Symbolizes the alternating rhythms of life and dead. The seed is the life is potential and to plant is turn that potential into achievements and manifest facts. To plant is always a good dream, because of creativity that can refer to the children of the dreamer, his goods, business, personal creations, feelings and everything that can be a creation of something that was born and most grow on.

…To dream that any plant cometh out of one’s body, is death. To dream of plants quick in growth, as the vine and the peach tree, implies that the good or evil portended us shall quickly happen; but to dream of trees and plants that are slow in growing, as the oak, olive, cypress, shows that the good or evil that shall happen to us shall be long in coming. See Trees….

If an inconsistent or a thoughtless person sees a plant in his dream, it means blessings, receiving praises, guidance, growing determination, or becoming decisive.

(See Iris)

If you are planting some garden in your dream, it means that you are making new plans in your waking life. Pay attention how much of the effort you put while planting the plants.

If it is fresh, it shows advantageous social situation.

If you are planting: your work will be productive and eventually it will give you great satisfactions.

Excellent omen. Profits, wealth and fortune.

Sincere and devoted love. Faithfulness. A happy marriage and joy at home.

(See Nit)

Perhaps the dream is showing concern for your figure. But if in the dream the Juncus is related to any specific person, it can indicate amenability in their part, but also inconstancy.

(See Tree)

…path of innovation, it means that he will repent and follow the path of righteousness if it is a fruit-bearingtree. Takingshelter under a tree that bears no fruit in the dream means pursuing something that will bear no comfort or benefits. Fragrant trees, flowering trees, a Moringa tree, or a henna plant in a dream represent people of knowledge, religious scholars, teachers or preach- ers who teach what they do not practice. As for citrus trees in a dream, they represent righteous people, wise men and people of inner and outer awareness who practice what they preach. Palm trees, walnut trees, or the like trees in a dream represent people of the upper social class from whom no one can get anything, or no one will even attempts to ask them for anything. As for the poplar trees, the evergreen cypress trees, or the saint trees in a dream, they…

Planting seeds in a dream represent the element of progeny and procreation. Scattered seeds on the ground in a dream mean bearing a child for each seed. As for the grains that are germinated for medicinal purpose, when seen in a dream, they mean acquiring knowledge that helps the person in question to increase his or her piety and ascetic detachment from worldly matters. Pumpkin, cucumber, eggplant, sweet basil, chard, onion, cabbage, Indian corn and melon seeds in a dream mean abating or ceasing of difficulties and disturbances, or they could mean recovering from a terminal illness. If one sees himself trying to plant something which is not a plant, or to place a seed in an unsuitable ground in a dream, it means that he is wasting his money and squandering his property. To plant seeds in a dream also could mean knowledge, wealth or recognizing a noble…

(Aloe plant) Eating or smelling a cactus plant in a dream means sorrow, sadness, separation between husband and wife or it could mean enduring an unhappy life.

…said that any flower from the lily family may represent death when presented to a sick person in a dream. A healthy hyacinth plant in the ground means a beautiful son, or good words. A garland of hyacinth flowers in a dream means honor. A hyacinth flower salesman in a dream represents a worrisome person, for such flowers do not remain long in his possession. If any of the flowers of the lily family are cut, or made into a bouquet in the dream, then they mean sorrow, and if they are seen on their mother plant, they mean happiness, a husband or a son. If one sees a hyacinth flower being raised to the heavens in a dream, it means the death of a gnostic or that of a renowned scholar. A hyacinth in a dream also represents a son when standing erect in the fields, and it represents…

…(Peganum harmala | L., bot. Herb of grace) Awild African rue plant the seeds of which resemble sesame seeds. Seeing it in a dream means investing lawful money to save a bad investment from an unlawful source. Seeing a rue plant in a dream, also known as herb of grace, means great profits, or multiplying one’s earnings….

Dreaming of seeds of any plant means hard work in the present, prosperity in the immediate future. In general, seeds are the image of our projects themselves, what we have sown. When in dreams, the seeds are in good condition and have a good quality, it’s a usual indicator of success, but not only in your projects, but in life in general. Dreaming of a barn full of seeds is a clear announcement of future prosperity for the dreamer. If not, it indicates that you’re working hard to get the things you want.

…Dreaming about grapes is a good sign. Eating grapes in a dream means that soon you will have many responsibilities which you will carry out successfully. Dreaming about grapes hanging from the plant suggests that the expected success will come soon. If you are eating the grapes but you think they can be harmful or poisonous, it means you’re doubtful about any important matter you’re involved, which will prevent or delay success. This fruit is a symbol of joy and lack of inhibition. It is also an omen of fertility and abundance. If grapes are big and juicy, then it indicates success in business and a good moment to start companies which will be useful for you. On the other hand, if grapes are in poor condition, they presage money worries and illness. Raisins mean adversities and emotional problems….

…Dreaming of potatoes, brings incidents often of good. Dreaming of digging them, denotes success. Dreaming of eating them, you will enjoy substantial gain. To cook potatoes in the dream, indicates congenial employment. In the dream to plant potatoes or to see others planting them, brings realization of desires. To see rotten potatoes or to make them rotting in the dream, represents vanished pleasure and a darkening future….

…Cotton in a dream means money, but less than that of wool. Carding cotton in a dream means scrutinizing one’s sins. Cotton in a dream also represents a year, and the cotton plant in a dream represents a humble man. (Also see Carder)…

The fluid, chiefly water with dissolved sugars and mineral salts, that circulates in the vascular system of a plant, is explained as the dream with symbolism of strong health and vitality of the dreamer. To see sap in you dream means your physical health and great mental energy. It may also represent someone who is excessively trusting or believing. Maybe you are the person, which can be easily tricked or deceived. Dreaming of sap also is the representation of sentimental aspects in the dreamer.

