To dream of a gallows is a good omen, as it denotes that you will have a chance to make money, and if you are smart enough to avail yourself of the opportunity, it will be all right. To those embarking in new enterprises, such a dream foretells success.


If you dream of gold chains it is a sign of a wedding; if a girl dreams she is presented with one, it is a sure sign of a speedy marriage. Such a dream to a man in business predicts that he will be prevented from doing something that he specially desires to do. Lucky… Read More


Dreaming of carrying something especially if it’s very heavy, suggests the desire for a radical change in the dreamer’s life due to being burdened with obligations and commitments and problems or simply wanting to leave the environment in which the dreamer works or lives in, perhaps by having many enemies who are constantly harassing, or… Read More

Heart attack

If you have a heart attack it could indicate the actual health problems you are suffering from. Make sure you check your health and the way your organism is functioning. The heart attack could also signify the fact that you are unable to manage your own life.