…(Food) Anointing oneself with oil in a dream means receiving blessed and lawful earnings, or it could mean recovering from an illness. Drinking oil in a dream has a bad connotation and implies a bad omen, an evil spell or an illness. However, olive oil in a dream also represents knowledge, wisdom, spiritual guidance, inner light, blessings and lawful earnings. Drinking any other type of oil in a dream such as oil from rape seeds of the crucifer family tree (Brasica napus), or cashew oil from the terebinth tree {Pistacia terebinthus), then it represents earning money from a suspicious source, or receiving illegal money. Oil in a dream also represents the light of the heart, spiritual growth, a growing insight, or it may denote birth control, murders, assassinations, or braking someone’s bones. Oil in a dream also denotes a broker. If good oil turns putrid or stale in a…

To see or use cooking oil, when you are dreaming, has the symbolic significance of conversion. Cooking oil in the dream also symbolizes a transition, which is very easy. Changes in your life will give you more happiness than troubles.

Cooking on fire in a dream means attaining one’s goal or achieving one’s purpose. If one sees himself preparing food on fire, and if his food is well cooked in the dream, it means that he will attain success and become famous. Otherwise, if his food is not well cooked in the dream, it means that he will fail to attain his goal. Cooking in a dream also means provoking matters of interest. If the food is well cooked in the dream, then it means money and profits. Cooking raw meat in a dream and finding it hard to cook means getting involved in something that will not mature. Otherwise, if it does cook, and if one can eat from it in the dream, then it means success. Cooking mutton in a dream means living an honorable life, being generous and earning lawful money. If one cooks beef in…

The dream, in which you see yourself cooking, denotes to your wish to control the surrounding and people around you. Perhaps you are the person who is willing to handle everything on your own. If the cooking is part of your daily routine, then it is very normal to have dreams about it. On the positive note, the cooking indicates the care you wish to give to others or be cared by others. You wish to be appreciated. If you dream of the failure while cooking, then such dream suggests you to become less serious.

With the exception of dreaming of a broken glass or another container filled with oil, which bodes misfortune, the oil always promises success and prosperity, even when the oil is dirty or smearing papers, clothes or other objects, in which case such prosperity will be achieved with evil arts. The best dream is said to be when oil is poured on the head, which means that we will be elevated above our fellowmen.

…Dreaming of anointing with oil, foretells events in which you will be the particular moving power. Quantities of oil, prognosticates excesses in pleasurable enterprises. For a man Dreaming that he deals in oil, denotes unsuccessful love making, as he will expect unusual concessions. For a woman Dreaming that she is anointed with oil, shows that she will be open to indiscreet advances….

Dreaming of cooking usually indicates that the dreamer is thinking of good friends that have distanced themselves and due to pleasant moments spent together, the dreamer wants them back. Dreaming about having some trouble or fight with someone while cooking, for example having food hitting the ground, or breaking something, indicates that the expected friends will create problems for the dreamer. Dreaming of cooking on a stove indicates that soon problems will diminish. When the dreamer is a woman, it indicates that her indifference and lack of affection causes her to lose friendships. Dreaming of a kitchen indicates surprising situations that will bother the dreamer. A woman that dreams of her kitchen being clean and organized hints that her life in the immediate future will be pleasant.

Dreaming of spilled oil on the ground or over any object, it’s a sign of an irreparable loss, if oil is spilled on the dreamer, it’s a sign of upcoming goods. If you dream that you have oil, it means prosperity.

Spilled oil signifies irreparable loss. Oil that is seen on yourself, gain. To gather oil means great advantages.

The oil is very often associated with the sexual desires the one has, therefore he dreams about slippery textures. The oil is also used in many traditional ceremonies, therefore it could be an omen of upcoming an important event in your life. The oil is also a symbol of wealth for many people.

(Oil mill | Oil refinery | Refinery) In a dream, an oil press represents spiritual guidance, knowledge, a foster mother or a wet nurse. (Also see Sugar mill)

…In dreams, the meaning of selling is symbolic and depends on what is being sold. If you dream that useless things or items of little value are being sold, then it means that there’ll be a slight improvement in work or business. However, if during the dream the dreamer is selling valuables, furniture, paintings, vases, jewelry, etc., it means that his or her current position will improve considerably….

To see a cooking stove in a dream, denotes that much unpleasantness will be modified by your timely interference. For a young woman Dreaming of using a cooking stove, foretells she will be too hasty in showing her appreciation of the attention of some person and thereby lose a closer friendship.

In a dream, sesame oil represents someone who enjoys a material and a spiritual life. If burned, then its light means guidance, and if heated to fry something, then it represents something valuable. Eating sesame oil or using it as an ointment in a dream means profits, comfort, honor, rank, good deeds, or having prior knowledge about something.

if you are cooking, you will be happy and joyful.

To do some of the cooking, means the gossips for a women. See it being cooked, means scandal.

If it’s a woman who dreams of someone cooking, it means great joy and satisfaction in the family. If it’s a man who dreams of it, it’s a big sign of big and shameful jobs.

To dream you trade with oil is fortunate indeed.

Sweet oil in dreams, implies considerate treatment will be withheld from you in some unfortunate occurrence.

(See Oil press)

(See Oil press)

Dreaming of castor oil, denotes that you will seek to overthrow a friend who is secretly abetting your advancement.

Dreaming you are anointed with oil, is good for women; but for men it is ill, and implies shame.

To see linseed oil in your dreams, denotes your impetuous extravagance will be checked by the kindly interference of a friend.

To dream that one anointed with oil is beneficial for a women, but for men it is illness.

To have interaction with or to encounter or to see an oil spill, when you are dreaming, can be interpreted as your being in the state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty. Maybe you are in psychological turmoil. If yes, then you are experiencing troubles in your personal relationships. That gives you a lot of stress. You need to take a break and relax.

Be very careful with any business or new project that you start, since dreaming about oil means damages or material loss.

Oil and gas represents our energy capacity.

Seeing an oil tanker in a dream represents that you need to defend your beliefs without being violent.

represents everything about our food. If the kitchen is well stocked with utensils, then it indicates the organizational skills of the dreamer. If you lack the most essential things in the kitchen, then it shows you are not prepared for the future. If the kitchen is well stocked, then it indicates good material conditions to face the future. If the food is burnt or not cooked, then it warns you that you have much to learn in order to succeed.

If in the dream we cook food, it announces good health and financial benefits.

(See Pot)

…(Cooking pot | Vessel) In a dream, a cooking pot represents one’s wife, his livelihood and home, while the lid represents the husband. If the pot looks in a good condition and of value in one’s dream, then it represents his nobility and honor. A pottery cookware salesman in a dream represents comfort and one does not need to travel to earn his livelihood, while a copper cookware or other types of cookware salesman in a dream represent a livelihood based on travelling from door to door. A cooking pot in a dream also represents a scholar or a man of knowledge who is sitting in the teacher’s chair, while the meat, vegetables and spices inside the pot represent his knowledge, wisdom and their benefits for the seeker. A pot on fire with water boiling inside it in a dream represents a divorced woman. A pot in a dream…

To cook a meal, denotes some pleasant duty will devolve on you. Many friends will visit you in the near future. If there is discord or a lack of cheerfulness you may expect harassing and disappointing events to happen….

Babbling, tattle.

Bad for everybody. 17.

Steady good health.

Having many temptations.

Considerable loss.