FOXES dream meaning

Foxes figure so largely in folk-lore that one need not be surprised that fox-dreams, in the case of many people, are particularly significant. Silver foxes in dreams would appear to portend excessive good fortune; black foxes, excessive misfortune; ordinary foxes, good luck in a moderate degree.Among the fox-dreams that have been related to me was one dreamed by a Negro. ”I dreamed,” he said, ” I was starving to death in the streets of a big city, and had come to the decision that, sooner than go on in misery, I would terminate my existence in a deep, brown river that flowed sluggishly by me, when suddenly a white fox came bounding down the street, and, stopping in front of me; vomited sovereign after sovereign. With a wild shout of delight, I sprang forward, and, clutching hold of the gold, was filling my pockets with it when I awoke. That day, I found myself the proud possessor of some hundreds of pounds I won in a lottery; but I attributed it all to the fox.”Another man dreamed he was flying a kite, when his coat-tails were violently pulled, and, on looking round, he saw a white fox that darted swiftly between his legs, and was suddenly metamorphosed into his uncle. The shock was so great that he awoke, and, a day or two later, heard the very same uncle he had seen in his sleep had died and left him his entire fortune.

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