…he saw,’ for what one sees in such a dream is the truth which resides in the realms of the unseen. In the second saying, when God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, said – “It is as if he has truly seen me,” it means that if one had seen him during the time of delivering God’s massage, the example will be the same. Thus, the first saying signifies what is real and true while the second saying implies the physical reality and its example. If one sees God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, coming toward him in a dream, it means blessings and benefits, and if one sees God’s prophet (uwbp) turning away from him in a dream, it means the opposite. Al-Qadi ‘Iyad, God bless his soul, in- terpreted the words of God’s Prophet (uwbp) in his saying – “Has truly seen me,” to mean – “has truly…

Dreaming of the beginning of a trip and saying goodbye is a bad omen. Dreaming of shaking someone’s hand, while saying goodbye, suggests that it will be a short absence, either from the dreamer or from the other person. Dreaming of saying goodbye to an unpleasant person, or that other people organize the farewell, indicates that the problems that the dreamer is facing at the moment, will disappear or at least diminish. Dreaming of saying goodbye to many people because you’re a celebrity or just popular, suggests that the dreamer is not satisfied with the mediocrity or the environment surrounding him, and you want to get involved with important people to improve your social, political and economic conditions.

If you dreamed of having the bad teeth, then such dream warns you about upcoming disasters, problems, pain and suffering you will get. Probably you said something insulting to other people, therefore everything you did badly comes back to you. Consider the saying what goes around comes around, at this time of your life the saying is very suitable. The rotten teeth could also indicate the emotional state you are at the moment. Perhaps there are some thoughts which are unpleasant either.

…To dream that you are saying farewell, foretells of grief, loss and possible death or bad health of someone near. Also it can be seen as the prediction of unpleasant news from far away friends. To dream that you are saying farewell to you lover denotes your lover’s insignificance towards you….

When you are dreaming of saying happy adieus to someone, then it symbolizes happy time, fun parties, unexpected guests you are going to have very soon. When you see saying sad goodbye to someone, this is a sign of tough life ahead of you. It could also be the meaning of losing someone you love, and how painful and unhappy you will be.

Dreaming of saying goodbye to someone insinuates that soon unpleasant news of distant relatives or friends will be received. A young woman dreaming of saying goodbye to her lover suggests that these romantic relationships are not going well. If in the dream the other person does not feel affected by the dismissal, it indicates that in reality there’s no true love.

The color blue could indicate the sadness you are feeling because of the saying: feeling blue. The color blue could also represent the goodness in your life, summer days and happiness overall.

…pursued the vision, that Mr. may have forgotten a circumstance which is now of very old date; but you may call it to his recollection by this token, that when I came to pay him his account there was difficulty in getting change for a Portugal piece of gold, and that we were forced to drink out the balance at a tavern.’”Mr. Reid awaked in the morning with all the words of the vision imprinted on his mind, and resolved to ride across the country to Inveresk, instead of going straight to Edinburgh. When he came there he waited on the gentleman mentioned in the dream. Without saying anything of the vision, he inquired whether he remembered having conducted such a matter for his father. The old gentleman could not at first bring the circumstances to his recollection, but on the mention of the Portugal piece of gold the whole…

…in an inappropriate place. A hyacinth flower in a dream also represents a beautiful woman or blessings, its fragrance represents one’s love for his wife, and its tenderness represents one’s concern and support for his family. Seeing branches of hyacinth spread inside a house in a dream means lauding or commending someone. If one is offered a hyacinth flower but find that it carries no fragrance in the dream, it means an adversity. If one throws a hyacinth flower to another person in a dream, it means that the receiver will experience sorrow at his hand and that their friendship will be hampered. If one sees another person sitting inside a mosque and surrounded with hyacinth in a dream, it means that the other person is backbiting him though what he is saying is not true. (Also see Lily of the valley | Water lily | Stone 2 )…

The dream, in which you see the elderly people, indicates knowledge and intelligence. You should pay attention to the conversation you had with this person and listen carefully what they were saying to you, because the advice you were given will brings much tranquility and peace in your life. The elderly people have wisdom about life, because they learned a lot from past mistakes and know the true values of the human’s lives.

To dream of ague, symbolizes your mental characteristics. This is a sign of mental confusion you are going to sustain. When you dream of other people being in contact with an ague it means that you will hurt other people around you. This dream wants you to make sure, that you are in control of what you are saying to the others or doing to them. Make sure you are not rude , intolerant or aggressive and be patient.

To dream that you’re saying “no” suggests that you sustain a situation in which you believe although you’re going against the majority. You always consider yourself in first place and make decisions without asking others.

