Dead, Death dream meaning

Dream of kissing a dead person indicates a long life. When you make someone die, then it shows loss or damage. When you see a corpse in a coffin, then it means indigestion. See someone dead who is alive and in good health indicates annoyances, sorrows, loss of lawsuits. To see someone die who is already dead in reality, means approaching of a very rear relative, or a friend, bearing the same Christian name with the deceased. See a dead person who does not speak in a dream, represents to the dreamer that he/she has the same passions and the same destiny like the person he dreamed of. To see or to speak to dead person, means that you should be aware with the situation in your business, especially if the dead one is someone from your friends or relatives. See one dead whom you know is living, means that you can make upon the good of the individual. Dream of being dead yourself, means that the backing of some influential person, riches, long life, troubled only by those envious of you. And if you experience a sudden death, according to some authors you will experience wealth proportionate to the amount of earth heaped upon you. If you have business with a dead woman you will get yourself into a love intrigue and favors with a lady of distinction.

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