…it means receiving money from an unexpected source. Talking with deceased people in a dream means longevity. Kissing a renowned person who had passed away in a dream means acquiring something from his knowledge, wisdom or inheritance, or it could mean receiving benefits from his descendants. Talking to dead people in a dream means having ingratitude toward one’s family or friends. If a sick person sees himself kissing a deceased person in a dream, it means that he will shortly die. If a healthy person sees that same dream, it means that what he says is false. Having sexual intercourse with a deceased person in his grave in a dream means committing adultery or mixing with an evil person or losing money to a deceitful and a hypocritical person. If one sees that a deceased woman has come back to life, and if he engages in sexual intercourse with her,…

…To dream about a train may have several meanings; the interpretation will depend on your current situation. To dream about a moving passenger’s train announces an upcoming trip. To dream that you’re traveling on a train that moves slowly suggests that you feel restless because your business affairs are not progressing as fast as you expected. To dream that you’re traveling on a train and it passes through a tunnel suggests that you are considering getting involved in dark and dangerous issues that will alter your life. To dream with a parked train indicates that your issues will not progress, so you should put special attention to them to avoid the intervention of selfish people and enemies. If the train is parked because the path is broken or obstructed, then it suggests that someone is betraying you. To dream about a parked freight train announces that your business affairs…

…The train in a dream symbolizes the flow with the others. You are the dreamer who does things just like everybody else does. The dream, in which you are going on a trip with a train, denotes to the right direction of the life you chosen. Needless to say, that the train is also associated with the romantic feelings such as love and affection, that is why it is important to look who was sitting next to you in a train. If you missed the train, then it signifies the chances you missed and opportunities you were given. Perhaps only now you realized what you have missed and feel sorry for yourself. To dream that the train was wrecked, foretells about the confusion of your mind and unstable status you are in at the moment. On the other hand, the train wreckage could symbolize your fear to start changing…

The train in dreams is the symbolism of your life journey. Sometimes the train could indicate some very important phase in your waking life. If you go on the train on your own, it means that you are comfortable being alone and do not wish to change anything. However, if you felt nostalgic and melancholic while having this dream, you are not feeling good being alone. If you are the one who control the train, it shows your confidence and trust. You believe in yourself a lot. Sometimes the train could indicate your daily life where you spend a lot of time while being on trains or working around them. To get more interpretation of your dream, please also see the meaning of train accident.

…To dream about a train suggests that you yearn to do something, but to do so you must travel and there have been problems that have impeded such voyage; however, a train by itself is a symbol of power and strength, which make your goals feasible to achieve. To dream about a lone train riding at high speed suggests that you long for a fast enrichment, and you’re much likely to achieve it. To dream about a half disassembled train and therefore useless suggests that what you desire will be impossible to achieve and that you’ll most likely experience failures. If you listen to the train’s whistle in your dream, it suggests that soon there will be changes in your activities and fortune, perhaps because of the presence of people who were at distance and now they’ll arriving to help you….

…Dreaming of a deceased is usually a warning that something unpleasant is about to happen. If in the dream you speak with the deceased, even though you do not remember the dialogue, it may be warning you to take care of enmities, or more likely, to monitor your own actions, behavior and errors. In spiritualism it states that this type of dream is actually a direct communication with the dead. If the person who appears in the dream is a known enemy, the risk is greater, but if you don’t know the deceased, then you should meditate on the case. For example, if the deceased is a beloved family member (parent, sibling, etc.) then the approach can be interpreted as a warning to protect the dreamer of possible unpleasant situations, but it can also be a visit or loving encounter between parents and children, in which case the dreamer…

The train reflex your life and the path you’ve chosen to take. If you are the one who controls where this train is going, then you are controlling perfectly your life and going on the direction that you have chosen. The train according to some interpreters is the symbol of sexual intercourse, especially if it is going through the tunnel, therefore if you dream about it, you have sexual desires, wishes and urges either. The other explanation tells that if you miss the train, you miss some of the chances in your life either.

To dream of the sister, reflects the bond you have with your sister. The dream may indicate how close or apart you are with your siblings. If in your waking life you do not have a sister, then the dream may be an indication of your loneliness, where you have no one to talk to or cry the shoulder on. The dream about sister could also be related to the dream of the nun. In this case the dreamer has serious issues with the spirituality and beliefs has made.

