…A vagina in a dream signifies relief for someone who is experiencing hardship, pressure, or sorrow. It also could mean satisfaction of one’s needs, fulfillment of one’s desire, marriage, partnership, exposing a secret, working with minerals, protecting women’s chastity, imprisonment, the house entrance, the front door, travels, the prayer niche inside a mosque, one’s innermost secret, running water, heat, an oven, a garment, a canyon, discovering a cure for an illness and feeling happy about it, finding an elixir, feeling relief after having sexual relationship with one’s spouse, a grave, distress, one’s wife, fire, a burning desires, family reunion, having children, dispelling doubt about what is right and what is wrong, clearly identifying true from false, finding guidance, or heeding admonition. If a man looks at a woman’s vagina in a dream, it represents his wicked state of mind, needs, desires, humiliation, or it could represent the high standard…

(See Blowing)

Dreaming of touching something or someone indicates communication about your sensation and needs to others. This dream also indicates that you intend to evaluate a situation or collect information about your environment. Dreaming about people touching you represents your emotional relations with a person.

The touching in dreams may have several different explanations depending on the circumstances of the dream. If the dreamer felt very good while he was touched, then it means the desire for love and affection, and if he felt bad, then it means the opposite.

(Lesbian | Sodomy | Transvestite | Vagina) If one sees himself acting effeminately in a dream, it means evil, distress, fear or that a calamity will befall him. If an effeminate person sees himself having a vagina in a dream, it means that he has two faces or that he is satisfied to be knowledgeable as well as a fraud. If an effeminate person or a homosexual looks at his own male organ and finds no female organ beside it in the dream, it means that he will repent and back up from his loathsome conduct and revert to his natural sexual condition. If an effeminate person who is also bisexual sees himself as having a vagina, or if he looks at his penis in a dream, it means separation from his wife or mother or segregation from his friends. (Also see Sexual intercourse | Vagina)

…(Sexual organs | Vagina) Lustfully looking at the vagina of one’s wife or that of another woman, or touching it in a dream means engaging in a rotten business. Seeing a naked woman without her knowledge in a dream represents common pitfalls and mistakes one makes in his life….

…The feet in dreams is the symbol of your ability to walk through your path. The feet shows how much you are in touch with the reality. Washing the feet shows how you are getting rid of your old habits and how you are creating the new life and it is also a symbolism of freedom. The itching feet could show the annoying things or the actual itching you suffer from while sleeping, because of some bug that bite you. The feet of the others, means new friendships. The cold feet is the symbol of the lack of in touch with the situation. The feet that hurts may show that you are tired from all of the activities or responsibilities. The feet that is small means minor problems, big feet is a symbol of great achievements….

…be it a man or a woman in a dream means one’s own death, unless if one is travelling, then it could mean visiting that country where the deceased person is buried. Any sexual intercourse in a dream that culminates in ejecting semen and necessitates a complete ritual ablution in wakefulness represents disturbed dreams, or engaging in a forbidden sexual intercourse from the anus, or it could represent wet dreams. Having sexual intercourse in a dream also signifies paying one’s debts, or it could mean relief from pressures. Having sexual intercourse with a prostitute in a dream means love for the world, or it could mean profits. Having sexual intercourse with one’s wife in a dream means success in one’s trade. Having sexual intercourse with a heavenly woman in a dream means religious and spiritual attainment. (Also see Anus | Semen | Pleasure | Sodomy | Tears | Vagina)…

…To blow into fire in a dream means kindling a conflict or exasperating and intensifying it. Blowing into the ground in a dream means unveiling a secret or reprimanding one who does not keep a secret. Blowing into the vagina of a woman in a dream means that she will become pregnant. Blowing the trumpet of resurrection in a dream means salvation of the righteous ones. Hearing the first sound of the trumpet of resurrection in a dream means announcing the truth or hearing shocking and worrisome news. Hearing the second blow of the trumpet of resurrection in a dream means exposure of secrets, recovering of the sick, release of the prisoners, reunion of beloveds, loss of one’s capital invest- ment or the flow of wealth. (Also see Bellows | Trumpet of Resurrection)…

