…there, I’m no good at business. You shall have it, cash down, as soon as you have played the requisite part. To-day is Tuesday, isn’t it? “Here she thought for a moment, puckering up her forehead into tiny white wrinkles and tapping the back of the chair with her pointed nails — bird’s claws, I call them”. I have it!” she suddenly burst out.” Sunday! Yes, Mr. Bailey, you must come to my house on Sunday evening between seven and eight. See, here is the address and a plan of the house as well.” She gave me an envelope — a common enough envelope for a lady in her position— and bid me master the contents. She then went into minute details of the “plant” and at last prepared to take her departure. My word, old girl, you should have seen the phiz she pulled when I asked if she…

…In a dream, an old woman represents the ending of one’s life in this world, sorrows, the hereafter, wine, or bearing children after having lost hope in one’s fertility. An old woman in a dream also could represent deceit, cunningness, duplicity, backbiting, or slander. Seeing an old and sick woman in a dream may mean impotence, weakness, or disability. Seeing a thirsty old woman in a dream means drought. If she turns a young girl in the dream, then she represents rain. If an unknown old woman visits a sick person in a dream, it means his death. Otherwise, if an unknown old woman visits a pregnant woman in a dream, it means giving her the glad tidings of a son. If one is engaged in an important project and sees himself sleeping with an old woman in a dream, it means that his project will not succeed. An…

See a lady in a dream represents passion, nature, and love. Lady refers to your own feminine aspects; it can also represent your mother. Alternatively, indicates the temptation and guilt. If you know this lady, then it symbolizes the concerns and feelings you have about her. Seeing an old lady in a dream indicates that old problems will grow. Seeing group of ladies who speak in a dream refers to some gossip.

…If you dream of seeing old men fortunate you’ll be. But old women shall cause much vexation to thee. Old clothes signify fire, perhaps very next morn. Old buildings show contempt, trouble, losses and scorn….

…When it’s really old it represents wisdom. It is a beneficial and protective dream. Whether male or female puts us in our rightful place. These dreams are always transcendental and impressive. It is a good dream. If the old man is evil, then this shows the inner evil of our personality….

Dream of the lady may indicate your desire to be involved in love.

…pursued the vision, that Mr. may have forgotten a circumstance which is now of very old date; but you may call it to his recollection by this token, that when I came to pay him his account there was difficulty in getting change for a Portugal piece of gold, and that we were forced to drink out the balance at a tavern.’”Mr. Reid awaked in the morning with all the words of the vision imprinted on his mind, and resolved to ride across the country to Inveresk, instead of going straight to Edinburgh. When he came there he waited on the gentleman mentioned in the dream. Without saying anything of the vision, he inquired whether he remembered having conducted such a matter for his father. The old gentleman could not at first bring the circumstances to his recollection, but on the mention of the Portugal piece of gold the whole…

…had been taken seriously ill, and within the week she received the news that her aunt was dead.Another lady once dreamed she saw her youngest sister lying on the grass, apparently asleep, with two bats on her face. With a cry of dismay, for she loathed bats, my friend picked up a spade, the first thing that came to hand, to knock them off, when the scene changed, and she found herself digging a grave! She awoke in terror, and two days later heard of the death of her youngest sister, who had succumbed under an operation for appendicitis.Writing to me from Gipsy Hill, Norwood, a lady said: My sister Mabel once dreamed a bat settled on her shoulder, and she could not get it off. She awoke in a great fright, she told me, and she could not help feeling that the dream prognosticated something unpleasant. Her presentiment, unhappily,…

Dreaming of an old age is a sign that contradictory feelings will be experienced and unusual ideas will occur or actions will be taken.

(Patching) Darning an old garment in a dream represents hypocrisy, fawning, adulation, impertinence, or it could mean to manage by, or to suffer from a lasting poverty.

Meeting old acquaintances or friends again. 17.

…Dreaming of seeing an old man, or woman, denotes that unhappy cares will oppress you, if they appear otherwise than serene. See Faces, Men, and Women….

To dream that you are courted by an old woman, and that you marry her, shows you shall have good luck in prosecuting your affairs, but not without some reproaches from the world.

Seeing something old in a dream suggests that you should put something somewhere else. On the other hand, it can indicate something of the past that you need to enter into your life now.

Denotes unexpected and sudden marriage.

Luck and honour. 88.

(see WOMEN).

…and her identification was startlingly corroborated by the servants, who, unable to restrain their excitement on seeing her, simultaneously exclaimed, ” The ghost! The ghost!” It then transpired that, for some time past, the house had been haunted by the phantasm of a lady corresponding in every detail to Miss G; and as Miss G was found to be as familiar with every room and passage of the house as if she had lived there all her life, it could only be deducted that she had constantly visited the place in her immaterial body, and that it was her immaterial body (projection) that had been seen by various inmates of the house and taken for a ghost.T. Charley, in his News from the Invisible Worlds quotes the following curious example of a murder prevented by a thrice -fold dream: “Monday, April 2, 1781, I was informed by a person in…

To dream of an aged woman is generally a good omen, as it shadows forth domestic happiness: to a married woman such a dream foretells the birth of a child: to a young girl, that she will have an offer of marriage. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 3….

Misfortune. 35.

(See Elderly person)

To dream of seeing a man bowed down with age is a sign of good luck in business, and to a politician it denotes advancement. This is not a good dream for females, for to them it denotes want. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 63….

Deceit. 26.

Poverty, shame, sorrows.


Heritage, property left to one’s self….

Luck, good fortune.

Great blessing. 86.

