…A cow in a dream represents longevity. A black or a yellow cow represents happiness, prosperity and a good harvest. A white spot on a cow’s face means firmness if seen in a dream at the early part of the year. The piebald cow or a cow blotched with white and black in a dream means the same, though the latter also represents firmness when seen in the middle of the year. A fat cow in a dream represents longevity and prosperity. A fat cow in a dream also may represent a pious woman. An emaciated cow in a dream represents drought. Drinking cow’s milk or eating its meat or fat in a dream means prosperity and earning lawful income for that year. If the cow has horns, it represents a rebellious woman. If a dairy cow allows the person to draw her milk in a dream, it means…

The dream, in which you see the cow denotes to submission and nourishment. The dreamer that sees the cow in his dream is the person that goes along with things. The dream could also show your desire to be looked after and sheltered. Perhaps there are certain aspects that make you feel insecure, therefore you are looking for security. Consider that cow in some cultures is the animal who gains lots of respects from human, because of the features it gives such as milk. The dream, in which you see the herd of the cows indicates your wish to be part of some group or community.

…Dreaming of talking, denotes that you will soon hear of the sickness of relatives, and there will be worries in your affairs. To hear others talking loudly, foretells that you will be accused of interfering in the affairs of others. To think they are talking about you, denotes that you are menaced with illness and disfavor….

Milking cow is a symbol of riches. To be pursued by a cow represents an overtaking enemy.

Risk of suffering a theft or fraud. Milking a cow means profits, thriving businesses, and good news.

To dream of a cow is a sign of prosperity and abundance. Please also see Cattle.

To dream of a cow means prosperity and abundance.

Seeing a productive cow indicates prosperity in all of your projects, but a watch out for your personal affairs. Cows represent realization of hope and desire.

It symbolizes the rich and generous, goodness, patience and soil fertility. Normally when they appear in our dreams they indicate that we are missing some of their qualities. The dream could also have other meanings, depending on the circumstances of the dream. If cows are fat and shiny, then it signifies wealth and prosperity. If they are skinny and impoverished, then such dream indicates poverty. A pregnant cow usually announces an upcoming birth in the family or shows that in our mind is growing up some idea and this project will be profitable.

According to the symbolic tradition this animal represents patience and generosity associated with nutrition. So if we dream of this, it will be telling us about the need that we have for these qualities. Some authors specify that seeing a cow in dreams is a harbinger of new ideas that are brewing in our minds and that will be profitable.

If you dreamed of seeing yourself talking, then it shows the shortage of communication with other people. On the other way, the dream could simply reflect your daily life and simple talks you have in your waking life.

If you hear other people talking loudly about not important things, it means that people will talk behind your back bad things about you. If you are the one who talks, it shows your desire to be heard and listened, because you have things to say that are important to you.

If you dream that you talk much, you will be exposed to some malicious plans; if you hear much talking around you, be careful of your neighbours.

(See Sound of animals)

(See Bell)

Milking or killing cows foretells your prosperous state. Lean cows doth poverty, also famine, foreshow. Fat cows with plenty will your cupboards overflow.

(See Milk | Milking)

(See Oryx)

Failure of crops. 155.

Having plenty of good fortune. 177.

Luck, gain and joy. 147.

Deceit and misfortune.

If we find ourselves in some sort of meeting within dreams, where a person is speaking nonsense, then it usually means that there are one or more people trying to make a profit at our expense and we should be aware so we take all possible measures to prevent issues of our businesses being affected.

Deceit and disappointment.

Meeting a long absent friend again in a short time. 63.

Reconciliation with one’s offenders. 58….

Being insulted, losing your sweetheart, being refused on proposing marriage. 58.

Being betrayed by false friends. 19.

Happy days in a prospect.

Consolation, receiving good news; for sick persons or lovers, bad consequences. 48.

Approaching fortune, publication of secrets.

Being deceived.

Receiving benefits and reward.

Lonesome or tedious business.

Warning to be cautious against bad people, losing the first lover, being cheated in business.

Getting into danger; so be very careful where you go.

Bad news, getting into a quarrel.

Being honoured, making good business, becoming rich. 230.

Getting into better circumstances.