…(Imprisonment | Suckling | Nursing) In a dream, it means being in need, becoming an orphan, business losses, being emotional or having a temper. If a woman sees herself breast-feeding a man in a dream, it means tightness of worldly means or imprisonment for both of them. Breast-feeding a child after weaning him in a dream means a sickness or imprisonment. Though, if a pregnant woman sees herself breast-feeding a child in a dream, it means that she will have a safe delivery. If one sees himself breast-feeding a hunted animal, or a domesticated one, or if one sees himself suckling their milk in a dream, it means that an affliction, or a calamity will strike at that person, then it will secede. If a man sees himself having milk in his breast in a dream, it means material success and prosperity. Should he breast-feed someone in that dream,…

…(Woman’s milk-producing glands) A woman’s breast in a dream represent’s one’s wife, progeny and a large property. They also represent honor and prosperity. Their beauty is her beauty, and their ailment is her illness. If one sees a woman hanging down from her breast in a dream, it means that she has committed adultery and that she will give birth to a bastard son. If a man sees milk coming from his breast, and if he is poor, it means that his poverty will end, his life will be a long one, and he will even carry the financial responsibility of caring for two of his brothers. If he is unmarried, it means that he argues about his fertility and doubts his own ability to conceive children. If a young woman sees her breasts in a dream, it means that she will bear a child. Otherwise, if a single…

…and to the one who is breast-feeding him. Hiring a wet- nurse to breast-feed one’s child in a dream means raising a child to be like his father, or to have the character of one’s father. Sucking milk from a woman’s breast in a dream also means prosperity and profits. Drinking the milk of a horse in a dream means receiving love and affection from someone in authority and earning benefits from such a relationship. Drinking the milk of a mare in a dream means a meeting with a ruler. In general, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, or sheep’s milk in a dream represent lawful earnings. Milking in a dream means craftiness and cunning, or it could mean prosperity. Milking an Arabian she- camel in a dream means working in an Arab country. Milking an Asian Bactrian camel in a dream means working in another country. If blood comes out of…

…To dream that you are sucking on something, indicates that you need emotional nurturance. You are expressing a desire to escape from your daily responsibilities. Alternatively, it may represent low self-esteem and your feelings of inferiority. The dream may also be a metaphor for “sucking up” to someone. To dream that someone is sucking on you, suggests that you are feeling drained, physically and/or emotionally. You feel that you are too much of a giver in a situation or relationship….

…To dream of Christianity, means expansion of beliefs. Christianity also relates to the dreamer’s personal beliefs and religious experiences. It can be a sign of inner spiritual growth and development of the new aspect in personality. On the other hand, it may refer to a person in the dreamer’s life whose name is Christian….

(See Church | Temple)

I have often dreamed complete tales, and, oddly enough, the scene of my tale-dream is, more often than not, in Hyde Park. I append the following by way of illustration. I dreamed it was a wet night, and that I saw, sitting alone on a seat in Hyde Park, with the rain falling mercilessly on her head and shoulders, and forming a large puddle in her lap, a woman — a silent, white-faced woman, that might well have passed for a corpse, or for a typical phantasm of the dead. I was so struck with the sight that I involuntarily stopped, and, advancing towards her, enquired if she were ill.The sound of my voice made her start, and, shaking the water from her dress with a dull, mechanical movement, she said reproachfully, ”Why can’t folks let me alone? You are the third who has spoken to me within the…

…(arb. Encompassing the two hills of Safa and Marwa | Mecca | Rituals of the pilgrimage) Encompassing the two hills of g_afa and Marwa in a dream denotes one’s righteousness and correctness. It also means reconciliation between two people, quelling a conflict, mediating between two people and bringing about a just and a peaceful agreement. If the one who is walking between the two hills in the dream is a judge, it means that he will be just and equitable. If he is a husband, it means that he will be just with his wife, or true to his parents. If one is ill, it means that he will recover from his illness and return to earning his livelihood. (Also see Rituals of the pilgrimage)…

The I.D. indicates your own identity and how you think about yourself. If you lost you I.D., it means that you are not feeling yourself anymore. If someone has stolen your I.D., it symbolizes your fear of being influenced by others in the negative way. If the driver’s license or I.D. was taken from you because of the your behavior, you will have to face the consequences for what you have done.

…(arb. Retreat | Seclusion) In a dream, it represents a spiritual retreat, prayers, hunger, fast, depression, humbling oneself, controlling one’s passions and desires. (Also see Retreat)…

To dream that you receive the intravenous drip means that you have a feeling of someone interrupting into your life while you don’t know it.

It was once considered the symbol of a serpent that would descend in dreams to communicate a message, but the most common interpretation is that there is a connection between various levels of consciousness.

(arb. See Chair | Divine Throne)

…Soon after getting into bed one night (in January, 1908), I fell into a deep, blank sleep, from which I was abruptly torn to find myself at the entrance to a forest, a forest I knew, by sight, only too well. It was the forest of Trouble, and, willy-nilly, I had to enter it. On all sides, leviathan trees of the blackest ebony shot up hundreds of feet heavenwards, permitting only the feeblest rays of light to penetrate through their forked branches. What species of trees they were I do not know, for nothing I had seen outside my dreams resembled them. Their trunks were smooth, and in their mirror-like surfaces I could see reflected the workings of their innermost organs, whilst the rising and falling of their hollow voices was wafted down to me from on high, like the murmuring of wind from some mountain top. Nimble hands…

(See Arabic months)

For old persons, bad; for young persons, good.

…(See Milk.) To dream of breasts, denotes great gain and profit to man; but to a woman, losses. If a young woman dream that her breasts are full of milk, it signifies she is near her marriage. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 6….

Great success in love.

Being in good health.

Constancy in love. 125.

Happiness in conjugal life.


Triumph over one’s enemies. 54….

Helping a friend, being a friend’s heir. 353….

Realization of one’s wishes, becoming happy. 288….

Unexpected joy.

Going out of the way of a great danger. 332.

Advantage, superiority.

Quarrels, separation of friends.

Gaining great respect. 77.


Cautiousness, prudence, foresight.

Having many hands employed.

Fraud, snares, deceit.

Being bold and careless. 81.

Separation of friends.

Denotes making good undertakings; or, having to do with the magistrates. 114.

Denotes triumph over an enemy.

Luck, joy fullness.

Bad times. 354.