…reproductive organ in a dream means lustfulness. If the husband sees a thick yellowish fluid flowing from his wife’s sexual organ in a dream, it means that she will give birth to an unhealthy child. If a reddish fluid flows instead in the dream, it represents a short lived child. If it comes out as a black fluid in the dream, it means that such a child will grow to dominate the family and to be an unjust master of the household. The ovum of a beautiful woman in a dream means happiness, wealth and children. Semen in a dream also means attaining one’s goal, comfort, or wasting one’s capital, divulging one’s secrets, or the death of a child. If a farmer sees semen in his dream, it means that he will work on a barren land and make it fertile. (Also see Impurity | Sexual intercourse | Vagina)…

(Inverted | Queer) Seeing a pimp in a dream means moving from a clean place to a loathsome one, or from a vagina to the anus. A pimp in a dream also represents a pervert, or an inverted person who exhibits sexual desire for both sexes. (Also see Panderer | Thread)

Seeing an oval in a dream represents the qualities of a vagina, the womb and the female. It also symbolizes your aura and your spiritual energy.

…female sexual organs in a dream represent a good father or one’s profession. What comes or goes into the male organ or woman’s vagina in a dream of good or bad will reflect in their lives. Seeing one’s penis in a dream means children, money, pride, state, or authority. The testicles represent one’s livelihood, one’s daughters, protection and maintenance. The meaning of the penis and the testicles may be transposed in the dream interpretation. One’s anus in a dream means a pouch, a store, a resting place, or a coffer. The knee represents one’s capital or one’s attendance to his work and earning his livelihood. As for the legs, they too represent one’s capital, paying attention to one’s work and conduct. Man’s leg represents a woman, and a woman’s leg represents a man. If one’s leg turns into wood or iron in a dream, it means that he will fail…

Symbolizes a communication between two areas the darkness and clearness. The tunnel is associated with birth and is represented as the symbol of maternal vagina. The dark and endless tunnels make many nightmares that are expressed in dreams because of anxiety, insecurity or restless waiting for something that you wish for, but too afraid to obtain it.

Genitals in dreams are the symbol of sexual wishes and desires the dreamer has. The genitals show your desire to satisfy not only sexually, but spiritually either. To get more information and explanation about your dream, please see the meaning of Penis and Vagina.

(Homosexuality | Pederasty | Sodomize) Sodomy in a dream means a meeting between two men to engage in an evil act. To see an unknown person forcibly subjecting the one seeing the dream to engage in sodomy means letting oneself be overcome by an enemy. (Also see Pederasty | Vagina)

…In a dream, a saddle mount represents a boy, a dependable and a trustworthy servant, woman’s vagina, or the foundation of a house. If one sees himself putting his right foot in it in a dream, it means that he will have sexual intercourse with his wife. A saddle mount in a dream also represents one’s vehicle, comfort, job, travels, a carpet, a farm, wife, son, honest money, or a presidency. If one finds that his saddle mount has a cut, or if it disappears in the dream, it means that he will sell his saddle, or his vehicle, or that his dear servant may die shortly. (Also see Saddle)…

…one’s dream could mean a broken door, or loosing one’s keys, or perhaps it could mean the death of one’s parents, husband or wife. Lips in a dream also represent the livelihood of singers or musicians who play wind instruments for a living, or the livelihood of a glass blower. If one’s lips look thin and rosy in a dream, they denote clarity of speech, guidance, good food, good drink and happiness. Thick lips with black or blue color in a dream represent laziness, languor, failure to present a verifiable proof or to bring a strong witness, or they could mean discomfort, or difficulty in earning one’s livelihood. If a sick person sees his lips black or blue in a dream, it could mean his death. Closed lips in a dream represent one’s eyelids, a vagina, the anus, the banks of a river or a well. (Also see Body’)…

Dreaming about walking inside a dark tunnel means you’re acting blindly, which will bring bad results in everything you are doing. To be inside a tunnel while a train is speeding inside it, announces disease or an important change in life. To build a tunnel means enemies, competitors or rivals are conspiring to harm you. Looking inside a tunnel without entering it, means that you will receive proposals for doubtful legality issues. Symbolically, the tunnel is a channel of communication, dark and gloomy, between two areas of clear light. That is the reason why the tunnel is usually associated with initiation rites and birth. The tunnel exit represents the maternal vagina.

