the material, although full of work and life difficulties. If it’s rotten apple, then it’s a threat of deceptions and disappointments. If we only see apples, then dream means that we choose another kind of purer, more lasting, deeper and more spiritual happiness….

To dream you see and eat sweet, ripe apples denotes joy. To dream of sour apples signifies contention and strife.

If you take apples from the tree, it signifies that you will be persecuted. If apples are ripe and ruddy, and you eat them, it will bring much happiness. If apples are sour, you will shortly quarrel with someone.

To dream you are eating good, sweet ripe fruit, denotes joy and happiness, but to dream you are eating sour and unripe fruit, signifies cares and contention.

…dry leaves like what happens in winter, indicates that your business or businesses are not prosperous and they won’t be in some time. Dreaming of being under the shade of a beautiful tree indicates that you’re extensively protected (by God) that won’t disappoint you, because it will eventually lead to success, even if it takes some time. Dreaming of being stuck in a tree is very good sign and such dream means that you’re achieving self-improvement and self-fulfillment, both material and spiritual. Dreaming of a tree with ripe fruit and some of them already being on the ground, where you can pick and eat them, suggests that you’ll receive significant benefits, including economic, business, and even in the lottery, etc. Dreaming of an isolated tree with small and green fruit indicates that your business and affairs are not going well. If you take one of these fruits in the dream,…

…(Damp | Food | Humid | Produce | Ripe | Tender) Fresh vegetables or fruits in a dream and in their season represent a political appointment in a populated village or a small town. Eating fresh produce out of season in a dream means an illness. As for a merchant, eating fresh produce in a dream means profits and plenitude. Fresh or ripened fruits in a dream represent glad tidings, spiritual awareness, victory over one’s enemy, chastity, lawful earnings or absence of trouble. Eating a ripened fruit out of season in a dream also may mean a miraculous recovery from illness and a blessing….

…Dreaming of eating tomatoes, signals the approach of good health. To see them growing, denotes domestic enjoyment and happiness. For a young woman to see ripe ones, foretells her happiness in the married state….

…(See Harvest) To dream of reaping grain is an excellent omen, as it foretells thrift and abundance, as well as plenty of money in gold; this applies to a prolific field of ripe yellow grain; if the grain is meagre and looks rusty, the sign is entirely different, as it betokens scarcity and penury. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 4, 11, 44…

…Dreaming of passing through a green and luxurious corn-field, and seeing full ears hanging heavily, denotes great wealth for the farmer. It denotes fine crops and rich harvest and harmony in the home. To the young it promises much happiness and true friends, but to see the ears blasted, denotes disappointments and bereavements. To see young corn newly ploughed, denotes favor with the powerful and coming success. To see it ripe, denotes fame and wealth. To see it cribbed, signifies that your highest desires will be realized. To see shelled corn, denotes wealthy combines and unstinted favors. Dreaming of eating green corn, denotes harmony among friends and happy unions for the young….