…(Immolation) To offer a sacrifice in a dream means to fulfill one’s promises, relief from difficulty, healing of the sick, or increase in one’s earnings. If the one offering a sacrifice interprets dreams as a profession, then it means that he has misinterpreted someone’s dream, that he gave him bad advice, or sacrificed the interest of the person in question. Sacrificing in a dream also means receiving an inheritance. If a pregnant woman sees such a dream, it means that she will bear a righteous son. (Also see Abraham | Ismail | Immo- lation | Lamb | Offering | Ram | Sheep)…

The sacrifice ritual indicates the things we are devoted to give away in order to get something that is very important to us. If the ritual doesn’t harm anyone, its ok to have this kind of dream, but if you wish someone bad with this sacrifice ritual, your guilt will come into your way and you won’t be able to live well.

If you dream that you sacrifice for something, then such dream suggests you should remove the people, situations or something else in your waking life that are making you feel bad. Make sure you look around and find out you makes you feel that way, what situations causes these feelings and why you are weren’t able to get rid of them until now. In some cultures the sacrifice must be done in order to get what you want, therefore it is normal for those people to dream about it.

The ritual sacrifice indicates some kind of misery and unknown. Usually people who make a ritual sacrifice in reality make more damage than goodness. Beware of the fact that is it very dangerous to play with unknown world.

If you dream that you are making the sacrifice for someone, then such dream shows your dedication towards particular person or situation.

(See Feast of Immolation)

…To dream that you participate in a heroic act or in a simple personal sacrifice or idealism, suggests that you can be easily influenced and prone to fall under adverse and dangerous situations. This is the case of the suicide bombers that are influenced by others and so they commit this type of sacrifice. People who often dream that they participate, in some way, in a heroic act, are not reliable persons because they suddenly change their minds, depending always on the people who approach them. To dream that you somehow sacrifice yourself implies that you’re a temperamental person and that you have a difficult to control character, i.e., you’re conflictive and contradictory, as you can be happy and sad or quiet and irritable at the same time. To dream that you eyewitness a heroic act usually indicates that you’re experiencing a failure, either sentimental or in your job…

…(Hajj | Eid-ul Adha | Feast of sacrifice | 10th of Zul-Hijjah | Greater Bairam | Manumission | Sacrifice | Pilgrimage | Responding) Witnessingthe Feast of Immolation (arb. Eid-ul Adha) in a dream means reminiscing the past, renewal of past celebrations, reviving a state of joy, recapturing moments of one’s pleasant past, escape from destruction, salvation, redemption, release from prison or freedom from debts. (Also see Feast of Breaking the Fast | Ram | Sacrifice)…

…of the prescribed prayer and could not find a place or time to perform it in his dream, it means that he will face difficulties finishing something or paying a debt or satisfy a worldly goal. If one intentionally neglects to do an obligatory prayer, or if he plans to do them later (arb. Qada’) in the dream, it means that he takes his religious commitment lightly and hopes to correct his attitude at a later time. Performing the Friday congregational prayers in a dream is a sign of happiness, joy, festivities, celebrations, the pilgrimage season, abstaining from borrowing money for one’s accessories or luxuries. Performing the festival prayers (arb. Eid) at the end of the month of Ramadan in a dream means paying one’s debts, recovering from an illness, dispelling difficulties and dissipating one’s worries. Performing the prayers ofthe festival of sacrifice (arb. Eid-ulAdha. See Immolation | Manumission) in…

…(Hair of a newborn | Immolation offered on the seventh day for a newborn | Islamic tradition of shaving the hair of a newborn on the seventh day after his birth | Sacrament | Weighing the shaved hair of a newborn and distrib- uting an equal measure in gold or silver in charity for his benefit.) The offering of an ‘Aq’iqah ceremony in a dream represents glad tidings, the arrival of a long awaited person, recovering from an illness, or the release of a prisoner. Partici- pating in the sacrament of the ‘Aq’iqah rites in a dream also could represent a growing faith and certitude, and emulating the blessed traditions of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace. If the sacrifice presented in one’s dream on that day is a permissible one and if one fulfills all the necessary rituals in his dream, then it denotes his praiseworthy character and…

…(Immolation | Sacrifice | Vow) In a dream, an offering represents the wife who is the delight of her husband, or the child who is the delight of his father. An offering in a dream also represents one’s good deeds, although it also could mean trouble, adversities, enmity, dispute, fight, argument with one’s family, an invasion, or profits from hunting. (Also see Immolation | Sacrifice)…

Problems that concern the dreamer can be overcome with resignation and sacrifice.