(See Vagina)

The dream in which you see some kind of religious symbol, indicates your desire to get more in touch with yourself and spiritual world. To dream about the religious symbol could also be interpreted as the suggestion to be aware with your inner thoughts and emotions, try to find deep connection with another world, because you are too grounded. Sometimes the religious symbol could simply be a reflection how deep religious you are in your waking life.

The poop which you dreamed about represents some unpleasant features in your personality that you don’t like. In some cultures the poop is interpreted as the omen of good luck. If the poo is not yours, you should be careful of people you are in touch. There is a possibility that you will not be understood very well.

…Condoling with orphans in a dream, means that the unhappy cares of others will touch your sympathies and cause you to sacrifice much personal enjoyment. If the orphans be related to you, new duties will come into your life, causing estrangement from friends ant from some person held above mere friendly liking….

…The elephant in dreams is interpreted as the symbol of wisdom, power, knowing and force. The elephants are also related to good memory the one has. Perhaps there is something you wish to remember or for a long time, because you experienced the great things or simply wish to know more of the things. The elephant that lets you to touch him is looking happy, foretells about your happy way of thinking. If you rode the elephant, then it shows that you will achieve whatever you wish. If the elephant is making some kind of an act for entertainment reasons, then you will be surrounded by happy and joyful people. If the elephant is making some kind of work, you will receive success through your hard work. There is also a saying that when you dream about elephants you are looking for particular answers, and when you will wake…

Loss and misfortunes. Touch or see flour means illness or break up with your loved one.

(Touch) In a dream, examining means spying, eavesdropping or paying attention to a conversation one should not listen to.

…(Tender touch) In a dream, caressing a bird, a dog, a cat, a horse or a cow, etcetera, means having a soft heart, speaking gentle words, ability to draw people to oneself. Caressing someone during the daylight in a dream means slandering and backbiting him. Caressing a woman in a dream means that one will become a translator, or it could represent a frivolous person or someone who appeals to ludicrous people, or it could mean self-adulation or deficiency in one’s craftsmanship….

…down, swirled round and round her face, though never near enough to touch her, and whilst they were still swirling, she awoke. A day or two afterwards, her favourite sister was drowned in Lake Lucerne. A Major Roper: writing to me some time ago from India, said: Here is an experience that may be useful to you in compiling your work on dreams. I have twice dreamed of bats, and on each occasion the dream has been followed by a calamity. In the first instance, I thought I was sitting in my bedroom in my old home in Bedford (I am an old B.G.S. boy), when six bats, one after the other, flew in at the window, and, after whizzing round the room, vanished in the marvellous fashion that seems so natural in a dream. The next day I had a cablegram from England to say my brother was drowned…

(Acumen | Astute | Discrimination | Physiognomy | Prophesying) If one finds himself capable of perceiving matters with astute sense, or to discrimi- nate things with a clear mental keenness, or to even explain the future, or to prophesy, or to know what is hidden in a dream, it means that he will acquire all what is good, and that God Almighty will protect him so that no harm, or evil will ever touch him. Perspicacity in a dream also represents goodness and salvation.