…(Defecate | Excrete | Human excrements) Feces in a dream represent money. Excreting solid intestinal waste in a dream means that one will spend large amounts of money in caringforhis health. Having diarrhea and defecating in public in a dream means that one should be careful about exposing himself or becoming subject to a scandal or saying dirty words. Excreting involuntarily, then cleaning after oneself and carrying one’s pickings in a dream means earnings and money. Feces in a dream also mean honey. Defecating in one’s bed in a dream means divorcing one’s wife. Walking on feces in a dream means distress or depression. Walking away from the bathroom after cleansing one’s bowels in a dream means walking away from adversities. Falling into the sewers or a toilet bowl in a dream means entering a prison. Defecating in one’s pants in a dream means falling into sin, humiliation, speaking…

…Memorizing a poem or a verse from a poem in a dream means engaging in a business from which one will acquire great knowledge, or it could mean profits or success in whatever trade one chooses to practice. If one sees himself in a court of justice reciting poems for money in the dream, it means that he will give a false testimony. If he recites a poem for a gathering in a dream, it means that he will relate a wise saying, though he himself inclines to hypocrisy. If one sees himself listening to a poem in a dream, it means that he will associate himself with a group of people who do not foster the truth. In a dream, poems also represent falsehood or vain talk. Reciting a poem or listening to one and memorizing its verses in a dream means that one should take heed to…

…When you dream of a bed it represents your personal life and/or sexual intentions. If the dreamer sees his own bed, it foretells that you feel safe and secure at this moment of your life and the opposite explanation is of seeing or being in someone’s else bed. This condition indicates insecurity and regrets for your own actions, which you did in the past. Have you ever thought about saying: “What goes around, comes around?” There is a possibility that you are feeling guilty of something you did and/or getting back the results as the effect of your behavior. Usually when you look out for the bed, but can not find it, then this symbolizes difficulties while recognizing the familiar and intimate aspects of yourself. Maybe you find it difficult while expressing feminine or masculine side of your personality. Otherwise it could show the lack of internal safety in…

To dream that you are fighting with someone may mean that you are having anger issues with this particular person that was seen in your dream. You didn’t say anything to this person, therefore you dream of saying what you actually think of and express your anger without the fear during the dream. Sometimes the fighting could indicate your inner fights you have while deciding about something.

…might catch you. “”Not if I have even an average amount of luck,’ Jim persisted.” Her arrangements are admirable. Say, Lil, you wouldn’t keep me back, old girl? That extra three hundred and fifty pounds will just set us going.””It certainly was an allurement, and though” I still felt very uneasy — why I don’t know — I eventually yielded, and we spent the rest of the morning talking about our farm. Lord! How we did reckon on it!”Well, Sunday came at last, and Jim stayed with me till it was time for him to make tracks for the lady’s house. Then — well, mister, I will tell you the rest of the story in his own words: ‘ After saying good-bye to you, Lil,’ Jim began, ‘ I shouldered my bag of tools, and, taking a taxi, drove to the Marble Arch. I got out there, and went by…

The number six is interpreted in some cultures as the number of devil. On the positive note, the number six is saying that you haven’t made your task to seven.

…To dream of the screwdriver could relate to the same symbol of the screw, which means that you are thinking about having sex with someone. Or the dream may be an indication about small details you really care or do not care, because of the saying “all screwed up”….

To dream that your child is in pain and suffering a lot, shows that some of your saying or actions are hurting other people. This dream suggests to be more tolerant and listen what your children has to say. It is also very normal to worry about things that are unnecessary to be worried about. If you feel the pain during the dream, you might have psychological problems or you are in actual pain that is felt through dreams either.

If you used a toothbrush in a dream, then it suggests you to be more indulgent with what other people saying to you. There is no need to take every opinion as very important to your being. On the other hand, you are the one who says more then he should, therefore you brush the teeth, because you are trying to wash away that guilt.

…If you dream of seeing the claws, then such dream represents enmity and abusiveness. Perhaps the dream suggests you to be aware of the people you are surrounded by or the situations you are in, because there is a possibility to be harmed. Consider to pay attention in what you are saying to others either, as it might lead you to some minor problems….

If you dream of the gnawing at certain people, then it shows your attempt to fight the issues and problems that have been irritating you for a while. Consider, that the dream could also indicate the saying no.

(Herb | Regret) In a dream, leek represents a deaf person. Eating it raw in a dream means earning unlawful money, though feeling good about it. Eating it cooked in a dream means refraining from pursuing such avenues. Taking a bunch of leek in a dream means saying something one will regret.

…The dream where you’ll give a speech means you have to show your face for a person, or that your wishes will not be realized. Listen to a speech means that before saying something you must reflect….

When you see the dagger in your dream, then such dream signifies the necessity to be aware of what you are saying to others, otherwise you can hurt them. If you wrenched the dagger from anyone, then it means you will be able to avoid the unlucky situations. Overall, the dagger represents the frustration the dreamer has and tries to get rid of it. Maybe other people are trying to use you, therefore you must look after yourself.

If you dream of saying an anecdote it represents the funny side of yours and that you better spend time with those funny people than the ones who take things more seriously. If you hear someone telling you an anecdote it is a sign that you will meet happy and good people in near future. This dream also indicates that you have good and honest friends, you can trust them in whatever you do in your life.