Dreaming of a houseleek plant, and especially if that dream is repeated on different nights, denotes that you have a good character, which promises a good future and success in different aspects of life.

Dream of being prey of the whims of a person of the opposite sex means your relationship with a loved one can break or be prejudiced if you do not water and care every day as a plant.

A sunflower in our dreams can be a warning to us of the need of not losing sight of our objectives as this plant follows the course of the sun.

(Medicinal solution prepared for women after giving birth | Plant) In a dream, fenugreek represents hard earned money.

Dreaming about Mexican plant of the daisy family is good omen. In the dream to cultivate brightly colored single or double flowers prospects abundance. To see dahlias in a dream, signifies happiness, fortunate luck in financial matters. To see dahlias that are dying and wilting, represents bad luck and minnor loss with little sorrow.

…there, I’m no good at business. You shall have it, cash down, as soon as you have played the requisite part. To-day is Tuesday, isn’t it? “Here she thought for a moment, puckering up her forehead into tiny white wrinkles and tapping the back of the chair with her pointed nails — bird’s claws, I call them”. I have it!” she suddenly burst out.” Sunday! Yes, Mr. Bailey, you must come to my house on Sunday evening between seven and eight. See, here is the address and a plan of the house as well.” She gave me an envelope — a common enough envelope for a lady in her position— and bid me master the contents. She then went into minute details of the “plant” and at last prepared to take her departure. My word, old girl, you should have seen the phiz she pulled when I asked if she…

…dream also repre- sents a hidden treasure, a hidden knowledge, a toadying servant, an employee, one’s house, a vehicle, a skilled enemy, a seedling of a fruit bearing tree, a bad wife, a barren woman, one’s spoken and irretrievable words, earnings, collecting garbage, following someone’s traces, a policeman, or a prisoner. An animal’s tongue in a dream represents one’s life or death, because for an animal, his tongue is like a hand through which he takes things. If a scholar’s tongue is cut off in a dream, it means that he will lose his argument, or it could mean the death of his assistant, student or son. Losing one’s tongue in a dream represents the malicious joy of one’s enemy, family, or neighbors for one’s losses, or it could mean the death of a beloved, severing a relationship, or a plant disease that will affect one’s fruit bearing trees. Perhaps…

To separate grain from (a plant), typically with a flail, in a dream means gossip about your private life.

To dream that you plant the vegetables in the garden means that you make the new ideas or projects in your waking life. Something new is coming inti your life. The different vegetables have different meanings, therefore pay attention to the vegetables you saw in your dream and look for particular meaning.

Dreaming of tobacco, whether the plant, leaves, cigars, pipe, or simply the smoke, means good businesses in the immediate future, but bad luck in the love department. Seeing a plantation of tobacco in your dreams announces success in short period of time. Dreaming of yourself smoking tobacco in any way announces the presence of close enemies that are trying to harm you, which is why you shouldn’t make mistakes with your friends or others. Tobacco, in any of its shapes and sizes, means ephemeral pleasure. Dreaming of dry leaves of tobacco (if the dreamer is a farmer) announces that the upcoming harvests will be good. For city people, it could simply mean that the businesses they’re working on will be closed successfully. Dreaming of yourself selling tobacco in any way implies that you’re unhappy with yourself and your surroundings, possibly due to differences between you and others.

…Dreaming of seeing a bed of radishes growing, is an omen of good luck. Your friends will be unusually kind, and your business will prosper. If you eat them, you will suffer slightly through the thoughtlessness of some one near to you. To see radishes, or plant them, denotes that your anticipations will be happily realized….

…Perfuming oneself with sweet incense in a dream means having a good friendship. An incense burner or holder in a dream represents a certitude that is praiseworthy. Perfume in a dream basically means good, though to a bedridden person it means death. This category includes – amber, henna plant (Lauwsonia inermis, bot.), or fumigating oneself with sweet incense, though there is a danger that could arise from the smoke in the dream. Perfuming oneself with amber in a dream means increase in earnings that will come through the labor of a rich person who is associated with the one seeing the dream. The seeds of any dark colored perfume such as carnation, clove, or their powder, etcetera, means receiving praises. The elements encompassed herein include – richness after poverty, knowledge after ignorance, peace with one’s adversaries, bribery, divulging one’s secrets, ingratiating oneself to a superior for personal gains, or…

Intoxicating drug and a wild grass obtained from the hemp plant. In a dream, marijuana means contemptible earnings, a sickness, and a miserable life. (Also see Intoxicants)

…In a dream, wild thyme means hoarding money, or it could mean virility and rejuvenation of one’s sexual appetite. In a dream, wild thyme also means continuous blessings, power, a good business, a woman or a child. Seeing wild thyme in the field is better than seeing it cut in a dream, for once any fragrant plant is cut in a dream, then it means distress and worries. (Also see Wild plants)…

…(Plant | Woman) In a dream, daisies represent a close friend who will bring a gift or contribute something to one’s business. A daisy flower in a dream is also interpreted to represent a beautiful woman. Gathering daisies from the foot of a mountain in a dream means that a strong man or someone in authority will introduce one of his daughters or relatives to him for marriage. A daisy flower in a dream is also interpreted to means marrying one’s cousin….

(bot. Mint | Sweet marjoram | Wild marjoram) Smelling a marjoram plant in a dream means recovering from an illness and enjoying a good health for that year. Planting a marjoram in a dream means begetting a healthy and a beautiful child who will grow to possess a good character. Marjoram in a dream also could mean marriage, or something that will not last. (Also see Mint)

To plant a seed, means foundation for future riches, happiness, and health. To sow vegetables, minor troubles.

To dream one sees a stately oak, is a sign of long life, riches, and gain to the dreamer. See Plant.