…This dream usually implies that there’s a yearning to travel in the dreamer and to change the routine in which he lives (take a vacation, change of address or employment, and find other businesses or even other affections and love). The chances that this wish will come true in a short-term, depends on the symbols displayed in the dream itself, for example: If in the dream the train or bus, or car in which he was traveling leaves the dreamer stranded, then it indicates that it is unlikely to make the trip or change what he wants soon, perhaps because he have failed to seize the opportunity presented to him before and he delayed the date without actually knowing it. If in the dream you appear to get into the train, then it indicates that it is very likely that you will travel or make the change you wanted…

To dream that you are on the train accident means that your dreams have been crushed. Sometimes the train accident indicate fears you have while living your life. If you had no injuries because of this train accident, your problems will be only for short period of time. However, if you had some injuries, the problems you have won’t be so easy to solve.

…Dreaming of talking, denotes that you will soon hear of the sickness of relatives, and there will be worries in your affairs. To hear others talking loudly, foretells that you will be accused of interfering in the affairs of others. To think they are talking about you, denotes that you are menaced with illness and disfavor….

…To see a train of cars moving in your dreams, you will soon have cause to make a journey. To be on a train and it appears to move smoothly along, though there is no track, denotes that you will be much worried over some affair which will eventually prove a source of profit to you. To see freight trains in your dreams, is an omen of changes which will tend to your elevation. To find yourself, in a dream, on top of a sleeping car, denotes you will make a journey with an unpleasant companion, with whom you will spend money and time that could be used in a more profitable and congenial way, and whom you will seek to avoid….

…Some time ago I dreamed I left my body, and, after travelling at a great rate through the still night air, arrived at the sphere I designate phantomania. The spot where I settled down was a lonely railway cutting, and I at once remarked on the loud moaning and sighing of the wind through the telegraph wires, and the curious jar, jar, jar of the iron railroad; and the metals which grew less and less like ordinary metals the longer I looked at them, suddenly became imbued with life, and, rising on end, rushed blindly hither and thither and then lay down again. Presently I heard whistle of an approaching train. Nearer, nearer, and nearer it came, and as it whizzed past me all the passengers put their heads out of the windows simultaneously, and burst into peal upon peal of mad, hilarious laughter. There was then a tremendous…

To dream of your sister-in-law, denotes to features she has and those you find within your own personality. It is also very important the relationships you have with her in your waking life, as it could tell much more about a dream. If you have a great friendship with your sister-in-law, then you have good qualities within yourself and the ones you like in her.

Solid family Union. Talking to them means joy mixed with unpleasantness. Seeing your brother or sister dead means disappointments and sorrows.

…dream means interceding on behalf of the deceased. If the deceased is unknown, then performing the funeral prayers means giving employment to a jobless person, profits from a partnership, or it could denote failure to adequately perform one’s regular obligatory prayers, or being forgetful or oft-distracted during prayers. If one sees himself leading the funeral prayers in a dream, and then after completing his prayers intercedes exaggeratedly with special invocations on behalf of the deceased in a dream, it means that he will be appointed by a ruler who is a hypocrite to manage a sector of his business. If one sees himself then invoking blessings upon the deceased in the dream, it means that God Almighty has forgiven him his sins. If one sees himself sitting in a gathering of people praying for dep arted souls in a dream, it means that he will pray in a funeral. Seeing…

It indicates a change in our lives, but we do not do it alone, but surrounded by all that we know. Getting on a crowded bus (subway, railway and train) reflects the need for relationships with others. If the bus is empty it indicates our shyness. If we see when the bus arrives, some passengers get off before we get on it, it means that this life change is not definitive. If we only see the bus, that indicates that we will receive a proposition that can change our lives although we have not yet decided whether to accept it or not.

…(See Brothers.) To dream you see your sister denotes a speedy death in your family, and that the dreamer will be long-lived if you are in love, it is a favourable omen. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 2.4, 8….

Dreaming of a step-sister, denotes you will have unavoidable care and annoyance upon you.

