…Dreaming of scarlet fever, foretells you are in danger of sickness, or in the power of an enemy. Dreaming a relative dies suddenly with it, foretells you will be overcome by villainous treachery….

Being deceived by friends, loss of friends, quarrel about worthless things, affliction with one’s own children….

Coat or garment of this color, indicates dignity, influence, strength, and capacity, either in church, state or in trade.

Problems of all kinds will alter your business and provoke disturbances.

Dreaming your apparel is proper, denotes prosperity and happiness. To dream of white apparel is good only for priests. For the sick lo dream of white apparel denotes death. To dream of black apparel signifies the recovery of the sick. For rich men and servants to dream of being arrayed in scarlet robes is a signification of honour and liberty.

…Flies in dreams signify impending illness, generally of a mental nature, and misfortunes of various kinds. For example, a man whom I met abroad told me that he continually dreamed he was tormented with flies, prior to an attack of temporary insanity.Again, shortly before her children were attacked with scarlet fever, a lady dreamed her room was inundated with green flies; whilst someone else informed me that before losing her billet in an office she dreamed she was bitten on the lip by a blue-bottle, and the pain was so real that, on awakening, she examined the spot to see if there were marks to show that she really had been bitten….

…treachery on the part of a friend; act of ingratitude and jealousy.White, deaths.Examples, A lady who is intensely psychic, prior to the death of her husband dreamed the bedroom suddenly became black, and that a huge black lobster slowly descended from the ceiling and settled on her. Another lady, whom I have met in literary circles, shortly before her first manuscript was accepted, dreamed that on all the fingers of her right hand she saw rings set with enormous emeralds, and that the sky, stars, and moon were all of the brightest and most vivid green. Prior to going on a quite unexpected trip to America, a man I met dreamed a red pocket handkerchief fluttered through the air and fell on his lap, and when he put out his hand to pick it up, each of his knuckles emitted a lurid scarlet glow. Lastly, prior to a piece of…

…perhaps tell a real, soft satin from the inferior quality, I’ve heard my wife call papery stuff; but I do know a flaming scarlet velvet bodice with a short yellow skirt and high-heeled patent leathers are as out of place in most gentlemen’s houses as a pair of bishop’s pants would be in mine.”But then, of course, they were Socialists, and there is no accounting for anything, so I have always been told, among that class of people.”Good evening, constable, she said to me, smiling all over her rubicund face and making the trinkets on her bracelets rattle like half-a-dozen bead curtains. ‘My husband and I are so very much obliged to you for taking such care of our house during our absence, and we think the least we can do in return is to invite you to join us at dinner, after which my husband intends making you a…

…(See Silks and Stain.) To dream that your clothes are good, denotes prosperity and happiness; of white apparel, is good only for clergymen; to others it is a sign of trouble; to mechanics, decline of business; to the sick, death. If of black, however, it is of their recovery; of rich scarlet apparel, is good for rich men, signifying honour; but is death to the sick, and loss or captivity to the poor; to dream of women’s apparel, is good for the unmarried; but to a married man loss of his wife or sickness. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 17, 20….