If you are looking an x-ray while dreaming, then such dream shows that you are prepared to look deeper into some situation. Maybe you are interpreting yourself and finally are ready to think about it more than ever. The x-ray means that you will get the answer you were looking for and everything will go according to plan.

If you put the big sign of x on some kind of map, it means that you already have a target and know exactly what to do if you wish to succeed. The small x that is almost impossible to see shows that you have a target, but have no power or will to go and get it. Perhaps at this time of your life you are not prepared all of your steps, that is why the x is written in such a small letter.

Is a desire to go beyond the mystery, and also to overcome all the difficulties that you face, without fear to danger.

If you dream of the letter X, then such dream indicates the things you are checking on, what you have done, and what needs to be done.

To dream that you see an x as being the marks on the spot, then such dream suggests to look deeper into some things that you weren’t able to see.

The x-ray in dreams is interpreted as something you should pay more attention to. You should figure out which part of your life has to get more attention than it gets.

The dream in which you have a special power to see things in X-ray vison means that you are in the time of your life where you see things as clearly as you can. The dream in which you are looking at people and see everything that they have underneath they clothes, could mean that you have a very noisy personality. Perhaps you tend to know more than you should. The dream could also mean that you are simply having fun. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of superpowers.

In the dream you are x-rayed, this dream marks betrayal. This may be your partner or a situation. You must examine the situation from the very deep if you want to find out the answer. Also this can show that you are looking for the solution of the problem that is why you examine everything very carefully.