…Dreaming of lambs frolicing{sic} in green pastures, betokens chaste friendships and joys. Bounteous and profitable crops to the farmers, and increase of possessions for others. To see a dead lamb, signifies sadness and desolation. Blood showing on the white fleece of a lamb, denotes that innocent ones will suffer from betrayal through the wrong doing of others. A lost lamb, denotes that wayward people will be under your influence, and you should be careful of your conduct. To see lamb skins, denotes comfort and pleasure usurped from others. To slaughter a lamb for domestic uses, prosperity will be gained through the sacrifice of pleasure and contentment. To eat lamb chops, denotes illness, and much anxiety over the welfare of children. To see lambs taking nourishment from their mothers, denotes happiness through pleasant and intelligent home companions, and many lovable and beautiful children. Dreaming that dogs, or wolves devour lambs,…

…Dreaming of handling oars, portends disappointments for you, inasmuch as you will sacrifice your own pleasure for the comfort of others. To lose an oar, denotes vain efforts to carry out designs satisfactorily. A broken oar represents interruption in some anticipated pleasure….

…Means joyous communing with friends, and speculators need not fear any drop in stocks. Courting among the young will meet with happy consummation. The sacrifice or atonement of another for your waywardness, is portentous of the humiliation of self or friends through your open or secret disregard of duty. A woman after this dream is warned of approaching disappointment….

…Dreaming that a nurse is retained in your home, foretells distressing illness, or unlucky visiting among friends. To see a nurse leaving your house, omens good health in the family. For a young woman Dreaming that she is a nurse, denotes that she will gain the esteem of people, through her self-sacrifice. If she parts from a patient, she will yield to the persuasion of deceit….

(See Feast of Immolation | Manumission | Offering | Sacrifice | Slave)

…Dreaming of altars usually symbolizes repentance, contrition, need of sacrifice, and it is assumed that is the spirit that’s acting now, therefore, dreaming of being before an altar, with or without a priest present indicates certain self-reproaches that will be useful so you should review your behavior to ease your conscience. Dreaming of an altar, with or without a priest officiating, it is a warning that the behavior of the dreamer is not as good as it should, so you’re probably making serious errors. Dreaming of building an altar announces joys, successes and benefits in business, employment or social relationships. Dreaming of destroying an altar portends failures, pains, diseases, etc. Dreaming that you stare at an altar that has been partially or completely destroyed for any reason, indicates that you have or will soon have a reason to suffer sadness, nostalgia, memories, of something that is now lost and…

If it is spreadable paste, then it announces that a successful company will increase your assets. If it is paste of pasta, then it warns you to sacrifice and not to rush at any time.

Dreaming of an eagle represents domain and triumph when we identify with it, and fear if it instills anxiety or pain. If we see it flying quietly, we are ready to sacrifice everything for an ideal in real life. If it attacks you, it indicates that you are unable to take responsibility for true love. Seeing it fly, ascending to heaven indicates that we will see our goals achieved. If it flies slowly or uninterruptedly indicates delays. If it is still, we will not achieve an intended purpose. If it falls, the same will happen to our projects. If we see it flying with its prey, we must be careful with our enemies. If it pounces on us or hurts us we are in danger. Seeing it caged augurs humiliation.

The wine symbolizes wealth and knowledge. The bunch of grapes is a symbol of fertility and sacrifice.

…Dreaming of whisky in bottles, denotes that you will be careful of your interests, protecting them with energy and watchfulness, thereby adding to their proportion. To drink it alone, foretells that you will sacrifice your friends to your selfishness. To destroy whisky, you will lose your friends by your ungenerous conduct. Whisky is not fraught with much good. Disappointment in some form will likely appear. To see or drink it, is to strive and reach a desired object after many disappointments. If you only see it, you will never obtain the result hoped and worked for….

…In a dream, a lamb represents one’s son. If one sees himself slaughtering a lamb in a dream, it means that either his son or the son of one of his relatives may shortly die from an illness or an accident. If one is offered a lamb as a gift in a dream, it means that he will beget a noble and a blessed son. If one sees himself eating lamb in a dream, it means that he will earn his money through such a son. If one sees himself herding sheep in a dream, it means that he will profit from a blessed money and acquire honor and fame thereafter. (Also see Sacrifice)…

…Condoling with orphans in a dream, means that the unhappy cares of others will touch your sympathies and cause you to sacrifice much personal enjoyment. If the orphans be related to you, new duties will come into your life, causing estrangement from friends ant from some person held above mere friendly liking….

Just as wine, it symbolizes richness and knowledge. The grape is a symbol of fertility and sacrifice.

