…(Condiment | Veteran) In a dream, salt means easy money, common people and a good person. Seeing an argument between two adversaries and witnessing salt placed between them in a dream means that they will allay their differences and make peace. If common salt becomes spoiled in a dream, it means that a plague, injustice, or a drought will befall the people of that locality. Salt in a dream also signifies hard work, or an illness. Table salt in a dream also means asceticism, renunciation and detachment from the material world. It also means blessings, honesty and comfort. Eating bread with salt in a dream means contentment with little from this world. A salt shaker in a dream represents a good and a dutiful woman. Discovering salt in a dream means adversities and a severe illness. Salt in a dream also represents balance, usability of things and acceptability of…

Salt is an omen of discordant surroundings when seen in dreams. You will usually find after the dream of salt that everything goes awry, and quarrels and dissatisfaction show themselves in the family circle. To salt meat in the dream, portends that debts and mortgages will harass you. For a young woman to eat salt in her dream, she will be deserted by her lover for a more beautiful and attractive girl, thus causing her deep chagrin….

In dreams, seeing salt advises us that to be truly happy what we should treasure our spiritual goods. To dream with a salty extension express how barren is our inner world, same thing when the salt is spilled. To offer or receive salt means that we have strong friendships and efficient support.

Dreaming of salt is always an announcement of unpleasant situations in the near future (for example, fights, rumors, gossips, doubts, failures, losses). Dreaming of eating something salty or chewing salt can mean that you have little or no chance of overcoming your problems. A young woman dreaming of eating salt or something very salty can safely assume that she will soon break romantic, friendly, or work relationships; it can even mean a rupture inside the family nucleus.

In some ancient traditions, offering salt was the symbol of indestructible friendship because of the symbolism of incorruptibility that the saline element has, so in dreams offering or receiving salt is interpreted as a good omen, since it predicts that we have effective support for our projects and businesses or with strong friendships that will comfort us at all times.

If the salt shaker fall off and the salt is spilled, then it express how barren is our inner world.

(See Salt)

The salt in dreams is interpreted as the omen of confusion in your waking life. Perhaps there will much of the fights with those you love and misunderstanding with those you are working together. If you’re salting the food, it means that you will have money problems that will cause you guilt.

Denotes in general, weeping caused by receiving sad news. 258.

Vexation, dispute. 158.

Making use of it: new adventures, unexpected events, casual encounter.


…positive benefits for someone intending marriage or to enter into a business partnership. Seeing a herring or any of its clupeid type fish in a dream represent evil work or toiling for something one will never get. A fish in the pond in a dream is also a sign of benefits, though may be little benefits. Seeing dead fish floating in the water in a dream has an ominous connotation, or they could represent a hopeless case. Taking fish from the water and eatingthemalivemeansprofits, or an appointment to a high raking position in wakefulness. In a dream, if a sick man or a traveller finds fish in his bed it also connotes bad or a painful sickness or suffering from arthritis, or he may drown because he would be sleeping with them. Seeing sea fish covered with salt in a dream means lasting richness, because fish are preserved in salt,…

…If one sees himself in a dream invoking false oath, or making false claims to market his merchandise, it means that he will turn into that state to live in falsehood and oppose his own conscious. This includes prejudice, belit- tling the value of things, underweighing the selling measures, or accumulating interest from usury. A wheat salesman in a dream denotes someone who loves the world and does not think about his life in the hereafter. If one sees himself receiving money for his merchandise, or if he discards his profits from the sale in his dream, such an act maybe rewarding. Selling yarn in a dream means travel. Selling salt in a dream means earning extra money. Selling expensive fashion clothing and declining from taking money in a dream represents a trustworthy person who will attain a high ranking position. A fruit salesman in a dream represents a…

The same meaning as salt.

(See Salt)

(See Salt)

…in a dream, it means that he is in paradise. Meadows in a dream also represent the world and its pleasures, or they could represent a rich wife. Seeing an unusual meadow which is admired only when beheld, and enjoyed especially when visited in a dream represents a revered place, a house of God, a mosque, the grave of a prophet, or the graves of the righteous ones. A meadow in a dream also may represent the Book of revelations, the Qur’an, knowledge, wisdom, or paradise. If one sees himself walking from the midst of meadows into a salt swampland or a marsh in a dream, it means that he follows innovations, or that he indulges in sinful actions. Hearing the call to prayers from inside a meadow in a dream means a good deed, guidance after heedlessness, repentance, attending the congregational prayers, or following a funeral proces- sion….

Those persons who love you are not true to their salt. They will deceive you.

To dream of salad or salt is of sickness the sign.

…kill the smell of any port! Come, now, don’t be churlish!’”I gave in, sir. It was wrong of me, I know, but what else could I do? They filled my glass, not once, but three or four times, and I drank it up, every drop — greedily! For the mutton, which was uncommonly salt, had made me very thirsty.”Then, sir, I looked at my watch and saw to my horror that I had only three minutes left; that is to say, I was expected to meet the sergeant in three minutes time. A quarter of a mile in three minutes, could I do it? If not, then – and” here the man on the bench snapped his fingers emphatically — “I should be fined and dismissed the force! A quarter of a mile in three minutes! Fastest walking in a heavy overcoat and thick regulation boots, isn’t it?”Well, sir, I…

…Dreaming of eating bacon is good, if some one is eating with you and hands are clean. Rancid bacon, is dulness of perception and unsatisfactory states will worry you. Dreaming of curing bacon is bad, if not clear of salt and smoke. If clear, it is good….