General ill-luck. 75.

Concerns, longing.

Dreaming about dinosaur denotes expired outlook into old situations. To encounter a dinosaur, when you are dreaming, is suggestion that you may need to discard your old ways of thinking. Do you have old habits, that you want to get rid off? Dreaming that you are being chased by a dinosaur, shows the way to or the direction of your fears of no longer being needed or useful. On the other hand, there can be different explanation, being chased by a dinosaur, may reflect old problems that are still coming back. Are you haunted by old issues?

…of Leslie Montague, one of the best-known bankers in London. I examined the cutlery — the best firm in Sheffield, of course; the glass — nothing under-half -a- crown apiece; the serviettes — Damask linen every one of them; and I was about to slip out of my seat and examine the pile of things on the sideboard, when the door opened and a foot-man, carrying a tray laden with dishes, entered. Following at his heels were Mr. Montague and a lady, who, from the very affectionate manner in which Mr. Montague addressed her, I gathered was his wife.”And here let me say that I only concluded she was a lady from the fact of her being Mrs. Montague, otherwise her attire, which was flash and fast in the extreme, would have led me to believe she was some very common person. I’m no judge of ladies’ dress, and couldn’t…

…the earnestness with which he pleaded, flung him on the floor, and would have stabbed him, had not the room suddenly become pitch dark, and a loud and hollow voice uttered these words: “Fool! Thou hast murdered thine own soul! Know thy hell!” Something then struck me heavily on the forehead, I lost consciousness, and on recovering, found myself in a huge kitchen garden.A spade was in my hand, and I was digging for potatoes. The sun was so tremendously hot; my back and arms ached cruelly; and I was desperately thirsty. “Curse it!” I said to myself. “I have had enough of it! The old lady may go without her dinner for all I care! I am not going to wear myself to pieces and get sunstroke for her!’ Then I dashed my spade to the ground, and, looking round, espied a pool of clear water. Revelling in the…

…To dream of the shoes represent the dreamer’s view to life generally. The dream indicates how much grounded the one is feeling. To change the shoes for a different ones means that the one is changing some part of his life. To forget the shoes means that the one leaves the old times in the past or finding it hard to deal with it. To dream of wearing old shoes, means that the dreamer is very conservative person, who holds to his old ideas. Alternatively, the old shoes signify the acceptance of who you are. The new shoes symbolizes new ideas, new look into life. If the shoes do not fit, then it means that you are in the situation which you not supposed to be in, maybe there is something you feel uncomfortable about, therefore the shoes do not fit. To wear no shoes, means that there is…

…If you were dreaming that you were holding a baseball bat then the dream wants to show you how reasoned you are when it comes to getting what you want. There is an expression when someone is calling an “old bat” someone they don’t like. As we know an “old bat” describes an old person, especially an old woman who is annoying, silly and unpleasant to be in contact with. You should consider if there is someone in your life you don’t like or you might also feel neglected by the others. The dream could also represent the other meaning of this dream which represents sexual needs and/or wishes….

…Whereas in some cases mice-dreams would appear to import nothing in particular, in others they undoubtedly point to illness, and death. I remember one lady telling me she had several times dreamed she was surrounded by mice, and that on each occasion the dream was followed by the illness of one of her children.Another case, in which the mouse-dream foretold illness, is that of a lady who dreamed that she was at a dance one night, and as she was about to commence waltzing a mouse suddenly leaped from off her partner’s head on to her own, and bit her on the ear in the most vicious manner. She awoke smarting with the pain and, a few days later, was laid up with a severe attack of influenza. The dream had been so vivid that she could not help remembering it, and associating it in some way with her…

…To see one, a sign of weakness; many ladies bring calumny and slander. To see a light-haired one, is a happy event to the dreamer; a brunette, sickness; a pregnant lady, brings good news; a naked lady, signifies the death of a relative. To hear a lady speak, without seeing her, foretells departure. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 47, 51, 11….

…treachery on the part of a friend; act of ingratitude and jealousy.White, deaths.Examples, A lady who is intensely psychic, prior to the death of her husband dreamed the bedroom suddenly became black, and that a huge black lobster slowly descended from the ceiling and settled on her. Another lady, whom I have met in literary circles, shortly before her first manuscript was accepted, dreamed that on all the fingers of her right hand she saw rings set with enormous emeralds, and that the sky, stars, and moon were all of the brightest and most vivid green. Prior to going on a quite unexpected trip to America, a man I met dreamed a red pocket handkerchief fluttered through the air and fell on his lap, and when he put out his hand to pick it up, each of his knuckles emitted a lurid scarlet glow. Lastly, prior to a piece of…

…memory of so valuable a friend.) The other extraordinary story to which I have alluded, I heard from what I consider unimpeachable authority. Mrs. Brooke, whom I have already mentioned, told me that she was drinking tea one evening in Fleet Street, when a medical gentleman was expected but did not arrive till late. Apologising for his delay, he said he had attended a lady who suffered from a contracted throat, which occasioned her great difficulty in swallowing. He said she traced the cause to the following circumstance. When she was a young woman, and in bed with her mother, she dreamed that she was on the roof of a church struggling with a man, who attempted to throw her over. He appeared in a car man’s frock and had red hair.Her mother ridiculed her terror, and bade her compose herself to sleep again; but the impression of her dream…

To see one, a sign of weakness; many ladies bring calumny and slander. To see a light-haired one, is a happy event to the dreamer; a brunette, sickness; a pregnant lady, brings good news; a naked lady, signifies the death of a relative. To hear a lady speak without seeing her, foretells departure.