Die dream meaning

The dream about dying very often indicates changes, rebirth, new views and values. The dying could also stand for the apprehensions you have towards the future and your own life. Usually these kind of dreams make positive changes in dreamers life, because the one understand the true meaning of life and make changes that bring positive results. If you dream of seeing yourself dying, then it means you should reconsider the true values of the life. Perhaps you should understand what you want out of life and start getting it. The dying shows that there is not much time left for the things to do and tasks to reach, because every minute of the life is very important and we are not going to life forever and ever. The dying could also be interpreted as the end of something in your life. Maybe you are trying to get rid of old habits? If the other person that is close to you is dying, then it could show your fear of losing this person, because of his importance in your life. Alternatively, if the other person is dying, then it could indicate the feelings that are dead for him. You are no longer in love with this person or lost the respect for him. The negative meaning of dying could be interpreted only if you are in some unhealthy relationships that bring only sadness and unhappiness. This dream could suggest you to finish it as soon as it is possible. If you are dying, then it could also signify the responsibilities you are trying to avoid and wish to escape. Perhaps current situation of your waking life gives you much stress and you wish to disappear.

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