…(Employment | Knowledge | Prison) If a man of knowledge sees himself swimming in the ocean in a dream, it means that he will attain his goals. If he enters the water of the ocean then comes back to the shore in a dream, it means that he will commence his path of seeking knowledge then abandons it. Swimming in a dream also means going to jail. Swimming on sand in a dream means that one may be incarcerated, that his living conditions in his jail will be constricted, and that he will suffer in his prison from hardships equal to the difficulties he encounters during his swim in the dream. If one sees himself swimming inside his own house in a dream, it means that he will work for a ruthless, wicked and an unjust employer who will entrap him in his service through a business deal. Consequently,…

…(Assertion | Nude | Stripped | Unclothed | Undressed) Nakedness in a dream represents inward purity and clarity, or it could mean committing an act that will culminate in regret. Undressing oneself in a dream means facing a reticent, hidden, unexpected and notorious enemy who will publicly assert his enmity. If one sees himself alone and naked in a dream, it means that one of his enemies, knowing his weaknesses, is demanding capitulation from him, or threatening him, or blackmailing him. If one sees himself naked during an assembly or a party in a dream, it means that he will be exposed or defamed. If one sees himself naked in the midst of people, though he does not feel shy and is not aware of it in the dream, it means that he engages in a project then exaggerates the degree of his involvement, suffer hardships and gains nothing…

…Dreaming that you are naked, foretells scandal and unwise engagements. To see others naked, foretells that you will be tempted by designing persons to leave the path of duty. Sickness will be no small factor against your success. Dreaming that you suddenly discover your nudity, and are trying to conceal it, denotes that you have sought illicit pleasure contrary to your noblest instincts and are desirous of abandoning those desires. For a young woman Dreaming that she admires her nudity, foretells that she will win, but not hold honest men’s regard. She will win fortune by her charms. If she thinks herself ill-formed, her reputation will be sullied by scandal. If she dreams of swimming in clear water naked, she will enjoy illicit loves, but nature will revenge herself by sickness, or loss of charms. If she sees naked men swimming in clear water, she will have many admirers….

…To dream of swimming is an excellent omen, as it foretells success and good fortune generally: if you dream you are swimming, or bathing in clear water with ladies, it predicts that you will soon marry the one of your choice, particularly if she be present; and to dream yon are naked and swimming in clear water, is a sign of excellent luck in business matters. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 54, 18….

…Dreaming of swimming in clear and fresh waters can mean that difficult issues and problems are about to end. Dreaming of swimming in dirty and muddy waters suggests that the dreamer is going through a difficult situation that will get worse in the near future. People who are in love who dream of swimming in clean waters suggests that there will be a marriage soon and that it will be a happy one. If the water is dirty, then dream’s meaning will be the complete opposite. Dreaming of swimming symbolizes success, progress, comfort, and enjoyment of life. But if in the dream there is a feeling of sinking and drowning, then it means the complete opposite. Dreaming of diving suggests that the dreamer has the skills and inclination of investigating and searching in a difficult way the solution to various problems, and also that he or she is very…

If you dream that you are naked, it shows the fairs you have. Perhaps you are afraid that your privacy or secrets will be revealed. If you are naked in front of other people and feeling very bad about it, you have self-trust issues that must be fixed. If you are naked and feel confident being so, then such dream signifies the confident you have while being yourself. You are not afraid to be who you are, because you do not need to pretend someone you are not.

To dream that you are swimming in some water like ocean, pond, sea, river or even swimming pool predicts great financial affairs, relationships with those you are communicating at the moment. If you are swimming in the pool, you will be happy as never with the love of your life. The woman in the pool augurs happiness in relationships and the man in the pool denotes to great financial gain. When you see yourself learning to swim, you will get a very favourable lessons from life. If you teach someone how to swim, you wish to share your knowledge.

In a dream, women represent the world, its glitters and pleasures. If one sees women coming toward him in a dream, it means his success in the world. If they walk away from him in the dream, it means his poverty in the world. Sitting content in the company of women in a dream means lack of work. (Also see Woman)

Others naked show wealth, but yourself naked is shame.

…To dream that you’re naked indicates honesty and sincerity of emotions; it also means that you crave pleasures and passions. On the other hand, it can mean your fear of being discovered and exposed on your activities. A dream that you suddenly discover your nudity and are trying to cover it, means your vulnerability to a situation. To see someone naked in a dream and you are disgusted by it, means that you have some anxiety to discover the truth about a person or situation. It can also foresee illicit love affairs….

…First we should see if there are sexual implications, in which case the meaning couldn’t be more evident. If that’s not the case, then: seeing ourselves naked equals seeing ourselves free of all hypocrisy. If we feel happy that reflects the tiredness of continually pretending like society imposes. In extreme cases it might reveal the desire to leave all social life. If the nakedness makes us uncomfortable then it reflects hopelessness, an impotence we experiment, socially or professionally. It can also represent shame of our own body. If we see other people naked it might mean sexual desire, or the desire to know the thoughts and intentions of others about us….

