Fire dream meaning

The fire in dreams may have many different meanings, depending on circumstances and different context of the dream. The fire could represent anger, frustration, love, losses, passion and sexuality. The dream could show that the past is no longer important, because the present is promising something exciting and new. Perhaps you’re thinking and overall the understanding about life and it values changing. If the fire has got out of control, then such dream shows that you have lost the control of your own life or some aspect of it. If you see your house that is on fire, then such dream indicates the changes in your life that you are not ready to face. On the other hand, the house that is on fire could symbolize the love and affection you are spreading towards the others. The other good meaning of the dream foretells that you will overcome the badness in your life and will reach the victory, but only if you were the one who put the fire.

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