To show it in dreams is a guarantee of your determination to achieve your goals in real life.

If this letter clearly appears in your dream it means that there will be success and failures that you will finally overcome if you keep up your courage and tenacity.

…Seeing nails in a dream means tenacity and ability to manage a tough business. The dream may also symbolize hard work and little pay. Dream that you’re injured with a nail suggests you need to be careful with what you say….

To dream of your thigh, denotes to your patience and tenacity. Such dream indicates your strength to do things without complaining. If you really like your thigh in a dream, then it shows the self trust you have towards the others.

Using it successfully indicates that your tenacity will surprise your opponents.

Symbolizes what you get from life, intuition, memory, creativity, tenacity and perseverance. Pay close attention to the details of the dream that will help you to interpret it.

Traditionally symbolizes the character and personality, so if the forehead is ours or someone else’s, then it symbolizes the qualities of courage or tenacity. Other authors consider that if it’s a very high forehead, then it symbolizes that person deserves our confidence, but if it is a narrow or sloping forehead, we must be wary.

…Dreaming that you find a wall obstructing your progress, you will surely succumb to ill-favored influences and lose important victories in your affairs. To jump over it, you will overcome obstacles and win your desires. To force a breach in a wall, you will succeed in the attainment of your wishes by sheer tenacity of purpose. To demolish one, you will overthrow your enemies. To build one, foretells that you will carefully lay plans and will solidify your fortune to the exclusion of failure, or designing enemies. For a young woman to walk on top of a wall, shows that her future happiness will soon be made secure. For her to hide behind a wall, denotes that she will form connections that she will be ashamed to acknowledge. If she walks beside a base wall. she will soon have run the gamut of her attractions, and will likely be…

Dreaming about a calendar indicates that in order to obtain what the dreamer desires, the dreamer needs tenacity and perseverance. Dreaming numbers in a calendar suggests a concern caused by waiting for something important to happen. This increases when the dreamer is browsing for a specific date in the calendar. In the case of people who are in love it suggests doubts concerning the date of marriage. In business it indicates that the date of a major commitment is unknown or that it’s already known but there are doubts as to be able to fulfill it, just like with debts.