To dream one sees and discourses with father, mother, wife, brother, sister, or some other of his relations and friends, though they are dead, is an advertisement for the party to mind his affairs, and to behave himself properly in the world. See Predecessors.

…(Ablution | Ghusul | Ritual ablution | Wash) A ritual bath (arb. Ghusul. Islamic Law) is customarily performed on a festival day, or before the Friday congregational prayers, before starting a pilgrimage, after recovering from an illness, or is necessitated by the emission of sperms either during one’s sleep or following a marital intercourse. A ritual ablution is also given to a deceased person before his funeral and burial, or otherwise is taken by the undertaker himself after washing the dead. To take a ritual ablution in a dream before the Friday congregational prayers means purifying oneself, washing oneself from sin, repenting from sin, serving one’s parents, or being true to one’s friends. Taking a ritual ablution for any of the above reason during the wintertime and using cold water in the dream means distress, trouble or a sickness. If hot water is used, then it means profits, benefits…

If you are deceased, then such dream indicates the memories or things that no longer exist in other or in you. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of Dead.

Dreaming with people who in real life have died and were dear to us reveals dissatisfaction with our present life. If the deceased acts in an accusing and vindictive way it means a guilt complex linked with this person. If we dream of a loved one who has died and they die during the dream it indicates that from that moment our soul accepts as fact the death of the beloved.

If you dream that you talk much, you will be exposed to some malicious plans; if you hear much talking around you, be careful of your neighbours.

If you hear other people talking loudly about not important things, it means that people will talk behind your back bad things about you. If you are the one who talks, it shows your desire to be heard and listened, because you have things to say that are important to you.

If you dreamed of seeing yourself talking, then it shows the shortage of communication with other people. On the other way, the dream could simply reflect your daily life and simple talks you have in your waking life.

To travel by railway, indicates prompt termination of business, lawsuit in dreamer’s favor….

Happiness and fortune. 83.

Long life. 93.

It indicates that family structure will be changed.

Unexpected news, postponing of marriage. 45.

Perplexity, misfortune. 10.

…(Undertaker) If one sees a deceased person washing himself before burial in a dream, it means relief for one’s dependents and increase of their wealth after him. Washing a deceased person in a dream means that someone will repent at the hand of the undertaker. If a deceased person asks someone to wash his clothing in a dream, it means that he needs someone to pray for him, or to intercede on his behalf before his Lord, or pay charity for the benefit of his soul, or to satisfy his debts, or to fulfill his will, or to seek justice for his death. If one does wash the garment of the deceased person in the dream, it means the redemption of that person. Washing a deceased person with boiling water in a dream means that the latter is suffering in hell-fire. (Also see Grave digger | Hot water |…

Late marriage, luck in undertakings. 26.

Great honour.

Sorrow and trouble. 234.

…sees God Almighty kissing him in a dream, it means that his deeds are accepted. Kissing an adorned woman or sleeping with her in a dream means marrying a wealthy widow. Kissing a known deceased person in a dream means benefiting from his knowledge or inheriting his money. Kissing an unknown dead person in a dream means that one will receive money from an unexpected source, or perhaps do business with his heirs. If a deceased person kisses someone in a dream, it means that the latter will receive unanticipated benefits. Lustfully kissing a deceased person in a dream means satisfying one’s needs, lust, or completing a project. If a sick person sees himself kissing a deceased person in a dream, it means his own death. Finally, if a healthy person kisses a deceased person in a dream, it means that his words are not true. (Also see Rose)…

…(Hearing | Language | Listening | Talking | Words) Speaking different languages in a dream means richness. The words of a deceased person in a dream are always true. The same goes for birds speaking in a dream and their speech denotes glad tidings, prosperity, knowledge and understanding. If an animal talks with someone in his dream or tells him – “I saw a dream…” then if the animal refrains from relating such a dream, it means a fight, a battle, losses, or an argument. If a dog, a panther, or a falcon speaks to someone and tells him a dream in a dream, it means glad tidings, great earnings, benefits and joy. In general, birds talking to humans in a dream mean benefits and rising in rank. If a snake speaks gently with someone in a dream, it means that he will receive benefits from an enemy. If…

(See Exhaustion from speaking | Speaking)