…When you dream about the ghosts, then such dream symbolizes the fears you have. This could be something unpleasant from your past, the current unhappy relationships and unexpressed emotions. The ghosts in dreams could indicate your fear of death. You are not feeling good about the fact that you will die. The ghosts could also indicate something you have no longer interested to. The ghosts in dream could indicate your inability to be down to earth. You do not understand the reality the way it is. If you dream of seeing a ghost ant trying to touch him, then such dream indicates your effort to understand some situation in your waking life even if subconscious mind of yours doesn’t want you to understand it. If you see someone you know in your waking life being a ghost, then such dream represents the bad qualities of that person. You should…

When you see yourself being abroad, then such dream indicates your desire to escape some kind of situation, because you don’t know how to deal with it. If you go abroad with your ship, then such dream is an omen that one of your close friends will get in touch with you.

If they are blooming, it indicates that our projects come true happily, but if the flower falls indicates upcoming disappointments. If we see almonds but do not touch them, it will bring difficulties. If we pick them up, we can expect happiness. If we take them out of their shell, it signifies gains. If they are bitter, it indicates family disturbances without consequences.

…To dream that your bones are coming out through your skin suggests that someone, apparently a friend is really a hypocrite who is trying to take advantage and hurt you. To dream about animal bones that are lying in a messy way suggests that you’re living in an unpleasant environment, and to avoid further complications you have to make a change. If you touch the bones with your hands, it announces bad news. To dream about human bones suggests that a person you appreciate will suffer a fatality….

Dream of a male statue means you’ll have honor and glory. A female statue means fertility. To dream that a statue is walking near you means a big problem is coming. Seeing people you know as statues in a dream means a lack of communication with these people and that those relations are inflexible. On a more positive note, it may represent someone you idealize and admire. To dream that you are a statue means you are out of touch with reality. Seeing the Statue of Liberty in a dream means personal or cultural freedom. You have found your own independence and you are starting to live again. On the other hand, means a symbol of free enterprise and good condition.

To see one, warning to be more in touch with your spirituality.

The computer in dream indicates your capacity to live the life you are living. When you dream that you are in touch with other people and talking to them through your computer, then it means you are lurking for communication with those around you. If your computer doesn’t work, has some virus in it, then such dream means that you are feeling out of control in some aspect of your life.

The fire signifies anger, danger. See a fire burning in the fireplace without smoke or scintillations, denotes perfect health in body and mind also festival, greatness, joy among friends and relatives. This dream, upon seeing the contrary of the foregoing fire, announces anger, disputes, spending of money, family quarrels, and, in certain cases, bad news. An extinct fire, indigence, necessity, and desire of money. A fire that is lighted with difficulty, which goes out, shame and disgrace to a married couple, one of whom is the dreamer, in most cases the cause because of differences. To touch fire without injury, means success, despite the intervention of the envious people. To be burned by a fire, is a warning of violent fever. See someone else burn, means that someone in this dream is in danger to either of the dreamer or the person who is burned.

…The flying according to some dream interpreters foretells about our will to escape the reality, because there is a necessity for freedom. The flying could also show that we tend to think better about ourselves then the others, because we are above them while flying. The flying could also indicate our sexual wishes where we wish to reach the top of the pleasure. If you are flying really high where you see the earth and able to see the galaxy, it may show that you are not in touch with those around you. You feel very distant and have no idea what is going around you. If you have wings and flying like a bird, then it means you are incapable to agree that you are only human and limitations you’ve got since you were born. You are still in some kind of childish thinking, where you wish to…

…losing something. If you kill blue dragon, then you need to learn more in order to get knowledge. If dragon is attacking you, then there aren’t any chances to avoid something, what is represented by dragon’s colour. If red dragon attacks you – you may get very intimate offer. If someone is attacked by dragon is attacking with fire, then it is your action’s representation. Burning dragon is spitting fire on person, that you know and have feelings on her/him, so this dream represents your burning passion or burning anger for this person. If you’re touching a dragon, it represents your accommodation with particular condition. To touch grey dragon in the dream, means that you don’t have worries about not being able to choose something. If you see eating dragon, then it shows that condition is going bigger. To see green dragon eats grass in the dream means that you…

When you dream that you are being paged, then such dream shows that you are going to receive the important call where your help will be needed. Someone is expecting for your help. The pager could also indicate some person in your life that wants to get in touch with you.