If you dream about the top toy, it means that you are balancing in your life perfectly especially if the toy is spinning perfectly. The top toy that is not working great or you accidently dropped it, means that you are unable to keep the harmony in your life. You need to prioritize issues in your life.

Owning, buying or playing with a toy is a sign of whimsical love.


(Toy) To see oneself in a dream swinging on a rope means faltering in one’s faith. Swinging on a suspended seat in a dream also means heedlessness, or looking at random in search for a true religion….

The globe symbolizes the whole. The dreams in which a globe appears can reveal the thirst for power and domination or announce a long journey. The hot air balloon and toy reveals the inconstancy and versatility of our thoughts and desires that are the main cause of our failures and frustrations. We can include the globes as the crystal ball of fortune tellers. In this dream, the desire to receive news or visit the person we miss is revealed.

If you dream about this kind of calculator, then such dream indicates some type of financial growth within your business, but only if you will put enough of the effort to it and will pay attention to the minor details. When you see a child’s toy in your dream, then it indicates fortune in some current business affair.

If it refers to a comet (star), it portends big calamities. If it’s a kite (toy) and flies well, it symbolizes a favorable situation. If it’s broken, then it indicates that we have concerns about something we cannot solve. If it’s on the floor, it portends illness. If we are making one, it warns us not to risk on speculation….

If you dream of the toys, then such dream symbolizes youth, unity, consonance and comfort. The dream foretells that you are looking for some privacy, tranquility and security. The dream also indicates your funny and childish side of the personality. If other people were playing with toy, then it signifies successful relationships. If you gave the toys as a present, then such dream denotes to unappreciated attitude from others.