…Dreaming that you attend a wake, denotes that you will sacrifice some important engagement to enjoy some ill-favored assignation. For a young woman to see her lover at a wake, foretells that she will listen to the entreaties of passion, and will be persuaded to hazard honor for love….

…It symbolizes sacrifice, patience, work and strength. If we see it glowing and with good antler, it predicts abundance of material goods. Without horns portends poverty. If it’s furious, disease. Sleeping, or very thin, poverty. Dead, misery and misfortune….

Unexpected expenses, physical exhaustion or benefit obtained based on a lot of sweat and sacrifice. Other authors interpret this dream, as forecast of comfort that will come from our environment, to mitigate our sorrow.

…Dreaming of pheasants, omens good fellowship among your friends. To eat one, signifies that the jealousy of your wife will cause you to forego friendly intercourse with your friends. To shoot them, denotes that you will fail to sacrifice one selfish pleasure for the comfort of friends….

Indicates that we can count on our perseverance and spirit of sacrifice to get out of the difficulties that lie ahead. If besides we are in the desert, it means that those difficulties are already on our shoulders.

Your triumphs are conditioned to prudence and sacrifice.

To dream of being a tattoo artists means that you are trying to make things better for someone, but actually making it worse. If someone is giving you a tattoo, you will have to sacrifice at some point of your life and this will leave a huge mark on you, you will have to return to yourself very hardly. The tattoo could also mean that you wish to get one in your waking life.

…Dreaming of soft zephyrs, denotes that you will sacrifice fortune to obtain the object of your affection and will find reciprocal affection in your wooing. If a young woman dreams that she is saddened by the whisperings of the zephyrs, she will have a season of disquietude by the compelled absence of her lover….

…Dreaming of being at a theater, denotes that you will have much pleasure in the company of new friends. Your affairs will be satisfactory after this dream. If you are one of the players, your pleasures will be of short duration. If you attend a vaudeville theater, you are in danger of losing property through silly pleasures. If it is a grand opera, you will succeed in you wishes and aspirations. If you applaud and laugh at a theater, you will sacrifice duty to the gratification of fancy. Dreaming of trying to escape from one during a fire or other excitement, foretells that you will engage in some enterprise, which will be hazardous….

…Silk in any form, is a symbol of erotic and physical pleasures. Overall, this dream usually predicts physical or emotional satisfaction, and it also indicates that it is a good time for love. Dreaming of resting on a silk cushion or pillow means that you’re trying to solve the issues you have in your own affairs and poverty at the expense or sacrifice of others. Dreaming of silk cushions without touching them announces prosperity or success in the affairs you’re handling. A young woman who dreams of sewing or making a silk cushion, indicates that she wants to get married with someone good. Dreaming of wearing silk clothes suggests that you have too many ambitions for money, power, and business. It also reveals vanity and pride. If the silk clothing is dirty or stained, it means disappointment, sadness and failures. Dreaming with silkworms may mean that you’ll get a…

Dreaming of soft sapphires symbolizes desire for love, abundance and fortune. You sacrifice your fortune to obtain affection. On the other hand, it can be indicative of your happiness.

…To see mustard growing, and green, foretells success and joy to the farmer, and to the seafaring it prognosticates wealth. To eat mustard seed and feel the burning in your mouth, denotes that you will repent bitterly some hasty action, which has caused you to suffer. Dreaming of eating green mustard cooked, indicates the lavish waste of fortune, and mental strain. For a young woman to eat newly grown mustard, foretells that she will sacrifice wealth for personal desires….

…it is the leg of a ram, then it means the death of the closest relative. Broiling a ram in a dream means governing for one year after which period one may be imprisoned. The number of rams in a dream represents the number of years. Thus, seeing them also represents the number of years one will serve in his job. The wool of a ram in a dream means money. A ram in a dream also represents the muezzin in a mosque, a general in the army, a deposed ruler, or a humiliated person. If a ram attacks someone in a dream, it signifies an attack by one’s enemy. If a ewe becomes a ram in a dream, it means that one’s wife will no longer bear children. If one is not married, then it means winning victory in his life. (Also see Ewe | Sacrifice | Sheep)…

Dreaming of resting on a luxurious silk cushion or pillow indicates that there are matters and poverty that the dreamer is trying to fix at the expense of effort and sacrifice of others. Dreaming of luxurious silk cushions or pillows without touching them announces prosperity or success in matters that are being handled by the dreamer. A young woman who dreams of sewing a cushion or making a luxurious silk pillow, indicates that she desires to get married to a good man. In the event that the cushion is made of a cheap fabric, it then indicates that the marriage will not be very good.

Resembling a cross, many authors interpret dreaming with this letter as a plan of service to others, or the need to go through dedication and sacrifice for the greater good.