…Who has not dreamed of being suddenly bereft of their clothes and of finding themselves in some public place, the cynosure of all eyes, without even so much as a pocket-handkerchief? A dream of this kind happened to someone I know — someone who is much to the fore in society. He dreamed that he and his brother were strutting up and down Bond Street, when he suddenly noticed that everyone was looking at them in a very odd and marked manner. Wondering what it could mean, he hurriedly glanced at his person (the subject of clothes, by the way, was ever uppermost in his mind), and, to his undying shame and horror, saw that he was naked, and so was his brother. In an agony of mind, he caught hold of the latter by the arm and whispered: “For goodness sake, Dick, make for the first cab you…

To dream of walking about naked, signifies disappointment through your friends and relations; to see a naked woman means honour and joy.

If you are swimming in a dream, such dream foretells about your emotions that are floating within. You are the person who does not initiate things by himself, instead you adapt to the present circumstances. The swimming is also a symbol of freedom. To swim underwater, means that you dispose other opinions and stay putted only with your own instincts.

One person means honesty and sincere affection. If you are naked, it means you desire pleasure and passion.

To dream of swimming or wading in the water is good, so that the head be kept above water.

Swimming signifies you’ll soon obtain your wish….

…Diving easily without fatigue portends that we will achieve both economic and loving success. If we suffocate, it tells us that our ambitions will vanish. If we save someone from drowning it means that we will avoid a dangerous passion for us. If we’re learning to dive, we doubt our will. Diving in clear water means that we are clear and noble. Swimming in shady water means passion with evil thoughts. If we’re diving and the sea or river infuriates and becomes stormy, then it shows that our passions are stronger than our will….

If you dream of seeing some women having a chat, then such dream signifies the good news that are coming your way. If you see the woman who is expecting the baby, then you will be very healthy. The woman who is working in her house promises domestic happiness at home.

…Dreaming of women, foreshadows intrigue. To argue with one, foretells that you will be outwitted and foiled. To see a dark-haired woman with blue eyes and a pug nose, definitely determines your withdrawal from a race in which you stood a showing for victory. If she has brown eyes and a Roman nose, you will be cajoled into a dangerous speculation. If she has auburn hair with this combination, it adds to your perplexity and anxiety. If she is a blonde, you will find that all your engagements will be pleasant and favorable to your inclinations….

Ridicule, suffering many trials, or poverty and need.

Having luck and happy days.

…of undressing and worse if she does it in public, it’s a warning of the risk of falling into a scandal because of slander. This dream can be a self-reproach to the behavior which will produce negative situations. Dreaming of suddenly seeing your own nakedness insinuates that you are falling into bad behavior, contrary to the normal behavior of the dreamer. When a woman dreams of admiring her own nakedness it suggests that she longs to have relationships with men. If in the dream she sees that her body is deformed, it suggests that she is a victim of gossip with the consequent loss of prestige because of her misconduct. If she dreams of swimming naked, it hints that she is falling into the wrong relationships. If a woman dreams of men swimming naked, it suggests that she wants to be admired by men without aspiring to nothing formal….

If during the dream we swim easily, then it means that we will have a positive field full of possibilities ahead of us, but if we are drowning down, then it indicates that we will have difficulties in getting what we want. If we are learning to swim, we can interpret this as a warning that we need to learn to control our passions.

To practice it foretells the possibility of getting unexpected money, riches, fertility.

Bad omen. 77.

Fortune and advance in business.

Having a scarcely to be granted wish realized. 227.

Misfortune and persecution. 266.

Going out of the way of a great danger. 332.

Rescue from great danger.

Overcoming defamation. 7.

Victory over dangerous enemies. 33.

…If a woman has this dream it is usually interpreted as the revelation of her own personality. If it is a man who dreams of a woman it’s related to the success of his ambitions. To dream of naked women is much more common in women and reflects the desire and concern to be liked and loved. If the naked women are exciting that only speaks of sexual desire in a man without inhibitions….

To dream that you are courted by an old woman, and that you marry her, shows you shall have good luck in prosecuting your affairs, but not without some reproaches from the world.

Unfaithfulness, inconstancy.

Getting released of pain and sorrows.

Getting into disagreeable affairs; for married persons happiness. 33.

Getting into disputes.

…Dream of being naked symbolizes poverty, misery, affront and fatigue. To run being naked shows perfidious relatives. Be in a bath with a person you love predicts joy, pleasure, good health. To see your wife in a state of nudity indicates deception, of which you will be dupe. For a woman to see her husband naked means security and good luck in her undertakings. To dream of a female of ill-repute devoid of clothing, means danger to be incurred through the advance of this female. To see one’s friend or employee exposing themselves indiscreetly means a quarrel. See a man naked, subject for a well-founded fright. If he is handsome and well-made, then means successful trade….