…the risk of entering into a partnership or disadvantageous relationships. If a young and single woman dreams of clean, white handkerchiefs, it could mean that someone, who is false, is trying to approach her for illegal profits, even in sentimental aspects. Dreaming of several handkerchiefs of different colors, means that the dreamer’s image could lose prestige if his or her behavior is not moral or appropriate, and the dreamer should also be careful of not being na?ve or very sentimental. Dreaming of silk handkerchiefs suggests that the dreamer has a very pleasant, magnetic, and charismatic personality, and this is projected to people who surround the dreamer. If a young woman dreams of saying goodbye and she waves the handkerchief, it could mean that she’ll soon be able to make that trip which she desires, but taking the necessary and proper steps to avoid errors that could lead to frustrations….

…To dream that you are wearing these glasses to protect the eyes, is a sign that you will see something disagreeable. It a lover dreams such a dream, he will be apt to see some young fellow making love, or saying soft things, to his sweetheart. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 45, 3….

The dog in dreams is the symbol of love and friendship. If you were called a dog in a dream, then it shows the disrespected you are suffering from. If someone treats you like a dog, then such dream represents the fact that you are abused by someone. There is also a saying that dogs have some kind of connection with the other world that we don’t know and they are our angels who protects us no matter what, or even sends some kind of important message. The dogs could also foretell about the animalistic parts of our personalities, where we no longer act like human.

If you used the decoy in a dream, then such dream shows the tendency of yours to make misunderstanding situations to others. Perhaps you do things not properly and people don’t get it. Perhaps the dream is trying to change you and the way you were acting before. If you are in the decoy in a dream, then such dream shows the lack of self-acceptance you are suffering from. Probably you are saying not what you are thinking.

If you dreamed of tasting any kind of the sauce, then such dream indicates the knowing and thinking features of the dreamer. The sourness, bitterness, saltiness and other flavors, indicate the special meaning of the dream. There is a saying of some people being very saucy, therefore the dream suggests to be more opened and not afraid to express the opinion towards things that are important.

…To dream of madness presages impending trouble of all sorts. Not infrequently the dream is, to a large extent, fulfilled. I well recollect a lady saying to me once: “I dreamed last night that my brother and I were sitting by ourselves in the breakfast – room, when, something making me suddenly look up at him, I perceived a curious glitter in his eyes — a glitter that made my blood run cold. Presently, he made the most frightful grimace, baring his teeth, bulging out his eyes and frowning, and then all his features contorted as if they were India-rubber, and I saw something too evil and repulsive for words. With a shriek of terror I sprang up and made a rush for the door, and as I did so he gave a loud chuckle and bounded after me, crying out:”I’m mad! I’m mad! Say your prayers, I’m going…

…If you saw the spindle in a dream, then such dream indicates a productive and long life. The dreamer also should remember the saying, which says that karma is very important thing and whatever you did in the past, will come back to you in the future….

If you dream of saying the word “yes”, this indicates acceptation of a condition, situation or decision. On the other hand, it signifies a signal to do something that you have doubted.

When you tell a joke to someone while dreaming, then such dream symbolizes the negative attitude you receive from other people. People do not take seriously in what you are saying, therefore you are telling jokes in this dream. Alternatively, the dream could symbolize how funny and lovable you are by others. If you heard a joke that was told by somebody else in a dream, then it foretells about some situation which is pointless and you shouldn’t put effort while dealing with it. The joke that was told by someone else could also indicate some stress that is released by now.

The boomerang in a dream, reminds you of the saying which says that what goes around comes back around. Try to be positive on your actions.

If you are dancing the maypole dance, then it shows your happiness in which you are saying good bye to old days and welcoming the new one. The maypole dance could also indicate the manhood and its sexual factors.

…in one’s dream also represents a rich enemy, for its poison means money. If one sees snakes being killed in the streets in a dream, it means a war. A small snake in a dream represents a little child. Hunting snakes in a dream means tricking or deceiving one’s enemies. A black snake in a dream represents a strong enemy. A white snake in a dream represents a weak enemy. If one sees a snake talking to him and saying nice words to him in a dream, it means enjoying pleasant moments with one’s adversary, or benefiting at the hands of one’s enemy. If the snake talks harshly to him in a dream, it means suffering from tyranny and oppression caused by one’s enemy. Becoming a snake in a dream means being contemptible against one’s own religion. Seeing oneself as a half-snake half-human in a dream means being able to…

Usually dreams about crocodile represent jeopardy that is waiting for you. The dream offers you to look around in your waking life and find the person that wishes bad things for you. You should be aware, because the danger is waiting for you. The crocodile could also indicate the angry aspects of your personality. If the crocodile has bitten you, then it means you will suffer from the deception by those you love. Alternatively, the crocodile could indicate the false behavior, because of the saying– crocodile tears.