Dreaming of a piano indicates that soon the dreamer will attend a party. If there’s upbeat music at this party, it signifies that there’s upcoming success. If the notes are discordant, it suggests that the dreamer’s affairs are not doing well. Sad music announces sadness and frustration in the immediate future. Dreaming of a broken… Read More


Dreaming of kissing a stranger effusively, suggests the desire of having illicit relationships that will harm you in some way. Dreaming of children kissing insinuates that you’re living comfortably and in harmony. Dreaming of kissing your mother suggests that you’ll be successful in the immediate future, both in the sentimental and business area. Dreaming that… Read More


The pelican in dreams is a symbolism of the stuff, relationships and every job you do that is too hard for you to cope with. Perhaps you should be more relaxed and stay away from the stuff you do, otherwise you will reach your limits and explode in negative way. The dream suggests to take… Read More


The shoe lace shows how much you look after yourself, you like to keep things in place. You will good when you are controlling the situation. To try on the shoelace means that you are looking for different ways in order to keep everything perfect. Sometimes the shoelace indicates things that you are no longer… Read More